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Includes news from February.

Wiki News

  • Voting for Battle of the Season and the Annual Awards are over. If you want to see the results you can click here to see the results for BotS and here for the Annual Awards.

Battle Advertising

  • Assyria vs. Sparta: A clash of the bronze age armies! In the Ancient World, the armies of the old were mostly comprised of peasant warriors and part-time militias to defend their land. But not these two juggernauts. These two states are famous in history for being the first ones to create a professional army that trained and fought as a standing army that still revolutionizes how warfare is prepared and fought even today.
  • Kill la Kill User Tournament: The sign-ups are over and now its time to vote! In this big free for all between user-created warriors, only one can stand supreme over all others and truly claim that they were dressed to kill. Just remember that if you entered the tourney but didn't vote that you smell.
  • Goblins (Lord of the Rings) vs. Cult of Laughter (Equestria Divided): The Cult of Laughter ventures deeper into the mines of Moria, their faith in the Laughing Mare stealing their nerves as they advance through the darkness. They heard a rumor that a great relic resides in the tunnels that could do much to spread the faith of their twisted goddess. But deep down in the mountain, they encounter an unexpected foe. The goblins who live there don't take kindly to visitors and it has been a while since they feasted on proper flesh...
  • Jonathan Joestar (JoJo's Bizzare Adventure) vs. Stain (My Hero Academia): To fight corruption. To bring justice to an unjust world. These are the missions of a hero, but not all have equally noble methods of achieving their mission and sometimes it falls to them to remind others of what they are supposed to do. But for every brutal killer, there is a noble warrior who won't stray from their ideals, no matter who the opponent is. As the brutal Stain and noble Jonathan clash, which of these warriors will end up being victorious?
  • Testament of New Ezekiel (Outlast) vs. Jingū Jinto (Japan): Cults, small groups of zealous believers who will stop at nothing to spread the influence of their faith. Not all cults believe in fleshing gods or deities of darkness but are simply people who follow an unorthodox and violent interpretation of mainstream faiths. Such as the Testament of New Ezekiel and the Jingu Jinto. As these two zealots clash, which one will be left to sing the praises of their god?

World News

  • The Corona Virus as will likely continue to be a norm on the rest of the stories for this month and next has essentially brought the world to standstill. Entire governments have entered quarantine, namely that of Italy and Denmark, the latter of which is in a partial shutdown for the first time in its history. Yet, its not all doom and gloom as China, S. Korea and Taiwan have all implemented effective responses to help reduce the number of cases and spread of infection, each being deployed in a variety of manners. Stay healthy folks.


  • Potential world leaders have been afflicted or suspected of infection as a result of the situation continuingly growing out of hand. Particularly President of Brazil, Jair Bolsanaro and the United States President, Donald Trump, along with Vice President Mike Pence as suspected of contracting the disease. This is due to recent incidents that have surrounded them and their interactions with known infected individuals, more to be added as the month passes.
  • Conservation group, Save the Redwoods League, has recently closed a roughly 16-million-dollar deal to purchase the largest privately owned sequoia grove in the world for preservation efforts. The trees are among the most endangered species of plant and with them firmly locked under the group, may very well continue to exist in the coming decades with some plants being hundreds of years old. The species was nearly brought to the brink through misguided attempts to stop natural forest fires, but with the sale and possible transfer to Federal entities, these trees can be protected for generations to come.

Sanders vs Biden.jpg

  • The Presidential Race in the United States continues to heat up as a battle between Biden and Sanders has been finalized, Tulsi Gabbard is also here, but polling numbers have been lackluster at best. Sanders has remained ever popular among with base which has expanded since the end of Warren’s campaign, although struggles to have younger voters vote, despite immense size and popularity. Biden meanwhile has managed to consolidate the moderate vote following the dropping out of Bloomberg, Mayor Pete and Amy Klobuchar and has shown a great rise in polling numbers. It’ll be a close race, but as debate on Sunday may show Biden’s mental acuity has been long brought into question along with his physical health.
  • Alex Jones has been arrested in Texas on charges of DWI, the conspiracy theorist was caught early Tuesday morning and has been released on a bond of $3,000. The controversial host has been meeting with a slew legal problems of his own making after years and years of leading Info Wars. As a result, he’s been in numerous lawsuits for his accusations that the Sandy Hook Shootings were faked and in a messy divorce.


  • James Jackson, better known as Onision, sued Chris Hanson and fellow YouTube creator Daniel Sulzbach, also known as MrRepzion, for stalking and cyberharassment and it went pretty as expected. Things started off weird when Jackson decided to represent himself instead of hiring an attorney and then showing up in a suit, sunglasses, sneakers, beany, and a knife proof vest. As the trail started it became quickly apparent that Jackson sued the wrong Chris Hanson and he soon asked for his case against Sulzbach to be dismissed. Though Hanson's lawyer tried to have the case dismissed with prejudice, it was denied, and Jackson has expressed taking further legal action through other means.


  • YouTuber Jason Ethier, also known as JayStation, ones again finds himself embroiled in controversy after faking the death of his girlfriend Alexia Marano. In the video announcing her 'death', he visited her supposed roadside memorial and explained that she died when a drunk driver hit her. Though he initially got a lot of sympathy from the YouTube community at large, once people started to dig into his story they soon found that a lot of details didn't match up, including that the memorial wasn't for Marano and that there were no reports about any kind of car accidents at the time of death. Not soon after, Ethier posted a video where a attempted to summon Marano's spirit using an Ouija board. Marano later posted a video on their shared channel revealing that she was in good health and that Ethier forced her to partake in the publicity stunt and had abused her, but this was later removed for unknown reasons. Later, Either made a response video, saying that while it was indeed all a publicity stunt Marano willingly worked with him on it and had given her blessing. This was brought into qustion after Maraono posted a video where Ethier rather forcefully told her to record a couple of lines for the Ouija board video. On February 5 Ethier has been charged with assault and his YouTube account suspended.


  • NBA legend Kobe Bryant tragically died in a helicopter accident while on his way to a basketball game which killed everyone on board including Bryant's 13-year-old daughter Gianna and college baseball coach John Altobelli. Exact details of the crash are still unclear, though the Los Angeles Police Air Support Division suspects that it had to do with low visibility. Many politicians and other high ranking basketball players mourned Bryant's death and reminded the world of the many achievements he accomplished during his life.
  • The 92nd Academy has passed and while it seemed to come and pass as many other Oscars, with the artsy movies and the movies about actors/movies winning awards left and right, the South Korean non-English language movie Parasite won three awards, for Best International Film, Best Picture, and Best Original Screenplay, becoming the first non-English language film to do so. It's director Bong Joon-ho, meanwhile, won the award for Best Director. While mant saw this as a step forward for the Academy Awards and hoped that this would draw Americans into forgein cinema, there were some detractors, including President Donald Trump, who claimed that the award for Best Picture should've gone to an American film and they only gave it to Parasite simply to push a liberal agenda.


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