Aaronsmith123 Aaronsmith123 2 April 2018

Mohawk vs Lakota Sioux.

The native americans. A people truly supressed by the Europeans/whitemen. From the atrocities of the early settlers, to the recent events with the dakota pipeline. But, on thing is for sure. Nearly all were some of the best warriors in our know history. They fought with tooth a claw and a grand scale against the imperialistic invaders of their homelands. From east to west, the Natives battled greatly. Today we look at some of the best warriors of these cultures. The Mohawks of new york and the Lakota sioux of South dakota. While very different fighters, both fought with terrifying ability in combat. While both did fight for the white invaders, Many rebelled against them. Today we look at the masterful warriors america. The best of the natiā€¦

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