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Leone Crime Family: Brutal Mafiosi from Liberty City


Vercetti Gang: Neon thugs of Vice City

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Leone Crime Family


The Leone Family is an Italian American Mafia criminal organization, originating from Sicily (referred to by Salvatore Leone as "the old country") whose main base of operations is in Liberty City.

By 1998, the Leone family had become engaged in a war with the Sindacco and Forelli families. The hostilities lead to Salvatore being arrested, the death of the Forelli-controlled Mayor Roger C. Hole, the death of Sindacco family Don Paulie Sindacco and the destruction of Fort Staunton. The Leones also manage to tackle the Sicilia Mafia, lead by Uncle Leone and Massimo Torini, leaving them the only mafia family with significant power in the city.

In 2008, unbeknownst, the Leone Families seemed to disappear. Most likely to teh fact that after Salvatore Leone's death, the power went to his son, Joey, who did not take much part in the family business, thus making Liberty City easily controllable for the Pegorino families, as well of the many other groups there today.


  • Baseball Bat - Some Leone Crime Family mafiosi can be seen patrolling Liberty City while carrying metallic baseball bats.
  • Colt M1911 Variant - A custom M1911 that is referred to as a "Nine" by mobsters Luigi Gotterelli and Joey Leone. Their version of the Colt M1911 has a 12-round magazine and probably designed for the 9mm.
  • MP5 - Specifically the Heckler & Koch MP5KN which has no stock. It has a 30-round magazine, foregrip, and is fitted with what appears to be an unusable flashlight.

Vercetti Gang

1554726478 Vercetti Gang.jpg

The Vercetti Gang is headed by Tommy Vercetti, a renegade Forelli family member, who assumed control of multiple business in Vice City, Florida, circa 1986. The organization is known to be involved in various illegal enterprises, including extortion, drug dealing and organized crime. Though some might consider the Vercetti Gang a mafia family, due to being ran by a former mafia member, it cannot be a true mafia family because there are members, who are not Italian.

Tommy Vercetti was originally dispatched by the Forelli family to Vice City to oversee a drug deal funded by Forelli family money; the drug deal was supposed to be the beginning of the Forelli expansion down south towards Vice City. After the deal was ambushed by the Diaz gang, Vercetti was forced to start over with no money or property and aided only by Ken Rosenberg, a bent lawyer with Forelli connections. He eventually killed the perpetrator of the drug deal attack, Ricardo Diaz, aided by his new friend Lance Vance. Following the killing, he seized many properties and businesses assets in the city, with no assistance from the Forelli family, forming the "Vercetti Gang" in the process.


  • Pistol Whip - If an enemy is too close to be shot, the Vercetti gangsters would use their pistols or fists to cause melee damage.
  • Colt M1911A1 - A .45 caliber pistol with the long magazine capacity of 17 rounds.
  • IMI Uzi - Machine pistol that holds 30-rounds and has a very fast rate of fire. Too fast in fact that one could empty a whole mag without even knowing it.


  • Training and Structure

Both gangs are almost identical as both have full members while also utilizing associates and affiliates (like Claude for the Leone and Lance Vance for the Vercetti). Both also have their fair share of traitors. However, the Leone Crime Family seems to be the better structured one. Many of their members from Joey Leone to Toni Cipriani are family or tied through bloodline. As such, they know each other and can trust one another. Most of the Vercetti gang members are probably just hired thugs and are not as loyal or committed.

  • Experience

The Leone Crime Family has dealt with the Forelli Crime Family, Sindacco Crime Family, Sicilian Mafia, Liberty City Triads, San Fierro Triads, Diablos, Colombian Cartel, Yakuza, Uptown Yardies, and Grove Street Family (during their war against CJ Johnson). The Vercetti Gang had fought fewer enemies in the likes of Forelli crime family, Haitians, Patrol Invest Group, Sharks, Diaz' Gang and Counterfeit Syndicate.


  • Battle will be 5 vs 5 and takes place in an urban dock. No cars or high-ranking members or affiliates will assist them.