Now i know alot of you have seen the ups and downs and crazy nature of the Idea of a DFW Game. First it was a mobile site, then it was a browser game, then it was a computer game, then it was cancelled, then it game back, then cancelled again, then back, then postponed because almost noone helped me.

Now i bring to you, a new idea. It is an easier game to make, but you might not like it. See, over the past few days, I wanted to play a card game my seven year old sister could win, with out it being all Go Fish'y

This playing card game is essentially a trading card game. So ive decided to sort of make a better version of that basic prototype.

What do you all think eh?

This way all i need is card ideas and some talented artists. No code, or voices, or any of that stuff. WEELLLL Id like to give it some cool animations and stuff, but that comes later on.


((to lasmoore, I got bored after you left chat. I did say id wait for more people, but i obviously didnt lol))

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