Hello everyone, it's your favorite psychopath, moi. Anyway, since my sister decided to branch out after Joint Ops... I'm thinking about having my own special tourney, just like her... the only difference, is that all the contestants have lost a match here. This is their shot at redemption, to re-prove their warrior status!

I'm open to suggestions, but up to 16 modern, and 8 ancient will be accepted. And I already know one of those modern matches will be Agent 47 vs. Cad Bane

Feel free to give feedback on this concept, and of course suggestions.

Suggested Modern"

Martin Riggs

Tony Montana


Brazilian Militia

Storm Shadow

FOXHOUND (idk yet, in a potential battle)


Suggested Ancient:

Los Illuminados

Maximus Decimus Meridus

Hildegard Von Krone

Suggested Magic:

The Sick-Minded Slashers


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