The Patapons, Kami's army, the little black eyeball warriors who march into battle with the sound of their gods holy drums


The Dragon Hunters, the brave soldiers who battle the horde of dragons day to day only armed with arrows and magic

Silhouette Warriors who fight for their right to live, with the will to survive to guide them


The Patapons Name The Dragon Hunters
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Spears, arrows, axes, swords, lances, clubs, flaming weapons, magic shields and things of that nature Weapons 1 Balista can fire 3 arrows at the same time, either standard, poisoned or dizzy (which cause dizzyness in targets). A Basic castle uses two balista's, which fire at about 1 shot (three arrows) every second
With the power of the Almighty, can generate mirracles. These include Causing rain, wind, storms (wind and rain, no lightning), blizzards, and earthquakes. Power

With the mage tower, they can recruit mages to aid them. Their magic causes Huge fireballs to rain down, large ice shards (which slow down foes, no damage) tornadoes (which push back foes, minimal dammage) and lightning strikes, very strong

Patapon 1 (PSP) Origin Dragon Hunters (Touch Screen)

The Patapons are no strangers to huge monsters that breath fire, eat them whole and things like that dispite their size. All this they do to reach Earthend and gaze upon IT. The Dragon hunters battle dragons everyday, some small, some massive, some times they appear in the water. They gather their hides and use them as food and sell them for gold.

Now then, this battle is a little different. Instead of two armies attacking each other the Patapons will attack the Dragon Hunters castle. The Dragon hunters have no infantry and so must rely on their skills with projectiles to defend themselves. Will the Drums of God beat throughout the halls of their new castle or will the Winged Beast Warrios defend their home and prevail.

The dragon hunters can hear a beat in the distance. The faintest of chants growing louder. "Pata-Pata-Pata-Pon" in a rythmic, four beat tune. It has begun, who is DEADLIEST!?

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