Affectos Affectos 10 August 2014

When Summoners Clash: Sophie Casterwill (Huntik) vs. Red (Pokemon)

Red: The Pokemon trainer who defeated the Indego Plateau who acended to Mt. Silver to train


Sophie Casterwill: One of the Huntik Foundation's finest Seekers due to her direct linage to Lord Casterwill

Today I'm letting my inner geek fly by finally doing a battle using a character from one of my favorite and lesser known animes, Huntik: Secrets & Seekers.  To match the similar 'creature summoning' theme,  I turned to Wandering Skull to give me a challenge by having her face Red, Pokemon's famous character.

This will be a 6-on-6 battle with one Pokemon/Titan fighting at a time and the last person with a usable summon will be declared the winner.

  • 1 Fight At My Side...
  • 2 Sophie Casterwill and her Titans
  • 3 Battle Set-up
  • 4 Thanks

Sophie's Titans
Red's P…

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Affectos Affectos 16 November 2013

Second Chance Fortress: Queen Elizabeth I vs Heavy

Queen Elizabeth I: Brought back from the dead in the midst of several overlapping apocalypses, she has come to drink tea and kick ass...and she's all out of tea.


The Heavy: The russian hired by RED, his deliberate sleepy composure could get you ripped limb from limb if mistaken for gentleness...

We are now on our way with Second Chance Fortress with the conclusion of Tesla vs. Medic where the Medic scrubbed in and finished off the inventor.  Okay, jumping ahead, we're moving into the Defense Class of TF2 characters, namely one of the faces of the series, the Heavy!  Facing him, we have one of the first four clones who ever wrecked havok on the undead: Queen Elizabeth I!

Queen Elizabeth
Weapon Class
Chain, Chain,Chaingun

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Affectos Affectos 1 November 2013

Second Chance Fortress: Tesla vs. Medic

Tesla: The brilliant engineer and scientist who not only invented Alternating Current, but also collected mustache wax


The Medic: The German doctor dispite having his medical license revoked, is ready to practice medicine on his fellow mercinaries

It is now time to start the first battle of my second mini-season: Second Chance Fortress!  In this mini-season, we'll be pitting the cloned historical figures from Second Chance Heroes against the RED mercinaries of Team Fortress 2.  Due to being cut of from the 24/7  beta before the last 4 characters could be playable, The Offense and Defense classes are put on hold until I actually get a copy of the game, but luckily the Support Classes are all completed, so without further or due, the first b…

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Affectos Affectos 30 August 2013

The Vigilante: Travers Lysander (Affectos) vs. Ellis Jackson (MilitaryBrat)

As the sun sets, a series of wayward travelers cross paths in the dusty town of El Gurrero Letal.  All have come for their own reasons, but only on will walk away as...


Today, we see two of the Wild West's most daring vigilantes take to the plains to duke it out to see who will move on and who will earn a one-way ticket in a oak coffin.  First we have the Exhibition shooter turned vigilante Ricochet (Travers Lysander).  Against him we have the former slave turned Bounty Hunter Ellis Jackson.

  • 1 The Warriors
    • 1.1 Ellis Jackson
  • 2 The Weapons
    • 2.1 Melee
    • 2.2 Handgun
    • 2.3 Shotguns
    • 2.4 Rifles
    • 2.5 Special
  • 3 Pros & Cons
    • 3.1 Pros
      • 3.1.1 Travers/Ricochet
      • 3.1.2 Ellis Jackson
    • 3.2 Cons
      • 3.2.1 Travers/Ricochet
      • 3.2.2 Ellis Jackson
  • 4 Voting

Travers Lysander/Ricochet Born i…

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Affectos Affectos 26 August 2013

Second Chance Fortress: Second Chance Heroes vs. Team Fortress 2

Second Chance Heroes: Brought back to life by part-time cloner and history teacher Hubert Beasley, these former heroes and icons take to the streets to stop the apocalypse!


Team Fortress 2: The 9 Mercinaries that were hired to wage war on their counterparts in hope that someday, someone will inherit the gravel pit fortune!


  • 1 The Premise
  • 2 The Plot
  • 3 The Fighters
  • 4 The Matches
  • 5 The Favor
  • 6 The Predictions

I, along side Wandering Skull, were lucky enough to be invited to beta-test a new Action RPG called Second Chance Heroes a few months ago.  Now as the final characters are announced and the last few playtests are completed, I'm happy to announce a new mini-series of my work.

I decided to run them straight out of the gate, pitting the …

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