Xerxes I vs Montezuma II

Montezuma II, the bipolar king of the Aztecs, who was the founder of the massive city Tenochtitlan.

Xerxes I, father of the great Persian emperor Darius I, who defeated the Spartans at the battle of Thermopylae.


Xerxes charges in with: The Sagaris battle axe, Gurj mace, Longbow, and the War Worse.

Montezuma rebels with: Obsidian axe, burning sword, Aztec Recurve Bow, and stone weights (throwing)

Close Range Edge: Gurj mace

Long Range Edge: Aztec Recurve Bow

Mid Range Edge: Stone Weights

Special Weapons Edge: War Horse

5 on 5 squad battle

Simulated Battle

King Montezuma sits on his throne, drinking several golden chalices of wine in at least 3 sips each. Xerxes rides in on his horse, spotting the Tenochtitlan head temple. He orders his squad to charge. One fires an arrow into the building hitting a wine chalice out of the Aztec kings hands. He lets out a drunken cry. One of his guards fire back hitting an Immortal in the neck. Xerxes fires back, hitting an Aztec in between his eyes. Xerxes' men charge, the horse trampling an Aztec guard. He dismounts and engages the other guard, but gets slashed on his side by the axe. He plays dead, and the guard kills an Immortal who tried to catch him by suprise. When he the job is over, Xerxes beats his head repeatedly with the Gurj quielty. Montezuma stands in the distance, burning sword in one hand, weight in the other. He throws the stone, and it almost breaks Xerxes' shoulder on impact, if it were not for his scale armor. Another weight goes by, but Xerxes bats it away with his Gurj. He draws his Sagaris and engages the crazed king of Tenochtitlan. They clash weapons, but Xerxes' axe is set on fire and he throws it away. Montezuma tries to burn his enemie's face, but barely singes his hair. Xerxes takes Montezuma's intoxication to his own advantage. He beats Montezuma's stomach and crushes his head. He sees his foe's brains scattered along with his skull and yells "Feratisa!!!!" (Persia)


Xerxes Montezuma

MID RANGE: Sagaris Battle Axe Stone Weights

CLOSE RANGE:Gurj Mace Obsidian axe

SPECIAL: War Horse Burning sword

LONG RANGE:Longbow Aztec Recurve Bow

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