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Queen Elizabeth I: Brought back from the dead in the midst of several overlapping apocalypses, she has come to drink tea and kick ass...and she's all out of tea.


The Heavy: The russian hired by RED, his deliberate sleepy composure could get you ripped limb from limb if mistaken for gentleness...

We are now on our way with Second Chance Fortress with the conclusion of Tesla vs. Medic where the Medic scrubbed in and finished off the inventor.  Okay, jumping ahead, we're moving into the Defense Class of TF2 characters, namely one of the faces of the series, the Heavy!  Facing him, we have one of the first four clones who ever wrecked havok on the undead: Queen Elizabeth I!

Queen Elizabeth Weapon Class Heavy
Chain, Chain,Chaingun Miniguns Sasha
Rule Britannia! Secondary Family Business Shotgun
Victoria's Gauntlet Special Fists of Steel

Weapon Data:

Queen Elizabeth I Heavy


Chain, Chain, Chaingun Data Sasha
Seemingly Infinite Ammo Count 200
6,000 RPM 2,400 RPM
248 lbs Weight 330.75 lbs


Rule Britannia Data Family Business

Heals herself and allies

while knocking back enemies

Abilites None
None; knocks back enemies Damage/Rounds 8 rounds at 51 damage
Falls from sky Notes Pump-action


Victoria's Gauntlet Data Fists of Steel
Increases the chance that attacks will knock enemies away Abilities Metalic gauntlets that increase melee damage and decrease damage taken by 40%


Calm Under Fire

No matter the situation, Queen Elizabeth will always reply with a cheery "Hello!" or a funny 80's action film quip when you call upon here, even in the midst of battle, only scoffing when she starts taking serious damage.  Heavy on the other hand...let's just say that you don't touch Sasha, nor do you eat his Sandvich.

Killer Instinct

The Heavy is no stranger to killing humans.  If it's wearing blue, his minigun is firing at it.  Also, several of his quotes have him enjoying some of his kill as well.  Queen Elizabeth on the other hand is dealing with less mortal enemies, yet she still takes some fun in it as seen by some her 80's action film quotes such as "I've come to drink tea and kick buttom...and I'm all out of tea."


Sure lugging around both miniguns requires some upperbody strength, it's a clear cut winner who has the better muscle structure between the two. One of the Heavy's attacks is punching with steel gauntlets.  Yeah, between that and her dress, Queen Elizabeth is on a loosing battle here.


Remember, Wepon on weapon, and X-Factors as a whole.  Don't be afraid to ask questions, voting closes on 30th, and remember, I'm pulling for you.  We're all in this together.

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