-=Larry Phillips Jr. and Emil Matasareanu=-


FIREARM TRAINING: Little to None. Used "Spray-and-Pray" (shoot at whatever moves).

WEAPONS: 3 fully-automatic Chinese AK-47 Rifles with 100-round drum mags, folding stocks, and steel-cored ammunition (went straight through police cars with ease), an HK-91 semi-automatic assault rifle, and a modified fully-automatic Bushmaster rifle with 100-Round BETA C-Mag and Vietnam M16A1 foregrip

ARMOR: Phillips= Neck to ankle, shoulder to wrist, can be penetrated by assault rifle rounds or higher.

Matasareanu= Standard Kevlar vest, Kevlar leg-and-knee padding, Kevlar elbow and shoulder pads, Trauma plates inserted to protect vital organs.

OTHER: Both would take muscle-relaxant pills before robbing banks.

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