Tahu, leader of the toa mata, this champion of fire now wears the golden armour


Aang, the last airbender as well as the legendary avatar

A battle between two heroes of their world

Who is Deadliest!?

The Toa of Fire Name The Avatar
Fire Sword Melee Weapons Glider Staff
Can generate and manipulate lava, fire and has an immunity to heat. Can Heat the air around him or absorb all heat from an object etc. Powers and Abilities Airbending, creates gusts of wind, blast, tornados and can fly to an extent without his glider
Wears the Kanohi Hua, the mask of sheilding, as well as the Golden Armour which give him a number of rakshii abilities X-factor Very nimble, quick and elusive. The Avatar State also gives him incredible power and alows him to control the other four elements

Aang in the avatar state

Tahu with the golden armour

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