The ultimate battle of metaverse badasses!

BlackWarGreymon: The legendary virus Digimon who took on the strongest digital monsters of the Digiworld!


Heathcliff: Distinguished player turned surprise main antagonist of the virtual MMORPG Sword Art Online!


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Intent on destroying the DigiDestined once and for all, Arukenimom created BlackWarGreymon from 100 Control Spires to perform the task. He managed to easily defeat Paildramon and the DigiDestined's other digimon without even trying. But when given the order to finish the job, BlackWarGreymon refused to obey Arukenimon and simply flew away, stating that he wasn't going to take orders from someone that was weaker than himself. It would turn out that, due to the number of Spires used in his creation, BlackWarGreymon had developed a conscious mind and self awareness, separating him from his 'mindless' siblings, but it also made BlackWarGreymon confused about his purpose in life, with many questions that needed answers.

On his quest to find his true destiny, he fought against a herd of artificial Mammothmon, posing them questions they were unable to answer simply because they were mindless and followed Arukenimon's orders without question. During his fight, he noticed a tiny flower about to be trampled by a Mammothmon and protected it. After destroying the herd, he began to question his actions and even began questioning the flower about being a living being, while he wasn't real. Afterwards, he would encounter Agumon, who tried to help him answer his questions. While Agumon wasn't successful in answering any of them, BlackWarGreymon was being brought round to Agumon's way of thinking. However, just as they were about to shake hands to mark a friendship between the two, BlackWarGreymon began suffering from intense pain, and left to find the source, which was a Destiny stone being damaged by an artificial Knightmon with the DigiDestined working to stop him. BlackWarGreymon easily defeated Knightmon and destroyed the Destiny Stones in the process. BlackWarGreymon then worked to destroy all the stones and saw Azulongmon when he destroyed his third stone. BlackWarGreymon deemed Azulongmon as his "worthy opponent" and made it his mission to destroy all the Destiny Stones in order to find and face Azulongmon, convinced this was his purpose in life.

Weapons, Powers & Abilities

  • Digi-Powers: As a Digimon, BlackWarGreymon has super-strength, speed, and durability. He could easily toss Angelmon like he was a toy, keep up and take hits from Paildramon, and can hover in the air.
  • Traditional Digi-Moves: As a Digimon, BlackWarGreymon is given several forms of attacks.
    • Dark Gaia Force: Collects negative energy from the world around him and shapes it into a massive sphere of darkness, which he hurls at his opponent.
    • Dragon Crusher: Uses the Dramon Destroyers to slash at enemies. Especially effective against Dramon group Digimon.
    • Black Tornado: He spins very fast, forming a whirlwind, which can rip and tear his opponent apart. This attack pierces through physical defenses.
    • Black Storm Tornado: He spins very fast, forming a whirlwind and sends two smaller ones outward.
    • War Blaster: Charges his arms and then shoots green projectiles outward.
    • Acceleration Boost: Doubles the power of his next attack.
    • Chaos Slash: Slashes the foe with the power of chaos, possibly causing confusion.
    • Mega Meteor Fall: Drops 5 large meteors on the area.
  • Inherited Digi-Moves: Unique to BlackWarGreymon is the ability to use attacks from previous evolutionary forms.
    • Chrono Breaker: Stops time for a few seconds that can wear down and destroy the bodies of his opponents.
    • Poison S-mush: Throws various mushrooms that have the following effects.
      • Poison the opponent for them to take damage until they die.
      • Causes the opponent to become paralyzed.
      • Erases the opponents' memories.
      • Turns the opponent into an 8-bit sprite and nullifies their abilities, and can even one-shot/vaporize selected opponents. But this only works on weaker non-fully evolved opponents.
      • Causes the foe to be confused.
      • Puts the foes to sleep.
    • Blue Flare Breath: Breathes searing sapphiric flames; can "burn" away the texture map (skin) of Digimon targets, exposing their wire-frame (bones), and even their entire essence is burned away.
    • Green Flare Breath: Breathes searing green-colored flame upon the target, which burns and saturates down to the opponent's entire essence.
    • Petra Fire: Releases energy from its eyes that petrifies the opponent.
    • Night Raid: Unleashes a swarm of bats to attack the opponent. This attack is a move that bypasses conventional durability by deleting the opponent's data from the inside out.
    • Ice Arrow: Discharges a breath of absolute zero-temperatured water, which freezes the enemy solid upon contact.
    • Atomic Blaster: Fires beams that destroy the enemy at the atomic level.
    • Erase Claw: Sends out super-oscillatory waves that destroy configuration data from both its arms, completely erasing the space surrounding the opponent.



Kayaba Akihiko (aka Heathcliff and Cheating Haxor ******! in Abridged) is the development director and Game Master of Sword Art Online. He is also the designer of the virtual reality game console NerveGear and the game engine VR Seed, as well as the main antagonist of the Aincrad Arc of Sword Art Online.

When he began developing Sword Art Online, Kayaba toiled for years to develop the game software. His main goal and dream was to create his dream fantasy world, the floating castle of Aincrad, but after he did so, he wasn't entirely sure what his dreams, aspirations, or purpose was. In 2022, Akihiko releases a limited production of 10,000 copies of his game and console in Japan. Unknown to anyone else, Akihiko added a deadly extra feature, a high-powered microwave generator would kill the user in real life if they died in-game, or if someone tried to remove or tamper with the Nerve Gear headset.

Akihiko succeeded in trapping ten thousand people in Sword Art Online, including Kirito. Over 200 were killed on the first day due to attempted removals before Akihiko sent out a warning to media outlets and governments not to do so. At the same time, he informed players in game of the "rules" by forcibly teleporting all of them to the "Starting City" and addressing them through a large floating avatar that looked like a cloak with no one inside. Within two months, there had been over 2000 casualties, but the first floor had still not been cleared.

Weapons, Powers & Abilities

  • Liberator: A weapon set consisting of a one-handed straight sword and a Kite shield in Sword Art Online. The set was owned by the leader of the «Knights of the Blood» guild, Heathcliff, and was used until the end of the game. His «Unique Skill», «Holy Sword», allowed him to freely switch between offense and defense, creating a near impenetrable defense in battle. The sword, when not in use, is attached to inner side of the shield and the shield can also be used to hit targets. The shield om the other hand is unbreakable (can take shots from giant monsters) and can resist many forms of special moves.
  • SAO Stats: As one of the most-powerful SAO players, even rivalling Kirito, Heathcliff no doubt has superhuman strenght to take on building-sized monsters, tag the super-fast Asuna, and keep up with Kirito's healing. Every avatar in SAO can regenerate entire limbs within 2-3 minutes. A person who dies inside the game, dies in real life, but there's a few seconds before death where the player can do a last second move.
  • Outside System Skills (OuSS): As its name suggests, are skills that are the users own, unlike Sword Skills and magic that are provided for by the game engine.
    • Switch: A technique where two Players switch positions in-between an enemy's attack to recover Hit Points, chain attacks together without worrying about an aftercast delay, and/or burden the learning abilities of enemies if they are AIs. Not really useful if you're alone and has no friends :(
    • Sword Skill Imitation: Imitating the user of Sword Skills without the system's assistance, removing the aftercast delay, but sacrificing the power and speed of the actual skill.
  • Sword Skills (SS): A series of movements that allows the user to attack much faster than they normally could, but the movements required to perform the Sword Skill are fixed and cannot be canceled by the user after they begin performing it. Sword Skills does have a slight post-motion stun at the end of them in exchange for increased power. The Object Eraser does not immediately erase something, as it takes a few seconds before the thing being erased to disappear.
    • (SS) Divine Sword: A skill that allows Healthcliff to blind his opponents with light.
  • Admin Skills: As the name suggests, these skills are reserved exclusively for admins of the game.
    • System Overassist: It allows him to temporarily massively speed up his movement to the point that he moved his shield that was knocked to the side, to block Kirito's attack that was already at arm's length to his face. This almost gives him an automatic blocking system that makes him almost untouchable unless he wants to be hit. He is not invincible though and he can still be killed.
    • Object Eraser: A Game Master tool in Sword Art Online used to remove any object in the game. Once summoned, crimson flames come forth, coiling out of the user's arm until it takes the form of a sword. The Object Eraser takes the form of an oversized, flaming, crimson-red greatsword with a purplish cross-guard and pommel, and a dark red grip. Due to being a GM tool, the sword is capable of erasing any object that it is used against, even if the object is a boss monster that would be impossible to beat. Although the tool's effect is not instant, it only takes mere seconds for the object to be destroyed in its entirety. The tool may also cause the target to be engulfed in a ball of flames before being destroyed.
    • Control: As a developer, Heathcliff has perfect control of the system. He can paralyze and immobilize anyone with a thought. So far only Asuna has managed to get off his grip but even she had difficulties.



  • BlackWarGreymon: 50
  • Heathcliff: 50

None of these warriors have professional physical training. BlackWarGreymon, as a Digimon, is limited to his instincts and inherit abilities. Heathcliff doesn't need to train since the system has already programmed his body with swordsmanship and combat.


  • BlackWarGreymon: 80
  • Heathcliff: 70

These two warriors have fought their share of tough opponents. Heathcliff took on various monsters and other players, most notably taking on Kirito and Soul Reaper. BlackWarGreymon unfortunately, has fought more opponents, most notably strong ones like MagnaAngemon, Paildramon, WarGreymon, and even the whole Digidestined single-handedly.


  • BlackWarGreymon: 80
  • Heathcliff: 70

BlackWarGreymon is driven more by instinct. His most favored tactic is just brute force. He never really found use for tactics since he's already pretty strong. Most of his opponents have capitalized on this and beat him through brains than brawns, such as his fight against Paildramon. He also has a lot of mental problems that makes him indecisive and problematic. Healthcliff meanwhile is one cunning antagonist. Plot holes aside, he did managed to trap hundreds of gamers inside a life-threatening MMORPG. Not only that, he even tricked them into pretending to be one of them; a con uncaught until the final level.


Battle takes place in a neutral metaverse. Said metaverse allows both characters all of their abilities even outside their respective virtual worlds.

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