Max Payne, the vengeful law-enforcement officer who sees things through, vs. Nathan Drake, the descendant of Sir Francis Drake who seems to adopt his ancestor's desire for treasure. WHO IS DEADLIEST?


Max Payne Weapon
Close Range: 9mm Dual Wield
Mid Range: Striker
Long Range: Ingram Dual Wield
Special Weapons: Kalashnikov

Nathan Drake Weapon
Close Range: Wes-44
Mid Range: SAS-12
Long Range: MP-40
Special Weapons: FAL

Payne's weapons:

Drake's weapons:


Max Payne has been given a new assignment: Find the Treasure Hunter and Kill Him. Payne finds himself in an abandoned temple in Peru. He walks around with his Striker Shotgun in hand. He hears clanging from a distance. He sees Nathan Drake digging up a tomb with a pickaxe.

"Hey!" yells Max. Drake spins around and fires his Wes-44 at the detective. Payne ducks for cover as Nathan unloads all the rounds in his revolver. Max notices that his assailant has fired all six rounds and pops up, firing his Striker. The descendant of Sir Francis Drake dodges the flying shells and finds cover behind an altar. He draws his SAS-12. Payne creeps forward with his Dual Wield Ingrams. Drake pops up and fires his SAS-12 but misses. Payne returns fire and screams as he does so. Drake grunts and pulls out his MP40 and fires. Payne dives but he is struck in the arm. He grabs his wound and finds blood spilling from his wound.

Drake yells, "You dead yet?"

Payne responds, "Not even close!"

"Oh you will be now!" Drake charges forward with his FAL firing in full auto. Bullets are flying all over the place. Max responds by drawing his 9mm Dual Wield and firing back. Drake is struck several times in the torso. He collapses to the floor and takes deep breaths. Payne walks up to him and points his Kalashnikov at Drake's face.

"Oh how the tables have turned you miserable son of a bi***," Max exclaims and he unloads every single round in the magazine into Drake's body.

Next matchup will be: Rainbow Six Team, the specialized counter-terrorism unit who have members from across the world and have taken on terrorists for years, vs. FOXHOUND, the elite assault force comprised of the best of the best in the Metal Gear Solid series.