Nathaniel Renko, American soldier who crash landed on katorga-12, destroyed the singularity and save the future


Helen Cutter, Paleontologist and Time Traveller who went to the past to prevent the evolution of man

A battle of time and space where only one can win.

Weapons Locker and Augmentation Machine

Name Captain Renko

Captain Renko, reparing a destroyed train

TMD Powers Slows down time in the immediate area, can age thinks to dust, renew things back to brand new, lift/catch things with gravity, surge things with impulse,mutate humans into blind, incredibly sensitive hearing, poison vomoting mutant called reverts
Weapons AR9 Valkyrie, Volks-12 Shotgun, RLS-4 Rocket Launcher, The Dethex Launcher, Autocannon, Kasimov Sniper Rifle, The Centurion, The Seeker Rifle,The Spike Shot
Origin Singularity

Equipment Loadout and Backup

Name Paleontologist Cutter

Helen Cutter takes aim

Back up

2 future predators

Weapons Baretta 92, Baretta Cougar, SIG SG 550, MP5, Time Travelling Device
Origin Primeval
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