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Kazuma's Party

Kazuma Divine Gate.png
I yearn for true gender equality. I have no patients for one who talks about female privilege when it suits them, and then complains about someone "not being a man" when it's convient
— Kazuma Satou

Kazuma Satou was a normal shut-in NEET who, upon returning home, pushed a girl out of the way of an oncoming vehicle, dying in the process and was promptly greeted by the goddess Aqua who revealed to him that those who die before their get the option to be reincarnated in a different world to get a second shot of life and so that they could fight the Devil King, a demon lord who is threating the world. She then revealed that the vehicle Kazuma pushed the girl out of the way off was actually a slow-moving tractor and that he died of shock. Angry at her mockery, Kazuma chose her to come with her to the new world, effectively removing her from her position as a goddess. In order to make ends meet and fulfill their mission, Kazuma and Aqua became adventurers and were soon joined by Megumin and Darkness.

Because Kazuma never picked a class, he was automatically given the standard Adventurer class. As a result, he isn't able to specialize and obtain high-level skills but is able to pick the skills of any class, allowing him to generalize and mix and match skills to come up with unorthodox attacks. Because he is the only one with a braincell, Kazuma acts as the de facto party leader.


  • Chunchunmaru: A wakizashi that is somewhere between 30 and 60 cm that Kazuma commissioned from the local blacksmith. Because it was made out of steel from the alternate world, it is presumably of better quality than the steel that is found in Japan.
  • Bow: A simple short bow Kazuma uses in combination with the Snipe skill. Kazuma can attach hooks and rope at the end of his arrows.


  • Luck: Kazuma has a very high luck stat. He only ever lost a game of rock, paper, scissors, against the goddess of luck Eris and put a casino temporarily out of business during a gambling spree. Though fickle and unpredictable, it does allow things to end up in Kazuma's favor. As a result of his high luck stat, most of Kazuma's attacks are critical hits.
  • Intelligence: Another high stat is Kazuma's intelligence. In practical use, he is very cunning and sharp, often employing the usage of simple yet unorthodox tactics.
  • Steal: An ability that allows the user to teleport an object carried by their target into their hands. Because of Kazuma's high luck stat, this always ends up being the most valuable item and in the case of women, their panties.
  • Lurk: An ability that makes the user difficult to detect and move about unheard.
  • Concealment: A superior version of the Lurk skill. This grants Kazuma invisibility for a very short time ontop of the abilities of Lurk.
  • Snipe: Improves someone's accuracy with bows that depends on the luck stat.
  • Drain Touch: A skill normally only processed by the undead, Kazuma learned this skill from Wiz and can use it to drain and give mana. It can only be used through direct contact and drains mana very quickly, so Kazuma is able to utilize this skill offensively in order to render opponents unable to move once they are drained of mana.
  • Farsight: Allows a user to see far into the distance. It also gives the user night vision.
  • Elemental Magic: Kazuma is able to use Tinder, Create Earth, Create Water, Wind Breath, and Freeze. Normally, these are very weak and simple magic abilities, but Kazuma utilizes his intelligence to maximize the effectiveness of each skill. By combining Create Earth and Wind Breath, Kazuma is able to blow dirt into people's eyes. Create Water is convenient for producing clean drinking water whenever Kazuma needs it. Tinder is great for starting fires and burning through ropes to escape, and Freeze is used in combination with Create Water to freeze the ground and make it slippery for his opponents.

Aqua is useless.png
What's your problem? I was just trying to help! Don't yell at me! And if I have to make up for it later it'll just be the same as always!
— Aqua during one of her many breakdowns

Aqua is the goddess of water who was assigned to allow young souls to reincarnate in the other world so there would be a good supply of adventurers to fight the Devil King. After mocking Kazuma for the way he died, he chose her to come with her to the other world and was removed from her position as goddess. Because of this she desperately urges Kazuma to defeat the Devil King so she can go back to being a goddess.

Because of her lack of offensive capability against anything that isn't undead or the result of dark magic, Aqua tends to stay at the rear while using supportive spells to aid her party. Though she is willing to step up and attack if the undead are involved or when she is pissed off, with the latter usually ending badly for her.


  • Rose staff: A staff with a rosebud on the end that blooms whenever she casts a spell. Though it used to cast her strongest spells, she doesn't need it for all of them. Aqua can summon it from any location.


  • Low Luck and Intelligence: In contrast to Kazuma, Aqua is as dumb as a rock and has an unlucky streak worthy of a gypsy curse. Because of this, she is quick to panic when she incredibly screws things up by fucking up Kazuma's plans and moments of victory often tend to end sour for her.
  • Purification Spells: As a goddess, Aqua has a variety of spells that purifies objects, removes evil magic, curses, barriers, demons, and turn the undead proper dead.
  • Create Water: As it says on the tin, it creates a stream of water. With Sacred Create Water, Aqua can summon a fluid of biblical proportions.
  • Reflect: Creates a transparent wall of light that reflects attacks.
  • Magic Barriers and Circles: Aqua can draw magic circles that repel ghosts, undead, demons, and monsters.
  • Seal: Seals an item's power.
  • Supporting Spells: Aqua can cast several supporting spells to greatly increase the resistance, speed, strength, luck, heal wounds and even bring people back. Though she naturally can't bring herself back from the dead or resurrect people whose body has been completely destroyed.
  • Undead attraction: Undead are attracted to her. Mindless undead will ignore orders by their master to chase Aqua.
  • Night Vision: See as well in the dark as daytime.
  • Undead/Devil Detection: Can detect devils/undead by smell.
  • Mental Resistance: If anyone attempts to see her location/future/mind or attempts mind manipulation on her, it results in seeing a blinding bright light.

Konosuba Megumin (Render).png
Darkness blacker than black, and darker than dark, I beseech thee, combine with my deep crimson. The time of awakening cometh. Justice, fallen upon the infallible boundary, appear now as an intangible distortion: explosion!
— One of Megummin's incantations

Megumin is a member of the Crimson Demon clan who is obsessed with explosions. As a child she accidentally released both halves of the sloth and violence goddess Wolbach, with one side manifesting as a giant monster and the other a woman. The latter killed the monstrous half with explosion magic before disappearing, starting Megumin's obsession with explosion magic and inspired her to master it herself so that she could one day show the mysterious woman her own explosions. After she arrived at Axel Town, she gained a reputation as a crazy woman and found it hard to find a party until Kazuma and Aqua allowed her to join them.

Like Aqua, Megumin tends to stay at the back, waiting for the right moment to use her explosion magic.


  • Mage's staff: A staff that Megumin uses to summon explosions.


  • Explosion Magic: Megumin is absolutely obsessed with Explosion magic. She devotes all of her skill points into improving the power of her explosions, shortening her casting time, and being able to cast the spell without chanting out loud. However, the severe mana drain results in her always collapsing after casting and becoming completely immobile.

Darkness - Kono suba.png
Since old times, suffering an erotic fate at the hands of the Devil King has always been the duty and expectation of a female knight. That alone makes it worth while to go!
— Darkness being Darkness

Darkness, real name Lalatina Ford Dustines, is a noblewoman and very outspoken masochist who became an adventurer to prevent being married off. Shortly after starting her adventuring carrier, she met the thief Chris, who was actually her patron goddess Eris in disguise. The two formed a duo before Chris was forced to leave to take Aqua's place, though they still remain friends. As a result, Darkness joined Kazuma's party after hearing about Aqua and Megumin getting covered in toad slime.

Because of her own masochistic tendencies and high durability she serves at the front line with Kazuma. Though because of her inability to aim, she is only really good for taking the attention away from the rest of the party and act as a meatshield, not that she minds.


  • Longsword: A straight double-edged sword with a cruciform hilt. It is around 85 to 110 cm long and weighs between 1 to 1.5 kg.
  • Armor: Darkness wears a chest plate that protects the upper half of her torso, a shoulder plate on her left shoulder, and a pair of sabatons.


  • Durability: As a crusader, Darkness is able to withstand melee attacks, functioning as the traditional "tank" role for the most part. Where this is exacerbated, however, is in how durable she truly is, able to withstand attacks from high-level creatures and spells such as the Hydra, a Zombie Dragon, and Megumin's explosion. It is even speculated by Kazuma that she may possess the toughest body in the kingdom.
  • Strength: Darkness is incredibly strong, but because of her horrible aim her strikes tend to miss. As a result he strength is mostly there to compliment her durability. She is strong enough to cut through rocks with the air pressure created from her sword, casually punch through brick, carry and throw full-grown humans, and hold back the fist of a giant robot that is strong enough to punch through stone pillars.
  • Stamina: On top of her impressive physicality both Kazuma and Vanir (who briefly passed Darkness) have stated that Darkness has a vast amount of stamina.

Ender Dragon

Ender Dragon.gif

The Ender Dragon is one of the two boss mobs, next to the Wither, in Minecraft and can only be found in the End dimension. It is only hostile to the player (or in this case Kazuma and company). Upon being defeated the Ender Dragon drops a ton of Exp and dragon egg above the island's exit portal structure which activates shortly after, allowing the victorious adventurer to leave the island.

Methods of Attack

  • Circling: The Ender Dragon begins in this state: it circles the ring of obsidian pillars on either the outside if there are still End crystals or the inside if the crystals are destroyed. With each crystal's destruction, there is an increased chance of the dragon switching states.
    • Targeting: Whenever the dragon finds itself less than 10 m or greater than 150 m from its current target, it attempts to choose a new target. When damaged it targets a point just behind itself, causing it to turn away and choose a new target.
  • Strafing: If someone destroys an End crystal or gets within a 64 m radius of the exit portal, the Ender Dragon immediately switches to this state to fire a ball of harmful gas at them. Upon hitting a solid the surface the gas spreads out before slowly fading away. Note that the gas is harmful even when inhaled. The dragon resumes circling after this state.
  • Diving: The Ender Dragon swoops down and tries to hit its target. Enemies hit are typically send flying, sometimes to lethal hights or off the island. The dragon resumes circling after this state.
  • Perching: The Ender Dragon lands on the deactivated exit portal and just chills on it unless there isn't anyone in a 150 m radius, until he has used his breath attack four times or until he has taken enough damage. The dragon is immune to arrows in this state.
    • Dragon's Breath: After 1.25 seconds, if its target is within 20 m of the exit portal structure, the Ender Dragon roars and breathes out the same poison gas as the poison ball for 3 seconds.

The End

1200px-The End.png

As you might have guessed, the battle takes place in the End. Or to be more specific: its main island which floats within the void. While there are more locations, creatures, and structures in the End than I mention down below, Kazuma's Party will be unable to reach them so they are basically irrelevant.


Endermen are tall, slender humanoid creatures native to the End and are capable of teleporting at most 32 m at will. Endermen are usually passive unless they are attacked or if someone looks directly at their face. The Endermen's method of attack is to simply charge at their enemy and teleport behind them when taking damage. They automatically teleport away when a projectile is fired at them. They take damage from water.

When killed, Endermen have a chance of dropping an Ender Pearl which when thrown teleports the user to wherever it lands while inflicting minor damage. When used, Ender Pearls have a 5% chance of spawning a hostile but weak bug-like Endermite.

Obsidian Pillar.png

Obsidian Pillars differ widely in size, from 3 m up to 9 m in diameter and from 6 m up to 37 m in height. There are 10 pillars within a 43 m radius from the central exit portal.

On top of them is are Endecrystals. When the Enderdragon is within a 32 m radius of an Endercrystal it will fire a beam that will slowly heal it. When a crystal is hit by a projectile or physical attack it will explode with a blast radius of 6 m. If the Enderdragon is being healed by a crystal upon its destruction, it will receive additional damage.

Exit portal.png
A deactivated exit portal structure stands in the very centre of the main island surrounded by the Obsidian Pillars. The Ender Dragon occasionally perchers on top of it. The portal activates once the Ender Dragon has been slain.


  • Despite this battle taking place in the world of Minecraft, Kazuma's Party won't have the ability to break blocks and make constructs as the player can.
    • Nor will they have any knowledge related to the End. So don't expect Aqua to summon a flood to get rid of all the Endermen or Kazuma to instantly know that he has to destroy the crystals, though they certainly can learn those things on their own.
  • The battle ends when either Kazuma's Party is wiped out or the Ender Dragon is slain.