Echelon, a computer security program hell bent on controlling the world


Eagle Eye, a computer program who's malfunction nearly killed the President


The Master Control Program, an evil computer program who wants to anihilate the human race

A Three way battle of programs gone rogue, complete with some poor sap who got in the way

Name Echelon Eagle Eye The MCP
Caption "Even the Truth Can be Killed" "If you want to live you will obey" "The Game has changed"
General Use Uses a mysterious cell phone it sends to its victims and bribes them with wealth before having them complete its goal and kill the user, complete with various NSA Agents. It is apart of the National Security Agency Uses various computer controlled objects and threats of death to instruct people to complete its will, very calculated and very powerful. It is apart of the United States Army Uses threats of Arrest and information it can gather to complete its goal, it does not use humans in anyway other then to protect its self. It has been seen to hack into the Pentagon and the KGB
Origin The Gift (The Echelon Conspiracy Eagle Eye Tron

As they cant actually fight eachother this battle will be fairly innovative and clever. Each warrior will use 1 victim each to complete its goal and use its abilities to aid him in destroying eachother.

Echelon will use Max Peterson

Eagle Eye will use Jerry Shaw

MCP will use Kevin Flynn


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