This is my first battle and am sure it would be interesting.

The Sangheili or (A.K.A. "Elites") from Halo, against the Fallen from Destiny.

Both are like a mirror of the other in they respective universes, and today they will fight to the death, to show  who is THE MOST DEADLIEST! 




On this side, a 5 memebr Elite team leaded by a Zealot.


Type Primay Weapon Secondary Weapon
Zealot Plasma Repeater Energy Sword
Commander Covenant Carabine Energy Sword
Warrior Needler Plasma Rifle
Storm Plasma Rifle Plasma Pistol
Storm Plasma Rifle Plasma Pistol

Blue.png Blue.png Blue.png Blue.png Blue.png


On this other side we have the 5 members Fallen team leaded by a Archon


Type Primary Weapons Secondary Weapons
Archon  Scorch Cannon Shock Blade
Captain Shock Rifle Shock Blade
Vandal Wire Rifle Shock Pistol
Dreg Shock Pistol Shock Knife
Dreg Shock Pistol Shock Knife

Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png

Both factions stars at half-kilomter each other in a urban wasteland at day, they can't asko for backups or air support, in other words, they are alone.

Who would win?

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