The Kull Warrior, an elite soldier genetically bread to serve Anubis in his army and an unstoppable guard


The Black Mesa Scientist, a researcher who wears a suit to protect against all sorts of dangerous materials

A battle between the soldiers of suits, one being bread to kill, the other being trained to live

The Goa'uld Kull Warrior Name The Black Mesa Scientific Researcher
Can withstand a huge amount of weapons fire including all forms of projectile weapons, energy based weapons, explosives, chemical and force field based devices. This due to a combination of the suit itself and the Goa'uld parasite within the user (which is used to increase performance, internal body functions and general well being. Without it the suit's strain would kill the warrior) Suit Can with stand basic firearms, energy weapons, radiation and more. Injects morphine into the user for pain relief to allow continued focus.When the suit is charged it can absorb 2/3 of all incoming forces except for things that damage body integrity (such as fall damage.). Has a feature to allow for increased mobility, the Long Jumb module, which allows greater distance in jumping from places.
For this battle it will only use the wrist mounted energy cannons. These are smaller versions of Jaffa energy staffs, and as such are not as powerful but still provide the force to kill said jaffa warrior Weapons For this battle the user will only use a standard issue HECU Weapon, the MP5 Submachine gun. Very fast, very small, very good at what it does. Who doesn't like a lot of bullets flying out at incredible speed?
Stargate: SG1 Origin Half Life 1

So now you have seen what they can do, can you see who will win? put your votes below, only valid votes will count. Dont just read what I have put for them, if you have prior knowledge about any of these warriors (excepts weapons, thats not what im after) then please post it. are you ready?


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