Tesla vs. Medic.png

Tesla: The brilliant engineer and scientist who not only invented Alternating Current, but also collected mustache wax


The Medic: The German doctor dispite having his medical license revoked, is ready to practice medicine on his fellow mercinaries

It is now time to start the first battle of my second mini-season: Second Chance Fortress!  In this mini-season, we'll be pitting the cloned historical figures from Second Chance Heroes against the RED mercinaries of Team Fortress 2.  Due to being cut of from the 24/7  beta before the last 4 characters could be playable, The Offense and Defense classes are put on hold until I actually get a copy of the game, but luckily the Support Classes are all completed, so without further or due, the first battle!

While the strongest and the extremely leathal will have their time in the spotlight, it's time to pit the brightest and the smartest of the two team against each other to see who will come out on top!

Tesla Weapon Class Medic
Assault & Batteries Main Blutsauger
Who Ya Gonna Call? Secondary Crusader's Crossbow
Faraday's Bridcage Special Bonesaw


Tesla Medic


Assault & Batteries Weapon Data Blutsauger
Infinite Ammo Count 40
Electrical bolts Ammo Syringes
When it hits the target, the bolt spreads out and zaps up to two other adjacent targets Other small health boost with sucessful hit, reduces his health recovery to 1 per second


Who Ya Gonna Call? Weapon Data Crusader's Crossbow
Electrical Damage Type Syringe
8 foot diameter Range 30 yrds
N/A RPM 42
Stuns enemies; after blast, heroes in radius get a power boost Notes Damage increases with the distance traveled


Faraday's Birdcage Bonesaw
Electricutes any enemy you hit, causing a minor stun and damage over time Effects Serrated edge used in a hacking or sawing motion


Combat Experience

The Medic is under 'Support' for a reason.  He isn't meant for direct combat, but as a healer that can dish out damage if the time calls for it.  The only thing that is in his favor is that he's been at it longer than Tesla.  Telsa, while a fully-grown clone, has only been fighting the undead, werewolves, vampire, and aliens for a few days.


Both men wear backpacks of their own designs, one to heal, the other to hurt.  While The Medic carries a weapon, Telsa's hands are the weapons, but that comes at the price of having the tall tesla coil sticking out the top of his pack.


Okay, we have a doctor and an inventor who both know how to use their weapons to the most of their abilites.  The Medic has knowledge of the human anatomy and Tesla invented the technology behind his weapons.


Okay, I want a nice clean fight.  I want to see votes that compare the weapons and X-Factors, all in complete sentences.  It may be my 8 am Composition Class talking, but depending on my mood, I might crack down on bad votes.

If you want to rebuttle, keep it to two paragraphs.  I don't want long essay comments.

Voting closes....let's say, on the 12th?



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