So here we are. Who would have thought that a spin-off of the Deadliest Warrior wiki would have lasted a full decade? Honestly, I am proud of what the wiki has become. Even though I was not around for the its entire history, I watched it grow and develop into what it is today none the less. Not only that, but I have met some of my best friends here. So happy birthday, Deadliest Fiction. May we make it another 10 years.


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We all have to start somewhere and for warfare it started with bronze and iron. Ranging from shining knights clashing at the field of battle to tribal warriors expanding their growing empire by the sword. Which battle involving blades, bows, axes and spears do you think has lasted the test of time?


With the invention of gunpowder, the way warfare was waged changed forever. Slowly the weapons of old were phased out by muskets and grenados which developed into the weapons of war we have today. From special forces performing counter-terrorism operations within the Middle East to law enforcement opening fire on a gang of hardened criminals, which modern battle has best shown the destructive power of gunpowder?


For as long mankind has existed it has dreamed of a world far more mysterious and wonderful than ours. One where beings of immense supernatural power roam the Earth along with great kings and noble kinghts. Where gods reign and send their mortal champions to vanquish the darkness that has plagued the world. Which battle will claim its rank among these wonderous tales?

Science Fiction

But as we look up at the stars we once again begin to wonder. What is out there? Will we survive as a species or meet an unfortunate end? And if we do make it, where will we go? As the years come, it will bring answers to these questions along with technological marvels. Spaceships, virtual worlds, robots. The sky is the limit, one we will surpass. As humanity takes to the stars which battle will they keep in mind as they look back out our blue marble one last time?

Battle of the Decade

Within its 10 years of existence, these are the best battles the wiki has to offer. Though there are many battles that are great in their own right, this is the cream of the crop. Written by the most skilled and imaginative users, these are the stories that come to mind when one thinks 'Deadliest Fiction'. Though their writers might have long left this wiki, the works itself has endured. So I ask you, what is the best battle of our humble little wiki?

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