In this Battle, the Viet Cong, brutal jungle fighters and enemies of the United states during the Vietnam war take on the Mujahideen, fanatical Islamic guerilla fighters who waged war against Soviet Forces in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989 in a war sometimes called, "Russia's Vietnam", or "The Bear Trap". Who...Is...Deadliest?!

Weapon Type Mujahideen Viet Cong
Long Range Lee Enfield Rifle
Lee enfield.jpg
Mosin Nagant Rifle
Mujihadeen rifle.jpg
Medium Range  AKM
AKM automatkarbin, Ryssland - 7,62x39mm - Armémuseum.jpg
Type 56 
Short Range Sabre
Spike Bayonet
Special Soviet RPG-7
ZETA-GL-RPG7 3 mar.jpg

Weapons: EDGE
Long Range Weapons EDGE: Viet Cong. Most of the Lee Enfields used by the Afghan Mujahideen were manufactured in the Khyber Pass of Pakistan and are notoriously poor quality and are very dangerous to the user himself, as it could injure the user by breaking or exploding while he was using it. You would be extremely ill-advised to ever trying to fire one, as they are such poor quality that they cannot withstand the recoil caused by modern industrial ammuntion and could injure you. They were meant to resemble the authentic Lee-Enfields, however they could be recoginized by errors as simple as spelling mistakes on the rifle's engravings (a backwards "N" in "Enfield" is a common one). However, the Mosin Nagant was used by the Soviets in WW2, as it was very reliable and sturdy; as well as being accurate. It was used by many famous Russian snipers during the battle of Stalingrad. It was also used by other groups including the Israeli Haganah (which is Hebrew for defense).
Medium Range Weapons EDGE: Even. The AKM and Type 56 rifles are very similar. The Type 56 is a little bit simpler with a slightly higher rate of fire. Sights on the AKM extend 200 feet further than on the Type 56; and the Type 56 is essentially just a copy of the AK-47, which is considered inferior to the AKM. However, they are too similar for either to have a clear edge, given all the similarities. The relatively few advantages of the AKM would probably make little difference in combat.
Short Range Weapons EDGE: Mujahideen. The Bayonet is permanently fixed to the rifle, which is quite akward to yield as a hand to hand weapon given the shape and porportions of the Type 56. Also, a soldier using a bayonet puts all of his momentum into the thrust, making it impossible to strike twice in rapid succession without spending time withdrawing the weapon and winding up again; which is necessary as the thrust is not hard to dodge. However, the sabre is much easier to maneuver. It can be used for stabbing, slashing, hacking, and swinging without compromising mobility. The sabre was primarily intended as a cavalry weapon, and many were rusted from their age.
Special Weapon EDGE: Mujahideen. The RPG-7 is a later version of the RPG-2 and is technologically more advanced. It was less accurate and had a far shorter range, and this eventually led to the Soviets replacing it with the better RPG-7. Compared to the 7, it's only advantages are it's simplicity and low cost, neither of which would be particularily important in combat.


Extremism- Mujahideen: 90  Viet Cong: 79

The Mujahideen were Islamic extremists who were extremely convicted in the righteousness of their cause.  Jihadis even traveled from other countries to fight in the "Afghan Jihad".  Some fighters even slept in white tents on open plains, trying to be martyred.

Discipline- Mujahideen: 65 Viet Cong: 80

Disease- Many Russian troops suffered from illnesses they were not immune to when they arrived in Afghanistan, and the Mujahideen were immune to already during the '79-89 invasion.

Endurance- Mujahideen: 86 Viet Cong: 80

The Afghan fighters had to live in a harsh setting/environment given the physical geography of their country.

Battle Setting

The battle will take place on mountainous terrain similar to that of Kunar province, in Afghanistan. There will also be other features such as command towers, wreckage of Soviet helicopters and small vegetation. Also: Afghanistan has more landmines in it's soil than any other country in the world with the exception of Cambodia. So landmines may or may not be present during this battle and it just adds another factor, though neither side will know where they will be placed.

The battle will be 7 on 7.

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