Rohirrim vs Dothraki

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Two of the most awesome fantasy horse-mounted warriors in a fight to the death!

Rohirrim: The handsome chargers of Middle Earth.


Dothraki: The fearsome screamers of Essos.

Who is deadliest horse-lord?!


The Rohirrim are the cavalry type of army, settling in the land of Rohan, named after them. It is grassland that lies north of its ally Gondor and north-west of Mordor, the realm of the Uruk-Hai, which is their enemy. The Rohirrim fight to protect their king and kingdom, and played a big role in the war of the ring, where they, along with the armies of Gondor, and other armies of men defeated the Uruk-Hai.

It is inhabited by the Rohirrim, a people of herdsmen and farmers who are well-known for their horses and cavalry. The armies of Rohan were almost exclusively horsemen, divided into irregular units termed éoreds (Old English for cavalry, troops) which could include up to 2,000 riders. Rohan's armies were more of a very well-trained militia called upon in times of war, with the actual standing army relatively small. They are described as armed with long spears, swords, axes, light helms, round wooden shield, and mail armour.


Rohan Sword

  • The sword of the Rohirrim are designed similarly to Viking/Saxon swords. Their straight double-edged blades are approximately 2.55 feet long that widens towards the hilt, of which the guard envelops. It has a broad blade and single wide fuller, befitting that of cavalry folk. That fuller can also act as a pommel to be bash enemy skulls with.


  • One of the main devastating weapons of the Rohirrim. Their lances are typically 7 feet long made up of strong wood and metal tips one each end. The main metal tip is sharp, leaf-shaped, with two holes in the middle. Another more blunt tip is also inserted at the rear probably for counterbalance or to prop the polearm up when not in use. These lances can pierce through armor and even whole bodies and horses. They are strong enough to shatter a shield wall and a whole line with one charge. There's no standardized way to use them, and the Rohirrim used them both under-hand and over-hand. The movie also showed the Rohirrim using their lances as projectile weapons, but it's up to you if you think that's effective/plausible.


  • The Rohirrim use a variety of armor consisting of chainmail, scale, and even overlapping plates similar to the one that King Theoden used. Though armor types vary, all wear conical helmets that protects the temple from blows, as well as a nose ridge and sometimes even cheek plates to protect the face. Rohirrim also carry with them their circular wooden shields with an iron boss at the center. Although tough, it doesn't make them invincible, as orc arrows are still able to take down a few of them. Their horses are also armored too with mail, in the nose ridge and sometimes the torso and necks.


The Dothraki are a race of nomadic horse-mounted warriors in Essos, the continent to the east of Westeros across the Narrow Sea. They inhabit the vast central plains of Essos, known as the Dothraki sea. Their bond with horses is such that Dothraki are said to be born, fight, and die in the saddle.

Dothraki warriors are commonly referred to as "horselords". They are also often (and half-derisively) called "Dothraki screamers", because of their fierce war cries as they charge into battle and raids. As light cavalry, their attacks are extremely fast and deadly, but they are vulnerable to archers and on the ground they are less effective against armored infantry despite their speed. However, they seldom attack on foot except for individual combat, so they usually retain the advantage.



  • The Dothraki sword has a crescent moon-shaped, curved blade about two and a half feet long and a thick handle almost the same length, making it half-sword and half-scythe. Although unable to penetrate armor, the arakh is very maneuverable, and the Dothraki are able to slice off heads or the feet of horses with it. They can also be used for defense, once being able to block a throwing knife. They can also be dual-weilded.


  • A nasty rope that acts as both a whip and a lasso which the Dothraki use on horseback. The Dothraki mostly uses it to whip, lasso, and drag away slaves and captives. But in combat, they are particularly useful in grabbing enemies and dragging them mercilessly on the ground to die.

Recurve Bow

  • Dothraki boys learn to shoot bows from horseback when they are only four years old. As such, they are very excellent horse archers. Their recurve bows are the only weapons they have that is strong enough to penetrate enemy armor. Another amazing thing about them is the fact that they can shoot a bow on a horse while standing up on their saddle. Doing this allow them to hit a target at a much clearer and more accurate way.



Both pastoral horse riding groups train at a young age. The Dothraki in particular, were born in the saddle, with young boys trained to shoot bows as early as 4 years old. Their culture pretty much revolve around hunting, raiding, and enslaving. And while not known for their infantry, many of their champions are accomplished duellists. The Rohirrim are not as warlike, but they too train at a very young age. Since they are pretty much in conflict with dark forces and other humans, everyone is advised to at least learn how to wield weapons. Even women in the Rohirrim are trained with the use of swords and shields (though only a select few actually fought). They are trained on horseback, infantry, and even sieges.


The Charge of the Rohirrim is one of the most feared and awesome display in Middle Earth. To do this, the Rohirrim would congregate into this large and wide sea of people, with lancers in front. The lancers would act as the first who will batter the enemy. Once the lancers pierce through the enemy's defenses, the more maneuverable sword and ax-wielding riders would go through the gap and butcher everyone, causing a rout. Dothraki Raids are less structured but just as powerful. Like real-life horse riders, the Dothraki would ride unto their enemies while shooting their arrows. Once softened up, they would then slam into their opponent, preferably running them over with their horses, whips, and swords.


The Rohirrim have faced everything that Middle Earth has to offer, from warg-riding Orcs to elephant-riding Easterlings. They've faced against things they themselves have no knowledge on how to fight off like gunpowder and Nazguls. The Dothraki on the other hand, are less impressive. They've shown themselves to be devastating against those they pillage and capable of running over. But their career has seen defeats from the likes of the Unsullied and the Wrights. They did stomped the Golden Army once but only because they have a dragon on their side.


  • This will be a purely cavalry battle with 5 men for each group.
  • The Rohirrim I will be using here are from the film version. Although the book and video games mentioned about Rohirrim horse archers, Rohirrim in the films are largely melee cavalry (with bows used mainly during sieges). The Dothraki I will be using here are from the HBO tv series (and its subsequent animated specials). And no, I will not be giving them a dragon.


Rohirrim: Blue.png Blue.png Blue.png Blue.png Blue.png

Dothraki: Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png

Five rohirrim were riding through a dusty plain when suddenly, arrows started to fly out. When they looked back, a group of five dothraki, burst out from a hill screaming and shooting arrows. A rohirrim was hit in the spine by an arrow, falling off his horse dead. Blue.png Stuck in a tight dangerous spot, the rest of the rohirrim turned around and formed a line as arrows flew. Two lance-wielding rohirrim rushed first, screaming death as they aimed their polearms. Another two sword-wielding horse lords followed behind.

The proud dothraki stood their ground and met their foes with their own swords. A whirlwind of death ensued, as lance pierced bodies, swords clashed. A lance plunged itself through a dothraki, pinning him like a banner. Red.png As the dothraki squad broke, a rohirrim managed to caught up to one. The dothraki threw a lasso and managed to entangle his horse, but quickly let go the moment the rohirrim slashed back. Narrowly missing his hands getting chopped off, the dothraki unsheathed his sword and managed to slice at the rohirrim chest. Unfortunately, the latter's plate armor protected him. The rohirrim countered with a thrust which the dothraki parried. But as the dothraki tried to slash back, the rohirrim pulled his sword back, creating a great slice to his neck. Red.png

The remaining dothraki rode for their lives as the rohirrim pursued. Their lack of armor managed to put a large distance. Feeling safe, the dothraki twisted their bodies, performing a parthian shot, showering the pursuing rohirrim with arrows. A rohirrim was instantly hit in the face, making yell in pain, before he inevitably fell to the ground dead. Blue.png Three arrows pinned themselves on another rohirrim, his armor proving useless against them, and he too fell down dead. Blue.png Another one got his horse shot in the face, and he stumbled on the round before the body of his horse crushed him. Blue.png Unfortunately, the latter's plate armor protected him. The rohirrim countered with a thrust which the dothraki parried. But as the dothraki tried to slash back, the rohirrim pulled his sword back, creating a great slice to his neck. (0)Only one remaining rohirrim remained, and as he watched his comrades fell dead, fear filled him, forcing him to turn around in retreat. It was the rohirrim this time who gave chase.

The lightly armored dothraki quickly caught up to him, their arrows tagging the rohirrim's horse in the liver. As the horse lord fell and tumbled, the dothraki came bearing down on him with swords. Their cornered foe, brave to the last, fought with vigor, using his lance as a pike. An overly-confident rohirrim was skewered by the lance in the gut, making him bleed fast, killing him. Red.png Before the rohirrim can pull his sword though, a noose tightened around his neck. He was then pulled away as the heathen dragged him through the plain with his lasso. But the rohirrim managed to draw his sword and cut the rope before he could be dragged to a slow death. The dothraki looked back and got enraged. And so he turned around and drew his own sword towards the rohirrim.

The rohirrim expected himself to brace upon a charge, but was surprised to see the dothraki dove away from his horse, lunging towards him. The rohirrim caught him and tossed him away. The dothraki rolled back to his feet and made a swipe to the rohirrim's chest, but the armor of the latter stopped the attack. Before the screamer can follow up, he was decapitated by the rohirrim with his longsword. Red.png The rohirrim roared in victory.

Winner: Rohirrim

Expert's Opinion

The rohirrim won because his armor and experience was too much. The dothraki's tactics did not help him counter the advantages that the rohirrim has (besides the bow). Experts believed that while the dothraki are horse archers, they lacked the sophistication and steppe strategy that made mongols and other real-life horse archers formidable.

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