Second Chance Heroes: Brought back to life by part-time cloner and history teacher Hubert Beasley, these former heroes and icons take to the streets to stop the apocalypse!


Team Fortress 2: The 9 Mercinaries that were hired to wage war on their counterparts in hope that someday, someone will inherit the gravel pit fortune!


The Premise

I, along side Wandering Skull, were lucky enough to be invited to beta-test a new Action RPG called Second Chance Heroes a few months ago.  Now as the final characters are announced and the last few playtests are completed, I'm happy to announce a new mini-series of my work.

I decided to run them straight out of the gate, pitting the new Video Game group on the block against some of the veterns of the PC gaming world: The RED Team from Team Fortress 2.  I never said that I was going to be easy on history's finest...

The Plot

A few weeks after stopping the world from pure destruction, Hubert returns to his job as the High School History teacher, but now his class has gained popularity due to the fact that his clones are now not only famous from saving the earth, but also for making the classes more 'interactive'.

Back at RED Headquarters, Helen has heard word of these clones.  During the apocalypse, the Gravel Pits remained untouched (save for a few of Grey's robots), so the RED and BLU mercinaries are still in prime fighting condition.  Helen believes that with Hubert's cloning technology, that she can make hundreds more mercinaries to fight for her entertainment without having to hire anymore.  Thus, obtaining the cloner becomes key... After refusing a buyout from Helen to obtain his precious clones, Helen decides to take some rather drastic measures into forcing him to sell. Hubert is soon faced with destruction of his entire life he soon learns that his laboratory has been ransacked along with the destruction of his home.

He is later fired after the school recieved threats to do so, or face being turned into a gravel digging site. Hubert soon has enough of this and decides to take the fight to the RED Corperation and to Helen herself after he finds his Barry White record collection stolen.  After meeting, they decide on the terms of the fight: they'll have their warriors fight to the death whoever wins the most fights with their warriors will win.

If Helen wins she'll not only receive control of the remaining clones, but will also get Hubert to work for her making a constant string of clones. If Hubert wins it'll result in Helen giving him his life back along with his Barry White record collection and she'll have to never have contact in his life again.

The Fighters

Click on the Second Chance Heroes photos to be taken to their Character Pages on their website:

The Matches

While only 10 of the 12 characters from Second Chance Heroes have been announce, we have found a fair balance of who shall fight who in the series of battles.  Note that this list will be updated in the next few weeks as the last characters fall into place

Team Fortress 2 Second Chance Heroes
The Scout Cleopatra Offense
The Soldier Genghis Khan
The Pyro Black Beard
The Heavy Queen Elizabeth I Defense
The Demoman Da Vinci
The Engineer Napoleon Bonaparte
The Sniper Marie Curie Support
The Medic Nikola Tesla
The Spy Julius Caesar
The Guard Dog Lincoln, Joan, Montezuma All-around

The Favor

While I'm running this, I have a favor I ask alongside voting.  Rocket City Games, the makers of Second Chance Heroes, is still looking for people to approve their game in Greenlight.  I ask that if you have a Steam account, approve the game so that they can sell the game on Steam.

The Predictions

Okay, guessing time.  Save for the two that we don't know who the character are, place your bets on who would win.  Don't let the fact that not each of the character have a gun influence your votes.  Read the pages on Second Chance Heroes and then make your guesses.d

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