There are a number of things i need to know in regards to the mobile version. Some of these are actually important and some of these i have to ask so my teacher doesnt fail me. please answer these questions in the coment box below so i can make the mobile version actually pretty good


  1. how often would you use it?
  2. what sort of color sceme would you find easiest to read
  3. what sort of layout would you find easiest to navigate (EG: side bars, a list of all the pages)
  4. how much media/java/flash can your portable browser handel? (Eg> PSP's cannot handle videos, Phones have data costs etc.)
  5. how many of you (admins only) are willing to update the mobile version manually untill and automatic update can be found?
  6. commenting/creating pages or blogs and such will be incredibly difficult to do as it requires an update of both websites, which WIKIA may not allow. it could be done eventually, just not by the end of the year. how many of you are willing to help me find a solution. I am going to be putting up my MSN or SKYPE adress, so if anyone who can help me out can contact me there (when im online)
  7. I want to take both this wiki and the DW wiki , any objections? I want to take this wiki and DWW of the Wikia Server and make it independant. any objections
  8. (This question isn't necessary but my teacher asked me to add it in so if you dont want to answer it thats fine, or if you do but want to keep it private then tell me) How old are you?
  9. Basically i want to have the URL or something, opinions? suggestions?


This is not a full set of questions, only the ones i can think of.

I will need to advertise this blog in the community message as well as the main page as this is very important so if any admins have a problem with this, please say so

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