Sam Flynn, Determined to find his missing father in the computer world he enters


James Macpherson, Mastermind, criminal and ex-warehouse agent gone rouge

Sam Flynn Name James Macpherson



Warehouse 13

Version Five Identity Disk Short Range Nikola Tesla's Gun
Jethroe Bradley's Long-Range Optical Laser Long Range Dante's Death Mask
Rinzler's Light Katana Melee The Honjo Masamune
Jarvis' Light Grenades Explosive Erik Klugers Implosion Grenades
Kevin Flynn's Light Cycle Defensive Edgar Alen Poe's Writing Set
Clu's Mod-A Light Jet Special Helena.G.Wells Imperceptor Vest

One Hunts for his Father in a Hi-tech world, the other hunts for ancient artifacts of great power

Who Is Deadliest!?

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