Hey guys I'm back. And right now I'd like to make a battle which would give mobile and portable VG characters some love for once. Enough with the PC Master Race and Console Peasants BS. It's time for our phones and handhelds to rise up!

Ramiro Cruz: Cartel killer from Chili Con Carnage!


Kane Hater: The Crime Minister OG from the game Street Gangs!


Ramiro Cruz

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Ramiro "Ram" Cruz is an athletic wisecracker. Ramiro, after witnessing his father Ernesto being murdered, (Along with some kittens, which were Ram's birthday present to his father.) in a freak combine harvester accident, wanted revenge on the culprits responsible. In his quest he had to fight drug lords, corrupt bandits, femme fatales, crooked mercenaries, and ritualistic zombies. He hurls himself deeper into the seedy underworld of Los Toros, Mexico, where he must single handledly create maximum carnage throughout the inner circles of local kingpin, Cesar Morales' drug cartel. As Ram goes on a revenge hunt to kill those responsible for his father's death, Ram finds himself mixed up with several wacky Mexican crime lords, from a bull-charging behemoth to a drug lord with his own jet fighter. He isn't unarmed though, as he comes equipped with a vast arsenal of weaponry along with signature super-spicy, gravity-defying special moves.

In his revenge hunt to kill those responsible for his father's death, Ram finds himself mixed up with several wacky Mexican crime lords, from a bull-charging behemoth to a drug lord with his own jet fighter. By the end of the game, Ram successfully kills everyone responsible and single-handedly ended Mexico's War on Drugs.

Handgun Beretta 92FS * 9mm
* 17 rounds box magazine
Shotgun Sawed-Off Shotgun * 12 gauge
* 2 rounds each barrel
SMG Dual-Weild Ingram MAC-10 * 9mm
* 30-round box magazine x2
Rifle M16A2 * 5.56 NATO
* 20-rounds box magazine

Chili Con Carnage - Intro & Mission 1 - Rancho Virgillo

Watch to see how Ramiro Cruz rolls!

Kane Hater


Kane Hater is the protagonist of the mobile game "Street Gangs" and a member of the Haters Family crime group. Modeling (and pretty much parodying) the Grove Street Family from GTA: San Andreas, Kane and the Haters also wore green as their color. Together with his friend Skinny, Kane tries to maneuver through the streets of Los Angeles as he fought different gangs for control of the city. Kane's story started off when he found out that Skinny stole the favorite car of the local Mafia. This stupid act actually made them the target of various gangs who wanted to take revenge for the disrespected they just did. A Mexican gangster named Mad Dog was the first to attack Kane and his family but the latter manage to drive them away. Their first major gang war was against the Hood Dogs, whom they proceed to eradicate methodically to take control of their territory. Kane also had to raid a military outpost and kill soldiers and policemen so the Haters can get guns for their upcoming wars.

Throughout his career, Kane waged war on rival gangs such as the Red Syndicate and Siberian Wolves (groups of Russian Bratvas), the Gangdark Street and L.A. Kings (Latino street gangs) and the Japanse Yakuza. Kane left a bloody trail in his wake as he fought and killed these gangs and their gang leaders before taking over the territories. By the end of the game, Kane had consolidated and taken over all of Los Angeles.

Handgun Silenced Colt M1911 * .45 ACP
* 7-round box magazine
Shotgun Spas-12 * 12 gauge
* 7+1 tubular magazine pump action
SMG TEC-9 * 9mm
* 20-round box magazine
Rifle AK-47 * 7.62×39mm
* 30-round box magazine


Click here to witness how tactical Kane is!


Ramiro Cruz vs Kane Hater

80 - Training and Physicality - 60

This is easy since Ramiro Cruz since, as an athletic gunman, he has honed his body to do crazy acrobatic flips. The dude can fight against giant bulls and even a jet! Kane was nothing more than a gangsta and used what he had to learn in the streets. While Cruz had honed his body to near superhuman to the point that he can perform John Woo-style gun fu. 

70 - Experience - 80

Kane takes a slight edge since he fought a wider variety of enemies. Ramiro had to contend against many Mexican cartels but he was stuck fighting only criminals of Latino ethnicity. Kane had to fight against Latinos as well as Russian Bratvas and Japanese Yakuzas. He even fought both the police and the military. That being said, Ramiro is not taht far behind since he also battled against a giant bull, zombies and a jet.

70 - Intelligence - 90

Easy to say, Cruz is not that smart to be honest. He prefers to charge into battle without thinking and he frequently blunders into traps. Kane Hater on the other hand is more tactical since he is more careful and more dependent on using cover to take more accurate shots. As a leader of a criminal organization, Kane used strategies to take control territories in Los Angeles.


  • Battle will be one on one and takes place inside a large warehouse.
  • None of the characters will have their items and power-ups because they are just unbelievable game mechanics.
  • Voting will end on May 25.



Expert's Opinion

Ramiro "Ram" Cruz wins because while Kane Hater is more tactical and smarter, Ram is too fast and too acrobatic for him to handle. His almost-superhuman agility will make it hard for Hater to even shoot him.

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