Masterchief, super bad-ass alien killin dude


Wiki Grief, what happens when you add Fanboy's and Spam together

No this isnt a battle, but its time to discuss something really important. Chief or Grief.

We have all seen some of the awesome battles that Johno' has given us. But then we have also seen the conflicts amongst users that he causes. I wouldnt be surprised if there was a Masterchief vs. Death, and he won.

As an Admin, I have to say ENOUGH. Leo, Omni and Pach Agree. But It wouldnt be right if we didnt put it to you guys. Now it probably wouldnt be a perma-ban, but it would be a lengthy ban. You cant just say "I iz liek totes want himz to stay lol"

Give us a reason why he should stay. Valid reasons are required.

Here is an example of what he causes. Ok, so lets say Masterchief makes 5 cents a second. But it costs 10 cents a second to hire him. We would eventually go out of business.

What do you guys think. Put up with the constant "He totes winz for noes reason" "RAWR Ima Spam Accounts so he wins/loses lol" or not?

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