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It's a battle between East and West as we pit geek vs otaku in a battle to the death. Gamelit style!

Wade Watts: The boy who united OASIS to battle against the evil of IOI!


Haru Kinomoto: The girl who took on the Nihilion's army hellbent in making them suffer!

Who is the deadliest nerd!

Wade Watts


Wade Owen Watts is the protagonist and narrator of the novel Ready Player One. He is a teenager who lives in a slum with his aunt. He attends school within the OASIS but lacks the virtual currency or XP levels to travel to other locations. He is a "gunter" (an egg hunter) who spends all his spare time researching films, songs, TV series, and videogames from the 1980s and '90s to aid his hunt. The hunt has been going on for five years, yet no one has been able to find the first key (the Copper Key). Then Wade, who goes by the avatar name Parzival, unlocks and beats the First Gate. This places him in a simulation of the film WarGames in which he has to recreate the lines of the lead character. After clearing the Gate, he is awarded points and his avatar's name appears on the previously empty scoreboard.

His avatar becomes famous within the OASIS, as does his friend Aech and another gunter named Art3mis who clear the Gate shortly after him. He takes advantage of his fame, endorsing virtual products for credits, and develops a tentative relationship with Art3mis. He is approached by Nolan Sorrento, an executive from Innovative Online Industries (IOI), who want to control the OASIS. Sorrento offers Wade a lucrative job to help IOI finish the hunt, but after Wade refuses, they attempt to assassinate him.

Eventually, the Third Gate is discovered by IOI (located inside Castle Anorak on the planet Chthonia) who are unable to open it, having missed a previous clue saying that the Gate cannot be opened by a single avatar, but by three instead. They barricade the location with an impenetrable force field, so Wade infiltrates the real-world headquarters of IOI, accesses their databases, and plants a booby-trap to bring down the force field from within. He enlists the help of all the gunters in the OASIS to launch a coordinated assault on the corporate forces, while he, Aech and Art3mis activate the Third Gate. During the battle a doomsday device is activated by IOI, killing every avatar in the sector, but Parzival had unknowingly gained an extra life artifact earlier in a side-quest and survives. While the sector is empty he solves the final puzzle, clears the gate and claims the egg. He gains control of the OASIS, including the ability to switch it off forever, by pressing the “Big Red Button” hidden in Anorak’s study. In real life, Sorrento is arrested for his crimes while Parzival and Art3mis finally meet in person and kiss.

Weapons and Abilities

Watts' avatar Parzival is no doubt stronger, faster, and more durable than a normal human being. He's also one of the most powerful avatar due to his high rank and level. In combat, Wade Watts relies on an assortment of weapons and items he had unlocked while playing in the OASIS. These include:

  • Laser Blasters: Futuristic pistols that shoot lasers. Wade can dual-wield them and they don’t have to be reloaded. He is fast on the draw and can kill 6 enemies in one flicker.
  • Automatic Pistols: Wade also carries two pistols similar to the ones Tequila Yuen used in Hard Boiled. Wade's pistols though are automatic and do not need to be reloaded since bullets are instantly teleported into the magazine.
  • Body Shield: An energy shield that protects him from attacks (like laser blasters). Prolong damage will affect it though it will warn Wade if its taking too much.
  • KITT-Delorean Ecto-1: A vehicle inspired by the cars in Back to the Future and Ghostbusters. It can go the same speed as Marty McFly’s car and can phase through solid objects.
  • Ring of Teleportation: A ring that allows him to teleport anywhere once a day. It is similar to the item found in many D&D games.
  • Extra Life: After winning a perfect game of Pacman, Wade was granted an extra life. If he ever dies, he can be resurrected again complete with all his gear and stuff he had unlocked. He can only use this weapon once.
  • Jet Boots: A pair of boots with jets on the their soles. The boots gives Wade a sudden limited boost to quickly escape danger. Its powerful and fast enough to dodge getting stomped by Mechagodzilla.

Haru Kinomoto


Haruhi Kinomoto, aka GI, is the protagonist of the novel Otaku Girl. She is a kind teenage Japanese girl and an otaku who loves manga and anime. Her story takes place in a virtual reality world called the Escapist Dream, a place that allows anyone who visits it to gain superhuman abilities derived from characters in films, comics, anime, video games, and other fictional media. She had started visiting the Escapist Dream a year before the start of the novel, only for the virtual reality world to suffer a malfunction which trapped its visitors inside. They are then forced to fight for survival against rogue artificial intelligences who have begun attacking them.

She was trapped inside the Escapist Dream together with other geeks, nerds, and gamers. There she met Charlie Anderson, a geek sent by the FBI to assist them. Throughout the story, Haru and Charlie fought against powerful AIs who had taken over the different areas of the Escapist Dream, such as Stan City, the place inspired by American comic book and superhero fiction; Otaku Academy, a place inspired by Japanese manga and anime; Gamer's Den, an area inspired by video games and gaming culture; and the Library, an area influenced by classic literature. Many of Haru and Charlie's enemies range from powerful AI bosses to AI dressed as memes.

Weapons and Abilities

Haru is stronger, faster, and more durable than a normal human inside the Escapist Dream. In combat, Haru fights using an assortment of anime powers she had unlocked, most of which are summons. However, if her summons are killed, then she looses them from her list of powers. There's no rule stated in the Escapist Dream on how many summons she can use in battle, but she seems to favor using one at a time.

  • Helena: Haru has her own Stand similar to that from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures. Her Stand’s name is taken from the My Chemical Romance’s song of the same name. Her Stand’s moves include:
    • Ora!: Helena can send hundreds of straight punches with machine gun like speed, enough to create a crater.
    • Kill Joy Fist: Helena punches an enemy with so much force that said enemy explodes into blood and guts.
    • Za Warudo: The move that DIO’s stand also possessed, Za Warudo literally stops time around the battlefield for a limited amount of time.
  • Zhou: A celestial spirit similar to the ones in Fairy Tail that Haru can summon using a key. Zhou is a magical half human-half pig who will attack anyone Haru wanted to be taken care of. Once Zhou targets an enemy, she would then charge at said enemy. And whoever makes contact with her will bloat and become so fat they become colossal and immobile. Her powers can affect more than one enemy.
  • Mochi: A cute character from Monster Rancher. Mochi takes a form of a mammalian duck-like monster who can do stuffs like:
    • Canon: An ability where Mochi fires an energy beam from its mouth.
    • Petal Dance: A move where Mochi spins and summons weaponized petals to attack enemies around it.
  • Regeneration: In the Escapist Dream, Haru has a life bar than decreases every time she is attacked and regenerates if she's out of danger. Her regen acts the same way as a healing factor, not entirely instant, but quick enough. However, attacks that are set-up or done through stealth would deal increased damage to her life bar.
  • Magical Girl Transformation: Haru can also transform herself into a magical girl. Although we don't know much about what her magical form is capable of, Haru seems to only used it as a distraction. The blinding lights and the fact that she becomes naked for a few seconds makes for a shocking and awkward distraction.



Wade Watts fought his fair share of players and AIs. He defeated a red dragon and a bunch of kobolds in his early adventures in the OASIS, then went and took on other players like Art3mis. He defeated platoons of Sixers (powerful players hired by the IOI) by himself and fought and survived Sorrento and his Mechagodzilla. And let's not forgot the many dangerous situations he's been in as he tried to accomplish many of the challenges in the Egg Hunt.

Haru fought against players too but her greatest feats were fighting rogue AIs (called Bosses), many of whom are either reality warpers or just plain hard to kill. These include fighting the Harem King (a powerful anime character-like boss) and DudeAssassin (a gamer-like boss who can take control of his enemies and reshape the environment). She also fought against AIs dressed as memes like Pink Guy, Ultra Instinct Shaggy, and Big Chungus.


Wade Watts is a gifted nerd with a lot of knowledge of geeky media including the obscure ones. He can solve puzzles, study patterns, and win very difficult riddles or games. In combat, Wade Watts can think of the perfect strategy to defeat enemy gunthers (players competing in the Halliday challenge). His greatest feat happened during the Battle of Planet Doom, where he successfully led his army of gunthers against the might of Nolan Sorrento and his company IOI. This was no easy feat, since not only did IOI had the homefield advantage, they were also armed with an army of mechs and an insta-kill bomb known as the Catalyst.

Haru Kinomoto is smart herself. Though she has not been able to lead people, she can nonetheless, think of creative ways to defeat her enemies. When she up against the uber-powerful DudeAssassin, she defeated her by literally transforming into a magical girl in order to get the gamer boss SWATted. There were also those times where she defeated enemies cosplaying as Hello Kitty (don't ask) and Eric Cartmann.


Now these two are no psychopaths. But Wade Watts seems to be a tad bit more ruthless. He taunts his opponents and insults them. Not to mention the times where he was just purely selfish and proud. While he had his great moments, he also has his creepy moments, especially when it comes to Art3mis. He also shows no mercy to his opponents.

Haru on the other hand, is more self-restrained. In fact, she's actually the opposite. She's kind and good-natured, and does not judge or even hate. She is what some would call, pure-hearted. That being said, this does not hamper her fighting ability. If her friends is hurt or if she feels threatened, she will fight to the death.


  • Battle takes place in a neutral virtual simulation.
  • Before voting, please note that I only give these two characters their most iconic weapons and abilities they commonly used. There was just too much weapons and abilities from the two to add in this battle (some of which they didn't even use or had no descriptions). I hope this is not an example of nerfing. This battle will also be purely on-foot, so Wade will not have Leopardon or the Beta Capsule, and Haru will not have Gamera on her side.
    • To get a full list of Wade Watts's powers, here's his respect thread. Haru Kinomoto doesn't have a respect thread, although the novel Otaku Girl is free to download through this link.


There was a new system being sold that was quite the dandy. A new virtual reality system that was a hundred times more powerful than its predecessors. It caught the interest of the world as every new gadget did. But when the people found nothing in it that was unique, citing it as mediocre as the newest Madden game, everyone abandoned it as quickly as it went viral.

Inside this new immersive digital world was a big city. And in this city, two powerful geeks duked it out in a battle to the death. One was an American geek, named Wade Watts, covered in a red jacket and jeans. The other, a Japanese otaku named Haru Kinomoto, was dressed in a cute sailor fuku and grey sweater. Both were in an intense death match inside one of the apartment blocks. But it seemed the American was getting the upper hand.

“Mochi! Use cannon!” yelled Haru hastily. Her pet monster shot a yellow beam of energy that hit Wade in the chest, making him fly off before hitting the walls. Haru then made a mad dash for her life. She forgo going to the door, knowing that was where Wade landed. And instead, she made the risk of leaping through her window.

She landed painfully on the concrete asphalt as broken glass rained down on her battered body. Pain filled every part of her. As she tried standing up, a sharpness made her lay down again. Her right ankle was severely broken, with a bone sticking out. “Chi!” her pet monster yelped worriedly as it flew to where she fell. Haru needed to get out of there and let herself heal. She tried to crawl away by dragging her whole body.

And then, her eye caught the glimmer of a red silhouette. Wade had landed to where she was at. His eyes only filled with anger and rage. “I got you now!” he yelled as he drew his laser blaster and fired.

Haru managed to roll out of the way. She ordered Mochie to counter, which the monster obliged. Mochi jumped into the air and spun; summoning a storm of petals that shredded Wade’s skin. Wade used his rocket boosters to quickly get out of there before summoning his pistols. He then filled Haru’s pet monster with lead, killing it.

“Mochi!” screamed Haru. “You’ll pay for that!”

Haru summoned another monster, a Stand by the name of Helena. The Stand flew towards Wade and punched him square in the face. Wade fell to the ground and found that punch actually taking a quarter of his armor’s hit points. “Not good…” Wade remarked as he drew his laser pistols and continued firing. But the Stand did well in dodging his attack.

Wade then made a back flip that made him land inside his Kitt-Delorean. He sped away and the Stand gave chase. “Ora!” the Stand yelled as it unleashed a barrage of fists as fast as a machine gun. But the punches phased through Wade’s car like it was made of thin air.

“In the words of MC Hammer,” bantered Wade. “Can’t touch this!”

Wade then continued to blast at the Stand while driving, his car blaring “We’re Not Gonna Take It!” by Twisted Sister. Having had enough, Haru yelled, “Za Warudo!”

Helena transformed from a black-clad Stand into one coated in golden armor. Time then stopped, pausing everything besides Helena and Haru. “Killjoy fist…” ordered Haru. Helena pulled its fist away, winding it up, before giving Wade’s car a mighty punch. Its fist made contact with the car without Wade even knowing it. An explosion erupted, leaving the car into a smoldering wreck.

Time went back to normal, and Haru laid down breathing heavily. The sun was hitting her in the face but she didn’t mind. At least now… she was safe.

“I’m not dead yet!” a voice roared as Haru sat back up. Wade was alive, standing near her, seemingly untouched and unscathed.

"How?!" asked Haru.

“I just played a Pac Man game, remember? And I still got an extra life!”

"Uhhh..." Haru groaned. "Just die already! I forgot that I still have assignments due tomorrow."

As Wade charged at Haru with his laser blasters, Haru then made her body engulfed with bright neon lights. The bright lights blinded Wade, stopping him in his tracks. When he opened his eyes, Haru was now dressed in a sexy magical girl costume. This… was Wade’s liking.

“I like your get-up. You dressed that for me?”

“You wish," Haru giggled. "Baka…”

Suddenly, a girl wearing a bikini with pig ears and a tail, hugged Wade from out of nowhere.

“What the-“ Wade screamed.

“I got him, master!” cheered the pig girl.

Wade could then feel his body bloat. He became fatter and fatter, ripping and tearing his clothes. He continued to bloat and fatten up, and he couldn’t do nothing but scream and cry. Wade was left like a semi-naked blob, his face full of fat, immobile and vulnerable.

“Dmnth... yth…” Wade cursed as his plump cheeks smothered his lips.

Haru stood up from the ground, her ankle finally healed. She then walked to where Wade was while carrying her magical staff prop. “Sayonara…” Haru said as she bashed Wade’s head repeatedly with her wand. She walked away as the street became filled with blood.

Her menu panel made a beep, notifying her of a new message: "Good fight! Same time next week?"

Haru typed: "Sure!"

"You're not going to get lucky this time. I'll be bringing with me my beta capsule."

"Then I'll bring with me my kaiju!"

Haru smiled and blushed as she closed her inbox and logged out.

Expert’s Opinion

Haru won because of her better powers and abilities. While experts believed Wade was smarter, it was not enough to get through the sheer power and versatility of Haru’s summons. Some of the geek’s weapons did prolonged the inevitable, but everyone concluded that Haru was just too much for him.