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Season 1 Matches

  • Richard Winters vs. Amon Goeth
  • Koopa Troops vs. Zombies (PvZ)
  • RED Pyro (TF2) vs. Gordon McSweeney (Harry Turtledove Novels)
  • Invader Zim vs. Perry The Playtpus
  • Michael Myers vs. Jason Vorhees
  • Alex Mason vs. Big Boss
  • V vs. Nemesis
  • Colonial Marines vs. Locust Horde

Season 2 Matches

  • Velicoraptors (Jurassic Park) vs. Giant Short Faced Bear
  • Rick Grimes (TWD TV) vs. Joel (The Last Of Us) 
  • Dean and Sam Winchester vs. Buffy
  • Militaires Sans Frontieres (MGS) vs League Of Shadows (Nolanverse)
  • Raiden (MGR:R) vs General Grievous
  • CIA Special Activites Divison vs Amazon Guard
  • Maxwell vs. Sackboy

Season 3 Matches 

  • Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs) vs. Niko Belic (GTA IV) 
  • Charlemagne vs. Boudica
  • Albert Wesker vs. Agent Smith
  • Enclave (Fallout) vs. Chimera (Resistance) 

Other Matches I Plan To Do

  • Winter Soldier (MCU) (Represented by Beast) vs. Volgin (MGS3) (Represented by Me) 
  • Furher Bradley vs. Captain America
  • Guts (Berserk) vs. Berserker (Fate/Zero)
  • Nick Fury (Marvel) vs. Lady Interga Hellsing (Hellsing: Ultimate) 

Endless Skies vs. Series

  • Skeaver Pirates vs. Kig-Yar (Halo)
  • Primeval vs. Goliath (Evolve)
  • Razors Edge vs. Blue Suns (Mass Effect) 
  • Centurion Unity Party vs. ???

User Warriors

European Horror Story: Alexander Volkner

Name: Alexander Volkner

Bio: Alexander Volkner was born in 1908 in Berlin, Germany he is currently 27 years and travels the world as professional hunter. During the year 1915 a year after the outbreak of WWI and a year after his father was shipped off to fight, his mother would receive the terrible news of her husband's death during a raid by French forces. Wanting to escape the possibilty of her only child dying during the war she managed to get onto a boat that got her and Alexander out of the country and about 2 months later they ended up in Africa. There she used what education she had to get a job, not wanting to see his mom suffer at the he would find work at a diamond mine, alongside his later best friend an African child named Paul. He worked at the mines for a year before a attack from a African Lion he managed to kill the lion with a pickaxe before the local huntsman came to the mine. Liking this kid's ability to handle his own he got him a small job working under him and he longer had to work in the mines.

This man would become a teacher and father figure to him as taught him the skill nessacary to hunt and survive in the wilderness. They would hunt together and protect the mine from any other predators that would lurk about looking for an easy meal. They'd sometimes would spend weeks traveling and hunting in the wilderness together and spilt the profits which Alex would use to help his mother get a better home for them. At the age of 16 wanting to travel more around the world he'd begin hunting more rapidly to buy a large sea faring vessel he'd call "The Kaiser's Requiem." His first mate would end up being Paul after he brought his freedom from the mines. Together they'd travel the world hunting various game in the jungles of Brazil to the outback of Austrailia. His crew would grew as would his profits, as he continued his sea faring life of hunting and traveling the world along with seeing the sights.

Personality: A charistmatic indiviual with a sense of adventure and a love for the something he's made a living on and that's his hunting. Although he can act sometimes harsh whenever leading a group at times, but he has his reasons for doing so. He will do his best to assit or provide advice to his teammates in order for them to get out safely. He takes pride in his kills and may crack a joke about, but still respects the dead and bow his head down in respect for them. He does show mercy to his friends ex. buying Paul's freedom and making him his first mate and taking in a baby Thylacine as his own after finding it's mother dead and killing the hunters.

Appearance: Short messy dirty blonde hair, five o clock shadow, chocolate brown colored eyes, lightly tanned skin. Has a hat on his head (think Captain Englehorn from King Kong 2005), light brown v-neck underneath a short sleeved olive green collared button down shirt with the first few buttons undone they're tucked into his khaki colored pants, a pair of black boots, plus a dark brown belt with a pistol & machete holster, has a small cross hanging around his neck. A scar on his right shoulder that resembles a knife wound, plus a small scratch mark on his left arm that was from an animal he was hunting.


Long: M1 Garand

Medium: Mauser C96 .45 ACP: Has the option to use the full auto attachment

Short: Machete 


  • Skilled Leader: Leading hunting parties and his ship for years have lead him to become a sucessful leader. He can take command of the group and lead them through this fight in order to stop the ressurection of the witch.
  • Skilled Tracker: Years of tracking big game and other creatures have given him the skills needed to hunt and track his prey
  • Has training: A few years of being trained by a big game hunter have given him a base of training for survival, hunting and fighting others such as Poachers or hostile hunters
  • Good at improvising: Being in the wild for days allows you to pick up a few things and gives methods of improvistation 
  • Expert Shot: He needed this in order to conserve ammo while on hunts or fighting other hunters that attemped to take his prize. Also since he needs the animals to be in could quality he learned to aim at certain areas to prevent damaging it too much and also to respect the animal.
  • Durable/Strong: Spending years hunting and traveling around the world teach you to become hardened and strong. Spent his ealier years carrying animals for stamina and strength training, plus spending days in the wilderness with his men have prepared him to take more abuse than the other members.


  • Although intelligent, lacks proper formal education (minus a few years in grade school): Leaving school early as a child so his mother and him could escape has caused him to lack a formal education. He is still intelligent as he's managed to pick up and learn quite a bit traveling but still lacks formal education
  • Fears heights: During one of his traning exersises with his mentor he nearly fell off a small mountain before his mentor grabbed his hand and prevented him from falling off and hitting the ground. He seems to have a better grasp over this fear now, but is still afraid of them. 
  • Loss/Missing: The loss of his father still affects him despite the fact his mentor was a father figure to him he still wishes he got to know his real father better. He also misses his mother who he can't see that often as he is often traveling the world.

Myth War Tourney Entry: Equites Oculus

Name: Equites Oculus

Age: 21

Race: Human 

Appearance: His right eye is green his left eye varies in color depending on the ability it is currently using, he has an eyepatch over his left eye that has a goldish-color cross on it. Plain black waistcoat, with a red tie, along with a pale light blue collared long sleeved shirt, black dress pants, black boots, along with a pair of black gloves with pale white crosses on them with an eye in the cross surrounded by two roses the actually flower/petal part is in red (symbol of the Oculus family). Lightly tanned skin with a head covered in short black hair although he is clean shaven and has a small compass sticking out of his right pocket and the other has a pocket watch along with that he has a small sliver locket around his neck that belongs to his sister, but she gave it to him as a good luck charm containing a picture of him, her and their parents. 

Armor: His clothes have been enchanted for the most part to provide a sort of defense against other weapons in combat. They are still about the same weight they've been, but can withstand some knife/sword attacks among some magic before becoming weaker. After equipping himself with the Tower Shield from his "The Eternal Legion" he gains a stronger echancement on his clothes and recives some pieces of steel plating on his shoulders, knees, a chest plate, a helmet is added and arms for stronger protection although this armor slows him down and he can't dual wield his swords while doing this; the armor enhancements/shield disappears once he commands it to.

Personality: Equites is often level-headed as he needed to maintain one during the period of war as it helped him keep his head clear and focused. He may be wary  around some strangers that have weapons on them and will be a on the guard in case the event arises in which they are an enemy. He is often kind and caring to his younger sister as she keeps him going and cheers him up whenever he feels down. He is cheerful around her and plays games with her when the chance arrives to relax with her. He does take sometime out of their travels to teach Perfide  In battle he takes on his usual calm demeanor and will fight to the best of his abilities not willing to hold back against a worthy opponent. If the opponent he is fighting is trying to threaten the safety of his sister despite still being calm he'll often fight more ferociously wanting to make his opponent lose. He willing to spare his opponents provided they put up a good enough fight but will make sure they don't follow him after their defeat unless he desires them to do so. Will tell his sister to get somewhere safe during the course of battles she wants to watch and learn from the battle.

Backstory: Born into the prestigous Northern Oculus family (Oculus family is consisted of indiviuals who all have the Oculus eye they are not are blood related, Equites belongs to the family who's ancestors had  the original Oculus eye)  which consisted of 1,000 members. His father was Heathcliff the leader of the family/clan and his childhood as son of the leader consisted of the usual training and learning. This changed around the time he was 10 years old when the War Of Visions broke out which consisted of Northern Oculus family/clan fought a massive war against the Conspectu Comedentis (think Lizalfos Skyward Sword version also having various bladed weapons) with the Conspectu beginning the war by launching a massive assualt on the people's land. The war looked bleak for the Oculus as the Conspectu numbers were 100,000 to the Oculus family's 1,000. Nonetheless the clan would battle hard in order to prevent their genocide, but during that first year Lumen, Equites' mother would die during childbirth giving birth to Equites' little sister, Perfide. This would have an impact of his life and he swore he'd destroy every single Conspectu and protect his little sister.  He's take up his dead mother's blade dedicated to his cause and ready to defend it to the very end.

The war continued on for the 5 years with only 100 remaining Oculus members and 1,000 Conspectu remaining with the Oculus prepared to attack the Conspectu home determined to finish the war off. During this time Heathcliff would go on to ask Obama for assitance in the assualt only for it to be denied due to Obama's inability of sending a proper message he sent a loud band/song to give the message. This alerted about 400 members of the lizard army who promptly attacked the camp and lead to about 54 deaths of the Oculus and the the Conspectu group almost completely anhilated except one who was interrogated to recieve more information for the assualt. This whole ordeal caused Equites to have a massive hatred for Obama. The final battle "The Battle Fading Genocide" resulted in Oculus family victory, but at the cost of the complete genocide of the Conspectu and leaving only 7 members of the Oculus family. Three members however due to massive strain of the Oculus eye had to be put down leaving only Heathcliff, Equites, Perfide (due to the fact she was a child she never fought a battle), and Venenifer (she would later collapse and die for unknown reasons). 

While wandering the remains of the Conspectu home, Equites discovered the real reason for the attacks was to kill his sister before she was born. The Conspectu oracles predicted that if his sister grew up he magic & abilities would destroy their whole race, in a way they were right. Once getting back home with his sister and father and saying a prayer for the dead, he and his father made a plan that they would attempt to reach the Southern Oculus family. During this time Equites was 16 and Perfide was 6, Heathcliff knowing he could fall to the the insanity the eye may bring on this journey he decided his time has come. In a ritual he managed to preform he gave his life energy to Equites providing him with his wisdom and combat skills. With this done, Equites would take his sister on a journey that has spanned the past few years of his life with his determination to protect her from the dangers as being the last of the Nothern family makes them valuable. During this time he learned new skill, magic, and combat abilities all while trying to find a new place to call home for him and sister expericing happiness & sadness as he cares for her and meets new people on this odyssey. 


  • Can dual wield swords
  • Night's Requiem- Black-colored sword that was Equites first blade and has killed and defeated  a great amount of foes with it. In darkness it can appear inivisible allowing him to appear like he is attacking from thin air and can be enhanced with his Shadow Walker spell allowing it to shoot minature shoot small beams which take the appearance of knives that appear invisible to the opponent. The can be seen as small shadows and hit the opponents shadow to take effect and the person will feel the pain of the hit, but won't see the wound.
  • Evening Ballad- Lightly-colored sword that used to belong to Equites' mother before she died while giving birth to his sister. The blade can be enhanced by his fire magic allowing the blade portion of this weapon to go on fire allowing him to slice and carterize the wound leaving a burning flesh wound on the opponent. He can also with enough strikes burn through armor. 
  • Bow & Various Arrows- A Steel bow that can shoot up to three arrows at once and uses a variety of arrows to defeat his opponents in combat. These arrows consist of the following- Posion-dipped arrows, armor-piercing arrows, Vision arrows these arrows blow up in a small smoke screen inhale said smoke will cause the target to suffer halucinations, explosive arrows, spider arrows as they fly through the air the tip sperates into 8 small claws and once they hit something the claws grip onto to said opponent digging into their flesh and to remove them requires removing a section of flesh
  • Hidden Blade- Your standard Assassin Creed-esque hidden blade although the system of this one contains two blades one for actual secret kills and combat and the other is hidden in a small compartment all Equites needs to do is pull a small trigger near it and it launches the secret blade. Has spare knives he can load into the secret mechanism to allow him to continue shooting.
  • Collapseable Organ Ripper- A collapseable weapon that appears to look like a normal stick made from steel till the claws come out and it becomes about 7ft long. This weapon is filled with nasty little suprises the front protion is like a standard spear head while the back is some sort of claw mechanism that can pierce flesh and with a twist of the handle it grips and once pulled out can rip out organs he can also use the claw to rip out weapons from an opponents hand.
  • Pressure Point- A martial arts he picked up along the way while traveling it has proven most effective against a vareity of opponents. Using the pressure points on various beings including lizard people, elves, orcs, and trolls for example he can successful disable movement of limbs and with even enough force he can stop the heart from beating. 


  • Oculus Family Eye- This is a special condition every member of the Oculus family gains for Equites he has this ability affecting his left eye explaining his eye patch. Over use or prolonged use of the eye can cause temporary moments of insanity in the user such as spontaneous laughter, cruel & dark words for his opponent, and disregard for the surrondings although these moments are in short bursts. 
  1. Infared Eye- Turns his left eye purple and grants him infared vision allowing him to see his opponents if they give off a heat signature. 
  2. Sniper Eye- Turns his left eye into a yellow color and allows him to see far off and make his shots with the bow more accurate and quicker it can also allow him to predict some movements judging by how the opponent is stepping or moving about. 
  3. Excaliber's Dawn- Turns his eye into a gray color and allows him to point out weak spots and where to block with his weapons while in melee combat and gives him a better sense of his surroundings allowing him to potienally spot opponents while they're behind him.
  4. Night Vision- Turns his eye into a pale blue color allowing him to see in dark places where his standard human eyes may not allow him to see. 
  5. Clear Skies- Clears up his vision preventing any sunlight, rain, snow, fog from getting in his vision making it perfectly clear and his vision will become perfect is just a standard green color similar to that of his regular eye color. 
  • Fire Magic- Just what it sounds like he can use his fire magic in a vareity of ways that help him in combat. Think of his fire powers similar to that used in Avatar: The Last Airbender and he can even use his fire as a propulsion system allowing him to move quicker around the battlefield and gain the high ground. 
  • The Eternal Legion- Summoning the spirits of three deceased members of the Oculus family he summons ghost-like appirations of them. They each carry a weapon and float in mid-air although they can be defeated and sent back to the spirit realm when enough damage is dealt to them. 
  1. Black-Armored Oculus: Appears to be carrying a Zanbato-like blade and can move about freely from Equites towards an opponent. Although he is the slowest of the summoned spirits he is the most heavily armored covered in black steel plating and Zanbato will lay down the pain on all that attempt him and the others. 
  2. Tower Shield Oculus: Appears to be carrying a large tower shield that is white and has the Oculus family seal on it and is covered in plated chainmail that has a blueish hue to it. The shield can block a great deal of blows and if Equites wants to can grab the shield and use it as his own equipping him with the armor I mentioned above. Although this version has no weapons his shield is strong and he can use it to bash opponents. This version will stay nearby by Equites in order to defend him from various attacks. 
  3. Katar Oculus: This is the fastest one of the all of the Oculus, but she also has the weakest armor having only leather and chainmail to protect her. She is the most agile and fastest allowing her to make up for her weak defense and is also the most sleathly as she can remain undected. She wields dual katars as her main weapon and her armor maintains a reddish hue to it. 


  • Very dedicated to protecting his sister will make him keep on fighting in order to ensure her safety on their journey. His will is unwavering and this has made him a dangerous opponent in combat and has further pushed his skills and abilities to become perfect. Also being one of the last two from the Nothern section of the Oculus family makes him want to survive in order to help rebulid the Northern family. 
  • After absorbing his father's soul his skills in combat have become added to his own basically adding all the years of combat and training he had into him this gives him 41 years of combat experience (30 years from his dad plus 11 of his own. It also has further improved his ability to use magic and weapons at a better level, plus it has allowed him to gain better control over his eye powers and reducing the effects of the moments of insanity it may bring. 
  • He has fought a grand variety of enemies (ex. Dragons, Orcs, Skeletons, Wolf hybrids, Poptart Cats) and has learned some of their ways of battles along his travels. This allows him to better counter his opponents in combat. Although it may take him a few minutes to fiure out there exact style of combat, but once he does he becomes better prepared to expolit weaknesses and counter their combat styles
  • Other Advantages
  • Often uses the enviorment to his advanatge in ways that can distract his opponents or allow him to get the drop on them along with dishing out some damage. (ex. Using fire magic to create steam blinding opponent, slicing down trees while escaping to slow down opponents, attacking from trees) 
  • Can switch his weapons and attack pattern on the fly if he realizes one way isn't working or he wants to switch it up a bit to keep his opponent guessing. 


  • As mentioned previously the Oculus family despite all it's advanatges also has it's own problems that may come along with it. Over use in a short period of time or prolonged use of it can cause the user to have temporary moments of insanity (ex. insane looking grin, random laughing, fighting style becoming more wild) in order to prevent these moments from continuing he needs to put his eye patch over his eye and it'll stop these moments.
  • When having his eye patch over his left eye it causes him to have a lack of proper depth perception. This can affect his skills when using his weapons in both close and long ranged combat. In long he won't be able to properly make out targets and in close combat his vision in blurred in the edges. This is negated when he takes off his eyepatch allowing him to use the other eye. 
  • ???

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