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The Official Concept Art of Deadliest Fiction: The Game, planned release time is New Years Day. All Works are originally generated by Astrotorical and can be used under permission. These will be the only screen shots for the month but the plan is that more will be released every month.

"The World is divided... Nations scattered like dust in the wind... In Man's quest for knowledge, it destroyed him... Hyderdrives, FTL's, Slipspace Windows... All we wanted was a faster way to get there... We went to far. They destroyed the very fabric of reality and the infinit dimensions of reality became one singularity, swallowing anything it touched from the vast armies of man, to the blackest nights of space... even our imaginations... We didnt know this would happen... how could we. Myth became Reality, Science Fiction became Science Fact, The Alpha merged with the Omega and formed a horrific bond where even Time grew mad.. but all was not lost.. in out darkest hours a light came forth and saved our souls. Some good... some bad...The Seven continents of our home planet became the Seven Nations of Reality and Earth is our battleground but our mind is the weapon."

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"The Discovery"

Deadliest Fiction Fallout edition

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