Tahnok, Bohrok of Fire. Burning everything in their path


Droideka, Destoyer droids. Front line tanks who strike fear into even jedi

Fire vs Blaster, CIS or Bahrag Swarm. Who is Deadliest!?

Tahnok Bohrok of Fire
Fire Shields Krana Xa, Krana Za, Krana Ca
Bipedial (has arms) Sphere Mode
Droideka Destroyer Droid
Twin Blasters, Deflector Shield Radiation Sensors
Tripedal (does not) Wheel Mode

Offense 80 82
Defense 75 80
Endurance 90 70
Movement 95 60
Sight 66 74

Teamworker, moves injured bohrok

away before continuing

One Track Mind, wont move

to cover or move away if outnumbered

Bohrok can more quickly move into ball mode, and have a tough armour. Krana Xa are incredibly tactile and will plan ahead, and Krana Ca are the frontline infantry, having more endurance and tougher shields. Krana Za allow telepathic communication to others in its squad (as opposed to the 1 way communications recieved by the Bahrag). A Tahnok Va will be lurking nearby, ready to replace a damaged or displaced Krana. They are Bi-pedal, and can climb, jumb, and dodge without triping over, plus having faster movement. They are teamworkers, and dont like seeing injured Bohrok, though usually swarms dont have a problem

Droidekas are very agile when in wheel mode, and are thin enough to dodge blaster fire. They are given Radiation sensors as other Battle Droids were given to distraction under brighter lights (flashbangs and what not). They have an inbuilt deflector shield making them very tough when on foot, so to speak. Being tripedal, however, means they cant climb or even walk up stairs, and they heavily rely on the shields.

One Tahnok Krana Xa, a Swarm Commander, with a Squad of 4 Tahnok Krana Za and 2 Tahnok Va to replace the Swarm Commanders krana. 15 Tahnok Kranna Ca

Twenty Droideka's.... (theyre all the same.. so nothing much to say about them here)

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