In the Last Battle, Makuta Shutdown Devastator in a last ditch attempt to enter makuta's body..

This battle we see...

MasterMold, the Leader of the Sentinal Network whose only goal is to wipe out the X-gene


Makuta Teridax, the Leader of the Brotherhood of the Makuta who stole the body of a god and now controls the matoran universe

each of these warriors posess armies for anihilation.

The sentinal army

The Anti-mutant brotherhood

The Weapon X Program


The Piraka Species

The Dark Hunters

The Remnant Bohrok

The Makuta Sons (Rakshi)

The Infected Exo-Toa

The Vakhi
The Brotherhood of the Makuta

They Each have vast armies and each have the power to decide the fate of Humanity or Matoran

(makutas is more varied)

2 giant Robots fight in a battle of Planet Sized Proportions

Who Is Deadliest

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