Ben Tennysonn, The 10 year old hero with an army of aliens on his wrist


Crash Bandicoot, That jeans wearing mammal with a belt full of titans

Aliens vs. Monsters, The Omnitrix vs. The Belt of Mojo, a morph-off battle to find Who is Deadliest!?

Humungousaur Super Strength, Super Durability, Size Changability up to 60ft and a devistating roar vs Shellephant Has the ability to explosively punch, breath fire from its trunk, and is covered in spikey armour
Spider Monkey Super Agility, Web Spinning, Wall Climbing, Super Hearing and Enhanced Strength vs Scorporilla Is covered in a sort of exoskeletal armour on its back, a poisonous tail and can create shockwaves with its huge arms
Cannonbolt Spherical Transformation, Energy Defelction, a Durable Shell and sharp claws vs RhinoRoller Can roll itself into a ball, ignite itself and speed around, as well as a layer of armour
Heatblast Pyrokinesis, Terrakinesis, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Durability, Pyro Immunity, Cyro Immunity, Pyro Absorption, Lava Projection vs Magmadon Can walk in lava, has a flamming punch, spin around on its back and hurl around, and create a lava filled canyon using its feet. It is essentially a living "lava-saurus"
Rath Super Strength, Sharp Claw, Shock Waves, Super Durability, Powerful Roar, High Jumping vs Spike Has spikes covering its body which can be lengthened at will, can curl up and launch itself in the air, or impale anything in a large area by creating spikes out of the ground
Wildmutt Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility, Sharp Teeth, Sharp Claws, Enhanced Smelling, Enhanced Hearing vs Goar its four huge tusks give it a longer range, and it also posseses a roar attack that can knock back or knock out
Goop Shapeshifting, Regeneration, Acidic, Slime Projection, Flight vs Sludge Is made up entirely of radioactive sludge. Can enlarge or retract parts of its body for greater strength or agility and can turn itself into a sort of blob to slide around
Skinkfly Shooting Slime, Poisonous Gas, Sharp Blade-like Tail, 360° Vision, Flight, Blue Laser-like Beams vs Stench A giant skunk that can climb with ease using its sharp claws, fire explosive stink bombs or spray an area with its toxic stench
AmpPhibian Electrokinesis, Electrical Teleportation, Electrical Absorption and Redirection, Telepathy, Mind Reading, Structure Alteration, Flight, Speed Swimmer, Underwater Breathing, Stretchable Arms, Intangibility vs Eel-ectric Has control over electrical energy, can is visibly covered in it. Can fire multiple electrical balls at once with exlode, or call down the very lightning to smite foes. Very agile and quick
Jetray Super-fast Flight, Super-fast Swimming, Underwater Breathing, Neuroshock Blasts

Super Agility, Enhanced Durability, Vacuum Survivability, Superhuman Strength

vs Battler Has very tough armour like skin on its wings. Its wings are also very sharp and can cut through rock. Also has minor control of the air, giving it short burst of super flight, or even creating numorous small twisters
GhostFreak Intangibility, Invisibility, Flight, Tentacles, Movable Eye vs Grimly Has the ability to fly, as well as charge up its hands with ghostly energy then releasing it in a powerful punch. Can slow down time for a time as well
Big Chill Cryokinesis, Freeze Blasts, Ice Breath, Flight, Invisibility, Intangibility, Underwater Breathing, Enhanced Strength vs Ratcicle Has a general control of ice, being the frozen equivilent of spike. can surf of a bridge of ice it makes, create a multiple rivers of shards on the ground and even "Freeze-Sneeze" victims on que
Brainstorm Super Intelligence, Electrokinesis, Energy Fields, Levitation/Flight, Breathing underwater vs TK has complete telekenetic control and is protected by a ball of solidified energy. It can fire explosive blasts or throw object and foes alike around with its mind
Ripjaw Steel-bending Jaws, Sharp Claws, Enhanced Strength, Underwater Breathing, Able to turn his legs into a fish tail and back at will, Agile Swimmer, Glowing Lure vs Jawslehoff A cross between a Shark and.. a certain anonymous Hoff, he has a powerful bite and super fast swimming as well as a large surf board weapon
Wildvine Elasticity, Explosive Seed Pods, Chlorokinesis, Able to merge with Plant Life

Enhanced Strength, Sharp Thorns

vs Psycho-Mandrake a telekinetic plant with has minor gliding abilities, poisonous vines and a thorned mace growing out of its arm
Benmummy Regeneration, Extandable Limbs, Limited Shapeshifting, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Agility vs Anubis-Vicious is resistance to unstable surfaces such as quicksand, and has a minor control over sand creating blasts from its hands.
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