Attention! Calling all voices, calling all voices

To those of you who have yet to hear about the game, this is news

To those of you who have heard about the game, this is good news

To those of you who heard the game was cancelled... well its not :P

((i think i spelt heard wrong))

So pretty much the most cost effective thing i can start of with is voice acting. I wont need to purchase anything so its easy to do. This means that, as with humanoid species, i need voices. So below is a list of characters to which im going to need voices for:

  • Captain Henry Cole
    • roughly 40-50. Captain of the SPACE Agency Flagship "Frontier". He is very destuingished, and one of Pikes closest friends. He is one of the most recurring roles, so i need a good old person voice :P
    • BUT, if anyone has seen General Hammond (Sith, im looking at you) or that guy who owned Pillar of Autum (from halo) thats pretty much what i want
  • Jason "Private" Pike
    • Often refered to as Private, codenamed S.A.P. 21 years. Main Character besides the player. He is irrational at times, and a litte crazy to just go off the wall with him. one of the most respected characters in the storyline, behind Pike, and he is in the story a hell-of-a-lot
  • Command Unit PG-01
    • Leader of the Pigeon Series model of Droid. Logical, Monotoned, i mean come on. He is a robot.
    • Closest friend of Pike
    • Not much is written about him
  • Then theres a whole bunch of minor characters like
    • Calculation Program Intelligence Tangent 2 (CaPITan 2): The initial detector of the STC Crack
    • Ork Drone: Generic Enemy
    • Surek: Viking Weapons-smith, Russian Arms Dealer, Martian Matter Crafter (russian accent preffered)

Those are just the ones i want for now.

To audition simply record your voice and email it to me/message on talk page. Oh, each character has a sample line. But you will have to message me on the part you want to go for, since i dont think the entire cast wil be filled by Wiki users

Also, any and all websites are welcome to be involved. Any forum or wiki etc. you frequent you can ask people to give me a hand

Here is a list of users and what character they are going for (mainly so i can keep track)

  • Reyes Rebels
    • Surek
    • (placeholder)
  • Lasmoore
    • Victor X-Ray Pilot
    • Delta-41 Gunner
  • Codgod
    • Surek
  • JWarrior
    • Surek
    • Jason "Private" Pike
    • Command Unit PG-01
  • Leolab
    • CaPITan 2
  • Richard Starkey
    • Ace Marston


PS: i probably left something out. but i dont remember what it is

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