Abraxas, the Alpha-class ISO that evolved into a virus and zombified the Grid


The Phantom Virus, a glowing form of electrical energy with a seemingly artificial intelligence

A battle between computer villians set on the Grid


I am the perfect weapon. Spread my pain... Infect the Grid... Destroy everything in my path... My purpose is clear, everything is coming to an end!

Come out Come out wherever you are... Come out and play the game

Abraxas The Phantom
Has an infected, psuedo-explosive Disc which causes corrupted data to emerge on impact Can manifest weapons for himself such as a baseball bat, katana, or a spear with a dinosaur
In addition to showing great mastery of his Identity Disc, Abraxas is a powerful computer virus whose very touch is dangerous. He can corrupt any program through simple physical contact, turning them into monsters under his control. He can also corrupt the environment around him through his very footsteps. The Phantom Virus has the ability to steal the network and data from every computer in the world. Another fierce abitlity, he can shoot, well, there's no other aspect, but lightning. In the final level in the movie, he created a giant source of balls flying around all over the place like a tornado.

The setting of the battle will be shown by the winner, if Abraxas wins he will travel to the Cyber World during his hiding period in Tron: Evolution. If the Phantom Virus is the victor, he will hide inside the Grid whilst escaping from the magnets of Mystery Inc.

The Virus of the Grid who infected thousands of BASICs and ISOs and killed many more


The Virus of the Cyber World who stole huge amounts of network data from all the computers of the world.

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