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  • Theodore Roosevelt (United States) vs. Rafael Uribe Uribe (Colombia): DF veteran El Alamein is back and has blessed us with a battle between two hot-headed commanders with some manly mustaches in a battle for the Pamana Canel! Its the rough riding President of the United States Theodore Roosevelt against the liberal revolutionary Rafael Uribe Uribe. Come vote and give EA a warm welcome back while you're there.
  • Ikko-ikki (Japan) vs. Eureka Rebels (Australia): There are many reasons why one would rise up against the powers that govern them. Some like the Ikko-ikki take up arms the purify the land of the evils that prevent the people from reaching spiritual enlightenment. Other like the Eureka rebels fought for more material reasons, to protect their income from the distant powers that neglect them. In a battle of spirituality against materialism, only one group of rebels will be able to come out on top.
  • Eli (The Book of Eli) vs. One-Eye (Valhalla Rising): Another battle in the DFederal Homeless Relief Initiative. In this battle, a man who sees the future fight another who sees only with faith. One seeks to protect an innocent boy from the dangers of the world, the other the last piece of scripture of his faith. As these two men clash and fight to the death only one can emerge as the Deadliest Warrior.
  • Harry Potter (self-titled series) vs. John Constantine (DC Comics): Killermoves brings a much-needed rematch for an old classic to give both warriors their due. Last time, John Constatine managed to snatch the win, but can the Boy Who Lived turn it around this time? Only one way to find out: go to the battle and leave a vote for your British magician of choice.
  • William Wallace (Scotland) vs. Vlad the Impaler (Wallachia): BULGARIAN STRONK has taken a break from punching in the faces of those foolish enough to challenge him in the ring to bring us the first battle in his final season on the wiki with Scotland's freedom fighter going toe-to-toe with the brutal voivode of Wallachia in a medieval match of national heroes.
  • Rikka Takanashi (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shita) vs. Ranko Kanzaki (Cinderella Girls): Two girls with extraordinary powers, capable of great magical feats... Expect that they aren't. Though they may claim to possess superhuman abilities far beyond the understanding of mortal minds, they are simply two girls with very big delusions of grandeur. But that won't stop them from having an epic super-powered battle to the death... In their imitation.
  • Inquisitor Tyrus (Warhammer 40,000) vs. Rtas 'Vadum (Halo): You might live through dire situations, but the scars remain with you. Some let these events fuel their fire and thirst for vengeance, embarking on a crusade to kill any vile being that would inflict such pain lest someone should suffer the same fate. Others leave it in the past entirely and grow past it to carve out their own destiny. Like Tyrus, the Inquisitor who is responsible for the death of thousands of deamons, xenos, and heretics. And Rtas 'Vadum, the Shipmaster whose skill is only surpassed by the Arbiter himself.
  • Mikhail Tukhachevsky (Soviet Union) vs. Pancho Villa (Mexico): Viva la revolution! An old match between two revolutionary commanders is made anew by our resident Trotskyist. On one side there is Mikhail Tukhachevsky, the Soviet Marshal who invented the theory of Deep Operation. And in the other Pancho Villa, the larger than life bandit turned revolutionary. Who is Deadliest?
  • Peacekeepers (Hunger Games) vs. Ceasar's Legion (Fallout): In the post-apocalypse, you will always find those who attempt to rebuild society, but not all wish to do it in a peacefully and seek to conquer every tribe and settlement that stand in their way. And in a battle for dominance, two brutal regimes will collide and battle over what is left of the old world.

World News


  • The obvious should be put out of the way before I get into the rest of the news, but the Corona Virus or COVID-19, has basically changed the lives of citizens around the world without stopping. In America, universities, schools, restaurants, etc. have all been closed and the alongside it, the economy has come to a screeching halt and wiped out any gains during the Trump admin. With millions losing their jobs, the prospects for Trump’s election seem grim. Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the UK, is currently in intensive care as he had previously caught the virus and an acting Prime Minister has been set in place. Stay healthy and stay safe everyone.
  • In the face of a global pandemic, America looks to the stars. This isn’t some starry-eyed metaphor or simile, but a weird reality as recent legislation created and approved by the Trump has allowed for deep space mining of asteroids and the moon. Urging more countries to become actively involved in the endeavor, Donald Trump and his recent addition to Space Force, seems to be one of his favorite creations. The order has been in the works for the previous year but has been recently galvanized by NASA outlining its long term approach to lunar exploration, including the desire to set up a base on the Moon.

Tokyo 2020.jpg

  • The 2020 Tokyo Olympics has been postponed till 2021 due to fears of aggravating and spreading of COVID-19, this announcement was done in conjunction with the Olympic Committee. Although, we’ll lose out on a bunch of Akira references, let it be known, that thanks to Leo, Akira also mentions a global pandemic in the lead up to the Olympics, so good job. People will live and we can survive another year without seeing America stomp the Olympics again
  • So, this isn’t news, but I want you guys to know that I want you to all be safe. 2020 has been a rough year for many people and even with the memes about, I sincerely hope you guys are doing alright and nothing will hopefully happen to any of you. We’re all in this together and if y’all ever need help, the Discord is always available, most of you are there, but I mean it, I don’t want to see any of you guys have a hard time. We’re always open and online when you need us, have a good one and be safe.

Pop Culture News


  • With such an infectious virus sweeping through the world, many non-essential companies were forced to close their doors until quarantine time is over and they did comply with this demand. Gamestop, however, did not and fought to the nail to stay open. Even arguing they are just as essential as pharmacies, grocery stores, and hospitals since they provide entertainment to the masses. They did say they would sent hand sanitizer and masks to their stores, though many never received them and were told to buy it themselves. Let's not even mention that the employees were mandated to argue with the police should they show up to force the store to close. But they were eventually forced to close on March 29th after the public outcry. GameStop wasn't the only videogame retailer pulling this though, with many smaller stores and chains doing the exact same thing.
  • With many governments instating quarantines and curfews, the film industry is one of the many sectors that has been negatively affected by the virus. To make sure that audiences are still able to watch the latest movies many publishers have released the movies that were supposed to come out around this time on streaming services such as Netflix and Disney+.

Doom and AC.png

  • Doom: Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Leaf, two games that couldn't be any more different and yet fans of both games have come together to make some pretty wholesome fanart of the Doom's protagonist the Slayer and Animal Crossing's mascot Isabell spending time together and slaying the hordes of hell. With all the chaos and discord that corona has brought us, its nice to see people coming together over their shared love for video games.
  • Popular YouTuber Ian Carter, better known as iDubbbz, has fallen under some controversy after it came out that his girlfriend Anisa Jomha is selling her nudes on the porn site OnlyFans and that he was supportive of it. While most simply used this to make memes, a large portion of his audience seemed to feel some sort of betrayal, leading them to label the content creator as a cuck and a simp. A standpoint which seemed to have strengthened after iDubbbz made a video addressing the controversy. A smaller section, however, has some issues with Jomha herself, as she had body-shamed other women and stolen art in the past.

Snow and Safe.jpg

  • For those not in the know, Marvel's New Warriors is a comic book series about the titular superhero team of rebellious teenagers created in the '90s, which they recently brought into the 2020s with a brand new generation of New Warriors for the modern era... And everyone hated it. There were gems such as Screentime, a teenage boy who is always connected to the internet through 'experimental internet gas', B-Negative, a goth vampire, and Trailblazer, a girl with a magic backpack. But the two that by far gained the most attention were the twins Snowflake and Safespace, with the former being non-binary going by they/them pronounce. Both sides of the political spectrum weren't to pleased by this, with the right declaring that this is just more proof that Marvel has been infested with SJWs and the left being angry that Marvel's first non-binary hero has a name that is used to belittle non-binary people. Will the book bomb? I'd say only time would tell if it wasn't so obvious that it would.


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Battle of the Season

It is that time again, Battle of the Season! Users get one week (or longer if needed) to nominate their favorite battles that were written between January and March 2020. A battle needs three nominations to be eligible for the final poll. Users can't nominate their own battles. After the time is up a poll will be posted where users can vote for their pick of Battle of the Season. Good luck everyone!