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  • Class 3-E (Assassination Classroom) vs. Eastern Private Defense Academy (Busou Chuugakusei): High schoolers, they don't make for the best spec ops operative in real life but in the world of anime they might as well be tiny Captain Americas on steroids. Case in point, Class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School who are tasked with killing their own ridiculously strong alien teacher Koro-sensei and the Eastern Private Defense Academy, the academy that trains Japan's youth to be the next generation of elite special forces. In a battle of cunning and gunfire, who will come out as the Deadliest Warrior?
  • Joint Task Force 2 (Canada) vs. Sayeret Matkal (Israel): There are times when you need to smash your enemy with great overwhelming force to prevent them from ever getting back up to their feet. But brute force will not always suffice and there are times that you need precision to complete a task. And there are no other organizations that embody this concept better than the Canadian Joint Task Force 2 and the Israeli Sayeret Matkal. Though that begs the qustion, which of these two spec ops is the deadliest?
  • King Ghidorah (Godzilla) vs. Tyrant (Ultraman): Kaiju. A word made internationally famous by the success of movies that put the monsters in question on the front scene, it generally refers to "giant Japanese monster of death and terror", extra points for flattening Tokyo. However, even amongst giant death beasts, some actually show themselves to be benevolent to humanity. Thus is the case for Godzilla (at least when he feels like it) and Ultraman. But as any good writer will tell you, for every good hero, there has to be a villain as villainous as the hero is heroic. Like King Ghidorah: he Three Headed Dragon and eternal rival to Godzilla. And Tyrant: the Despot Monster and archnemesis to the Ultra Brothers. Who is deadliest?

World News


  • Much like me when I discover a shiny new diplomatic option in my Civ V mods, Iran asked Interpol to help its arrest of Donald Trump and has issued its own personal warrant for the President’s arrest. Trump along with dozens of others have been aimed at due to the previous incident at the beginning of the year which nearly spelled war between the two nations, as the United States assassinated Qassem Soleimani under the banner of presumed peace talks. Interpol has denied the request for assistance in the arrest of the United States President due to the basis of the arrest being politically motivated in nature.
  • In a shocking twist of irony that is not lost on any American, Mexico and Canada have elected to close off portions of their borders with the United States citing concerns over an ever-increasing amount of cases in the country. In particular, the border between the United States and Mexico was blocked off in the expected influx of travelers that would spend their time in Mexico during the 4th of July weekend. Either to buy cheap alcohol and return to the United States or buy a ton of fireworks, especially those annoying ones that just explode with the force of a thousand dying Suns. The Trump administration has condemned these moves to close the border as it continues to shove its head into the sand and ignore the three million confirmed cases in the country.


  • The United Kingdom has proposed and gone through with legislation that may be invaluable in providing citizenship for millions of Hong Kong residents following increased tensions with mainland China. Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s approval allows upwards of three million residents, roughly 40% of the island’s population to apply. Britain has issued the move as it believed that China has long since violated its treaty that had granted it Hong Kong, back in 1985 which was to guarantee a level of autonomy in the region, but recent transgressions have long since made this bill overdue. China has recently worked to crackdown on pro-democracy movements in the region and has argued that this bill will further sour relations between it and Britain.
  • A series of published books regarding the Trump administration have been worked to be published and released to the public in recent months have further shown weaknesses in the administration and mocked it for its failings. John Bolton, former National Security Advisor, has relentlessly mocked Trump and ineffective politics. Along with the recent tell all book by one of his niece’s continue to leak information to the public about the mad house that the White House has become under the current administration and has done him no favors in the polls along with the recent economic downturn, poor job growth, continued fear of mass evictions, and demands that school return in the Fall, have all amounted to an increasingly dim prospect. Bolton’s book even mentions that Trump had previously requested China’s leadership to help him win re-election.

Popculture News


  • Harry Potter writer JK Rowling has come under fire after making a series of transphobic tweets. The controversy started when she made a tweet criticizing an article for using "people who menstruate" instead of "women" (ignoring the fact that women stop menstruating after a certain age) and went on to write that "if sex isn't real, there's no same-sex attraction. If sex isn't real, the lived reality of women globally is erased", while saying that she is empathetic to trans people. In response several trans advocacy groups, Harry Potter fansites and actors related to the Harry Potter series criticized Rowling for her stances. On 10 June, she published a 3,600-word essay on her website in response to the criticism. In it she said that she was a survivor of domestic abuse and sexual assault, and stated that allowing trans women access to single-sex spaces was a danger to women.
  • Though the PlayStation 5 was confirmed as early as April 2019, this month eager Sony fans finally got to see its design on June 11 along with its planned library. While most praised the external design, it was most just made memes about it, liking it to a taco shell, a jacket, and a certain body part that is too NSFW for this wiki. Though when it will be launched is unknown, we can expect it to be in the coming months.


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