As the sun sets, a series of wayward travelers cross paths in the dusty town of El Gurrero Letal.  All have come for their own reasons, but only on will walk away as...


Last time we saw as a unstoppable force known as the bounty hunter Reagan Turros attempt to finish off the immovable object of the evil bandito known only as 'El Cochino Chacal'.  When the shots rang out and the dust settled, we found an interesting scene, the bounty hunter had taken her own life to prevent herself from being raped by the scourage of the west.  With the suicide of his opponent, the Jackal moves on in El Gurrero Letal to kill another day...

Today though, two more visitors to the town, but unlike the others, they are unfamiliar to the area.  One one hand we have the Japanese lone wolf Kyofu going against the Norweigan gun-for-hire Synderen...

The Warriors:


Immigrating to America from Japan in 1865, Kyofu's family fell onto a hard time when his family was killed by bandits while he was scouting ahead.  Left with only his father's katana and a shattered pride, he began his revenge on the bandits.  Four years later at the age of 18, he challenged the bandits who had killed his family to a 6-on-1 duel.  The bandits paid a brutal price and Kyofu avenged his family with the deaths of the banidts, and now wanders the west supporting worthy causes...


Very little is known of the Norwegian gun-for-hire, but one thing is for sure, before he began his work in America, he had been killing for several year before hand...

The Weapons

Kyofu Synderen


Katana Data Throwing Axes
1 meter Length 2.5 feet
4 lbs Weight 32 oz
Slicing Usage 2 for throwing/1 for hacking
Steel Materials Steel and Wood


Colt Single Action Data Dual Nagant M1895
6 Total Ammo 14
.45 Colt Rounds 7.62x38mmR
Single Action Action Double Action
960 feet per second Muzzle Velocity 750 feet per second
40 yards Range 25 yards


The Mare's Leg Data 1889 Winchester
.44-40 Guage 10 guage
Lever Action Action Lever Action
6 Rounds 5


Spencer Repeating Rifle Data Krag-Jorgenson
.55-56 Spencer Rounds 6.5x55mm Express Bullets
5 Number of rounds 7
Lever Action Action Bolt Action
? weight 7.5 lbs


Ketchum Grenade Data Dyanamite
Black powder Explosive Nitroglyerin
3 lbs Weight Varies
Precussion cap Acivation Fuse

Pros and Cons


Quirks: Can't speak English, has a sense of honor before reason, and would spare an oppenent either not worth killing or no purpose in killing.


Strengths: Expert marksman, Expert horseback-marksman, many years of experience, Perfect at hitting targets in the head, Will study his targets Sherlock Style. Weaknesses: Does not enjoy killing, will try to make his kills quick and painless (E.G. Hitting them in the Head)

Quirks: Foreigner, Pays respect to those he killed

Battle Set-up

As a gun for hire, Synderen has killed many unusal people, but now he's been hired by the head of a posse that Kyofu has ridden out of town.  The deal?  $100 in gold for Kyofu's corpse.


I'm looking for weapon-on-weapon comparisons followed by a comparison of the men themselves.  Undead RVD and BeastMan14 are not allowed to vote, but may vouch for their warriors.  Should there be a tie like last time, the battle will end in a draw officially, but I will cast my ballot on who shall move on.  Flamers and Trolls will be reported.

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