The Order, a group of enforcers who protected the universe in secret


The Hero Factory, a roboticly staffed orginisation that produces state of the art upgradable heroes

The Ultimate Battle of The Universe. Secret Warriors of Solis Magna vs. Robotic Heroes of the Makuhero Asteroid

"Has it ever occurred to you that there are some in this vast universe that are sworn to the service of Mata Nui and he alone?"

"The Heroes created here may be made of metal and powered by Hero Cores, but their bravery and skill are second-to-none. Regardless of the danger, they go forth to do battle with the villains that would bring destruction to innocent worlds."

Toa Helryx Leader Akiyama Makuhero
Axonn Member Stormer
Brutakka Member Bulk
Maxilos Member Stringer
Umbra Member Furno
Tobduk Member Surge
Trinuma Member Breez
Hydraxon Member Evo
Botar Member Rocka
Ancient Member Nex
Krakua Member Valor
Daxia Base Makuhero City
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