It's that time of year again, the annual Deadliest Fiction Awards! Before going further with the blog I wanna give us all a pat on the back for yet another amazing year. Sadly we had to say goodbye to a good amount of people and we're stagnating, but I believe that as long we continue to work on and advertise this wiki that we can grow once again! Now that's out of the way, let's go into the rules!


  • Only registered users may nominate and vote.
  • You cannot self-nominate in any category.
  • A maximum of five battles per category.
  • A battle or voter needs at least three votes to be placed on the ballot.
  • Users can nominate up to three users/battles per category. 
  • No ballot stuffing. Users that do so will receive a temporary ban.
  • Only written battles are eligible for nomination.
  • Battle must be completely written in 2017.
    • A battle published in 2016 but finished in 2017 is eligible for awards.
  • Debates are allowed, but please keep them civil and respectful.


Battle Awards

Battle of the Year

Boty3 Battle of the Year Award
Which battle did you think is overall the best battle written this year?

Best Sci-fi Battle

Scifi Sci-Fi Battle of the Year: 2017: Athena vs. Terminator!
Any battle that involves aliens, epic space battles, laser fights, cyborgs, robots, high tech suits of armour. Which sci-fi battle melted your brain like an alien death ray?

Fantasy Battle of the Year

Fantasy Fantasy Battle of the Year: 2017: Hercules vs. Sun Wukong!
Any battle that involves kings, queens, dragons, dwarves, horses, fortresses, magic, swords, and another old trope stolen straight from Tolkien's grave. Which fantasy battle bewitched you this year?

Modern Battle of the Year

Modern Modern Battle of the Year: 2017: Joker vs. Punisher!

  From Napoleon Bonaparte's Grande Armée to our modern day spec ops, and from freedom fighters to small criminal gangs. Which modern battle did blow you away like a barrel filled with gunpowder?

Ancient Battle of the Year

Ancient Ancient Battle of the Year: 2017
Everything pre-gunpowder. From cavemen swinging stone tipped spears around all the way to Christian knights Deus Vulting their way to the Holy Lands. Which ancient battle do you think is one for the history books?

User Awards

Most Creative User of the Year

Creative Most Creative User of the Year: 2017: Dargoo Faust

  Which user do you think wrote the most creative battles and came up with intresting senarios, and match ups?

New User of the Year

Newuser New User of the Year: 2017: Laquearius
Which user that joined this year shows most promis and contributed the most to this wiki?

Editor of the Year

Editor Editor of the Year: 2017: Appelmonkey

  Which user made the most constructive edits this year?

Voter of the Year

Voter Voter of the Year: 2017: Wassboss

  Which user made the most logical and detailed votes this year?

Author of the Year

Author Author of the Year: 2017: Leolab

  And lastly, who do you think wrote the best battles this year?

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