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Capatian America: A tough guy that is genetically superior to the average human that has a sheild that can take almost anything. He also can throw his shield to hurt his enemies.Captain america also has a pistol. Marcel Cinematic Universe Captain America is being used.

Batman: A guy that is extremely deadly in stealth and that has a arsenal of deadly weapons. He is swift and is fierce like a bat. He has electic and gas weapons taht can devasate his opponents. Batman also has freeze grenades. Arakam Alsylum Batman is being used.

Captain America
Close: his fists
Mid: his shield
Long Range: binoculars
Special: super strength
Close: fists
Mid: Batarangs
Long Range: Bolas
Special: Gas pellets



Batamn has fought common crimals to deadly most wanted fugatives. He is used to fighting other foes taht are very deadly has fought a series of supervilians.

Captain America:

Captain America has fought in WWII and has alot aboout combat. He is very experienced. And he has alot of skill but, is more sed to team fights but, also is more used to fighting enemies with even deadlier weapons than batman is.

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