Hi <insert name here>, name's Tybaltcapulet but feel free to call me Tybalt, Tyb, Ty, or Leon Trotsky worshipper if you so prefer. As one can see from my profile picture, I am a massive fan of anything Soviet or communist, so if you want to use a warrior from that part of history, I either A) already know about their service to the motherland B) I'll get the pedal to the metal to find it for you. I'm usually pretty friendly, and like to help out other users, even if they have more experience than me.(P.S if you don't like MEMES, you can miss me on that, because memes are essentially my life).

Land Commanders: Georgy Zhukov vs Yan Xishan Air Commanders: Italo Balbo vs Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen Naval Commanders:Chester Nimitz vs Karl Dönitz Tank Commanders: Michael Wittmann vs Welkin Gunther Infantry:SS-Totenkopferbände vs Blackshirts Airplanes: Heinkel HE 111 vs Mitsubishi Ki-21 Ships: Königsberg class cruiser vs Almirante Cervera class Cruiser: Tanks: Type 1 Chi-He vs T-70: Season Finale Rematch Bernard Montgomery vs Douglas MacArthur:

DW Rematch w/ Rikun85: SWAT vs GSG-9 Grimm Gang vs Animorphs w/Jacky:

Top 10 Communists


2. Josip Broz Tito

3. Commie Indiana Farmer

4. Vladimir Lenin

5. Peng Dehuai

6. Georgy Zhukov

7. Mikhail Tukhachevsky

8. Võ Nguyên Giáp

9. Lyudmila Pavlichenko

10.Vasily Zaytsev

Top 10 Axis Folks

1.Otto Skorzeny

2. Michael Wittmann

3. Erwin Rommel

4 Tadamichi Kuribayashi

5. Italo Balbo

6.Karl Dönitz

7.Wolfram Freiherr von Richthofen

8.Erich von Manstein

9. Wilhelm Emanuel Burgdorf

10.Friedrich Paulus

Top 10

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Favorite Warriors:

Leon Trotsky ( THE GOD HIMSELF)

Peng Dehuai ( Favorite Communist general)

Any German WW2 military organization ( Including the very Clean Wehrmacht)

Erwin Rommel

Monroe (Grimm): Monroe is just a legend in every aspect. Dude joined Nick, a Grimm, somebody who is supposed to literally hunt him after just a couple missions. Doesn't let the status quo mess with his with determination.

Some of Monroe's greatest hits and Chad aspects of him

  1. Got beat up by a bunch of people in the street going to repair a clock, still stays with Nick
  2. Ripped a dude's arm off like it was nothing
  3. Literally had no qualms with his wedding fucked up, and dealing with Nick's problems
  4. Outran police dogs like they were nothing
  5. Parents tell him not to marry Rosalee, fucking ignores them and wins them over anyways
  6. Let's face it, his woge is super cool
  7. Loves Christmas and Halloween to death(Basically a big kid when it comes down to it
  8. In the Halloween episode stands up to jerk ass kiddos screwing around with some girl's candy, gives girl candy.
  9. Does pilates like a boss to keep himself chill
  10. Defends his future wife against toad-eating lawyer
  11. Is able to get out of his unhealthy relationship and lifestyle and partying like crazy like a responsible adult
  12. Prefers to fight with his hands and strength, like a badass
  13. Saved Hank from some dumbass Siegbarste with a sweet triple-barreled rifle.
  14. Isn't involved very much in the shit-tier series finale.

Sun Tzu (for the memes)

General Shepherd (because he's a dick to everyone)

Hernan Cortes ( My fav conquistador)

Hol Horse: Yes, a minor antagonist from Stardust Crusaders is my favorite JoJo character. I don't know there's just isn't anything I don't like about Hol Horse. His philosophy, his personality, the fact that's he's an outlaw cowboy, and let's face it, Emperor is a boss ass stand. Being able to be basically the aimbot of the JoJo series is pretty damn cool in my book. The Whole Horse aka the Entire Equine may be a goof and coward, but he's my goof and coward.

Warriors I hate

Genghis Khan:

Alright the only reason I really hate him is because I believe he has way too many battles for his own good. Which is why I've decided that I will NEVER use him in any of my battles

George S. Patton:

Yes I don't like Patton. Why you may ask? One word... over.... rated.


I really just don't like how many times they set up a scene for him to finally die and then just throw in another sub-plot to throw the audience for a loop. And I know jack diddly squat about the rest of the Walking Dead

Any anime warriors that S119 does:

Spartan I love the way your battles are presented but I have NO idea who the people you are using are. And it's even worse because I based my weapon formats off of yours.

Joseph Stalin: He's sent assassin boi to kill my hero with a fucking ice axe. No shit I hate him.

Signature Item(as of the Hell School Tourney) :

Tybaltcapulet's Trotsky Glasses(Also in quotes because Skully)-Gain the ability of superb diplomatic ability, but upon meeting someone with superior facial hair, suffer from random ice pick attack. This item will be initiated when Tybalt gets tired of users (especially the older ones) arguing about insipid, inane and pointless topics.

Example (Obviously a joke, but in current times the distinction must be made :) ):

" Did you use that emoji because it's yellow and i'm Asian?"- Cfp

"No Cfp, you called me an old man because I used emojis and I used an old man emoji"-EA


" Trotsky glasses Initiated, commencing stoppage of ridiculous conversation"- Me

" Both of you are wrong, EA stop being Racist, Cfp, stop complaining about EA being and old man, he knows more in one centimeter of his finger than you do in your whole body"- me

" b-b-but Tybalt he's being mean to me!"- both

" I don't care both of you should- what was that?"

Stalin emerges

"SUPERIOR FACIAL HAIR?! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"- Me

Tybalt suffers fatal ice pick attack. Is revived with no memory of the situation

" Hey guys, what's going on?"

Quotes I like:

"Practicality is my favorite part of a weapon. I'll entitle myself to my opinion. You do you"-Guitarcar, 9/10/18 (glorious!)

"what is a match"- UzNizz (9/29/18) (This is what newbies are now.)

"Like if I break into someone's house, piss on the carpet, take a dump on the picture of someone's grandma, eat their daughter's birthday cake, it would indeed suck for me when the owner of the house hits me with a baseball bat, but I had it comming"-Appel explaining to LB why Cosby is in prison and is a bad f*cking person in general (Come on LB I thought you were better than this.)

"A relative newcomer to the Wiki, Tybalt was a remarkable presence in that he was a noob who demonstrated an astonishing capacity to learn from his mistakes. Additionally, he possessed sufficient levels of intelligence to perform such extraordinary feats as typing without spelling errors and offering credible advice to users with more experience than himself. As such, he threw his hat into the ring, hoping to prove he could fight just as well as any of the older users"- What the Old Guard of the Wiki thinks of me.Thank goodness(9/30/18)

Tybalt is Tylbalt's Trotsky Glasses Gain the ability of superb diplomatic ability, but upon meeting someone with superior facial hair, suffer from random ice pick attack.- Skully the only one who understands Trotsky the way I do (10/25/18)

Redacted until EA in the moment decides to use actual Positive peer pressure.

'Everyday, I imagine a world where I own all of you

In my hand is a pen that will write a purge order for the GRU

"The blood of the Bourgeois flows down into a dark puddle

Just make the call, send a bullet into their hearts

But in this position of infinite power What will it take to achieve total collectivization?

Have I found everybody a fun job in the gulag to do today?

When I'm here, everything is fun for them anyway

When they can't even understand my total authority

What good are words when a bullet says it all?

And if these people won't grant me full submission

How many must die before I finally have it all?"- Laqy's speech to make me join the Sayori Alliance 11/27/18

"Prince Charming is a pissy little bitch who doesn't know how to fight and doesn't know how to lead. He's a scheming manipulator and a backstabber, sure, but while those skills make for a good villain, they don't make for a good fighter or warrior. Gaston is much stronger than Charming, as well as more experienced with his weapons. What it ultimately comes down to, for me, is their leadership skills. I really don't see Charming as anything more than a political agitator who absolutely failed to keep the loyalty of his crew when confronted by a pacifist. Gaston actually organized a raiding party to storm the Beast's castle, and he nearly killed the Beast in hand-to-hand combat, only losing because of an environmental hazard (namely, falling off the side of a castle). This brings me to another point--Gaston is capable of improvising or fighting in unfavorable territory, whereas Prince Charming only chooses to fight in situations that are painstakingly tailor-made to favor him (like in a play where he is scripted to kill an unarmed Shrek--something he failed to do). I know that at this point Prince Charming has the impetus with votes, but at the very least I'd like to voice my strong disagreement that he could beat anyone (expect for maybe Sun Tzu) in a fight." I've been waiting to put this here due to his glorious defense of Gaston and description of Prince Charming. EA, 11/23/16

"Arthur actually gets AIDS after a drunken one night stand with Dutch and dies of that"- Wass desperately attempting to save Discord from Alock's sundry of spoilers

"im a assburgy with no spell check how drop out of community college"- One of many funny quotes by the infamous weak speller with no spell check

"I tried learning how to look"- Dargoo confirmed for blind

"you fucking shitting me? Bernd pussy montgomy is just a fucking british nerd who doesn't even known what fucking tctics is. So what if he defeated a fifty yer old german loozer like romel. McArthur defeated The Empror of japan many times before with and without any help, and he used only his fucking brain and a few "real" tctics. He made the pacific his bitch and pissed on it as well."- Laqy moving me with words once again

"YES, TYBALT, YES, LET MY INFLUENCE OVER YOU GROW!!!!"- EA's frantic attempts to completely influence me

"Look man. I aint saying I am gay or something. But if Grutte Pier tells me to bend over so he can use his 7-foot zweihander I aint gonna say no"- Appel not shy to admit his Frisian pride

“Design some tight ass jeans brother” -Appel forcing his gay brothers to serve the homosexual community by designing clothes.

"Elgb. Stop it. Get some help."- The words uttered when Kazzy is about to delve into his Japanese knowledge/bias :)

"Nah f--k that, he needs to keep his f--king mouth shut because he seriously pissed off the wrong person, THE WRONG PERSON! People like you just piss me the f--k off, just stomping around here like you think know the place. Motherf--ker you don't know shit and you sure as hell do not know how we work things around here at DF and if anything else have no right to tell people how to do their own thing. EVER

  • phew* Now that I got that over with, now let me dig into this steak right here.

"Leave everything to me. I'm a John Constantine expert. " Hahaha, okay you can stop right there because to me it sounds like your saying " Oh look at me, I'm the only Constantine expert in this wiki since I'm the only one who's been on a wiki that deals with him." Honestly dude do really think your the only that read The Hellblzaer series on this wiki (although due to your attitude I doubt you even read a single issue of his series at all to be exact.) I read the Hellblazer series and I loved it myself and I still try to download more issues and continue to read as much as I can, however I do not proclaim myself a super expert of him and shun other people like a damn asshole. Because let's be honest here guy everyone here thinks there an "expert" at something or to be more specific have more knowledge than others, however at least thery're humble and they do it politley when someone puts in the wrong information. You on the other hand are just one of those guys who think "Oh I know everything more than you do, so shut the f--k up cuz you don't know anything" and honestly you guys just come and go to me just like the summer breeze.

Also when it comes to warrior pages, we here at DF want to give out a basic summary about WHO the warrior is so people around here get a better sense of who they are choosing in a fight. We're not trying to make it super elaborate and confuse them for godsakes. Now if you REALLY want to be super specific about that centain warrior, then you can do that on a blog where they are fighting someone.

(LOL... The God Warrior thing... Was hillarious as hell) No it is not hilarious. As the current owner of the site I sure as hell make sure people follow the damn rules, and it is not something to laugh because I sure as hell don't want to dissappoint the founder and past owner by letting this site to go down the shitter because of people like you.

Now that's all done and all, instead of gettin good ol Pach all agitated, how about you start promoting that battle of yours you posted a while back instead of worrying about a f--king. You sir have made a very damn good blog and show some promise on this website, and it would be shame to have such a well organized blog go unotice and fall into oblivion like so many others.

P.S. If you're thinking about insulting me or backsassing my authority over this site I would advise you to think real REAL hard on that thought."- Come on, I had to put the Pach rant here (9/24/12)

"That's right, Wass and Tybalt. But since I newly discovered this wikia's Discord server and I was working as civil servant in the courthouse, I didn't have much time to check out the right side of my Discord screen." Turk literally being physically unable to check the right side of his screen (6/18/19)

" You know what fuck this damn site I'm done with this shit. I've spent time researching and all y'all want to do is criticize me. I've actually improved,but only one of you took the time to vote on my blog while the rest of y'all are dickriding each other,so you know what fuck all of y'all 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 dickriding cocksucking ass bitches. Now toodles✌️" ( 7/3/19 Dewayne the Hall Johnson not understanding that he actually has to build up a good reputation with battles that are well researched, before he'll be allowed a rematch. Dewayne, we take giving rematches seriously here(especially a DW rematch), don't expect one as a newbie. I tried the same thing with SWAT V GSG9 and I was denied for the same reason. I lacked experience and hadn't shown that I could create a decent battle out of it. Did I whine about it? No, I made battles of my own, voted consistently on other battles and became competent. Then I was allowed the rematch.)

"They should theoretically all be capable of the same stuff because of their undying faith in god"- Jacky explaining how faith makes every Bibleman be able to do the same stuff

"In the same vain when I'm choosing Indian over Italian in dinner, I'd rather be with the spicy Indian Queen with the better arms and tactics than the creamy bland Italian politician."- Literally the best thing Elgb has ever said (11/27/20)

"Elgb talking about the Spicy Indian Queen is like talking about the exaggerated swagger of an African-American teenager"- Appel (9-1-21)

"Replace "Vergil" with "Spawn". My vote for Father Alexander Anderson is primarily based on the fact that he is a holy warrior and Vergil is an unholy warrior, and that continues on with my belief of the supreme power of good over evil. I'm not talking about human good vs. human evil, but true divine power against the scum of creation - it's no contest. It's been proven time and again that the power of God and just the simple belief in him will ward off any evils, and when Anderson brings this power into aggressive, damaging combat it's going to be no contest. Anderson only has to invoke the name of God to win, although of course this doesn't seem to be his style, but even so the possession of a Bible in his hands and holy, blessed weapons will tear through Vergil and leave his essence fleeing back to the empty presence of life from which it came. Bringing it down to human skills, Anderson is as good as you can get, and he's got SUPER-human strength, but it all comes down to his help from divine intervention. Vergil won't TOUCH him in this battle, mark my words." -EA being a militant Christian about 10 years ago (1-9-21)

Gökhan(Ancient Warrior)


Age: 50

Gender: Male

Height: 5ft 10"

Weight: 180lbs

Bio: Ever since he was born, Gökhan was instilled a sense of pride about his homeland. His mother had passed from childbirth and his father was left to take care of him. Being a former Janissary himself, he would always tell his son "Country before self Gökhan". Gökhan was always quite intelligent but never really got along with others, as he way very shy around new people.This made his father enraged, because he didn't want his only family left to be a wimpy, unfocused failure to his family name.

So from the time he was 13 Gökhan and his father would train almost every day after dinner was done. Hand to Hand Combat, proper usage of a Matchlock, occasional hunting and strong mental conditioning, such as waking up at about 4:00 in the morning every single day prepared to fight, or punishments like multiple laps around the entire city of Izmir... barefoot.

When he was 18 Gökhan decided to follow in his father's footsteps and become a Janissary.But first he had to get through the selection process and though he believed it would be rough, he was suprised at how much it mirrored his experiences with his father. Long runs across the empty desert, combat exercises etc. Lashings and beatings were expected for incompetence or insubordination.

After 6 months in 1514 he was deemed ready for combat. He would get his first chance to taste the glory of war at Chaldiran. The Ottomans had been at odds with the Safavid Persian regime for a while and this would be the first true test of the two armies and of Gökhan.

Gökhan was put into a small, elite force of about 100 soldiers, and was ordered to make a formation to slowly march towards the enemy. As they moved, artillery sounded behind them, pounding the enemy with metal. Gökhan's formation stopped... The officer in charge of the formation yelled "Ready!". Gökhan and the rest of the men loaded their matchlocks. Meanwhile, small lead balls whizzed past them, killing about 5-10 of the men beside and behind him. He barely had time to react as the officer yelled "Aim!" Gökhan raised his weapon. "Fire!" A deafening sound filled the air as they unleashed a volley of lead as well.

But only one Persian soldier fell from the other side. The leading officer has misjudged the distance between the two forces and the men were about 150 meters away instead of the usually effective 50-100 meters. But Gökhan was in shock as it had been his weapon that killed the man. The shot had lined up perfectly.

The officer realized his mistake and moved them forward into effective range. After that Gökhan hit shot after shot, volley after volley, until the other formations and groups of men began a charge straight towards the Persians. They were weakened and made outnumbered by the artillery the Ottomans had dished out on them. He then lit a grenade and threw it towards a cluster of Persian Qizilbash, blasting multiple limbs off of about 2-3 of them. Full of pride and confidence in himself, he drew his Yataghan, and threw himself straight into a melee.

Another Qizilbash soldier attempted to tackle him, but as he was about to, Gökhan grabbed his forearm, and moved it with such force that it snapped instantly. His enemy was about to scream but before he could, his head fell down, being decapitated. But his victory was short-lived. 5 qurchis, the royal guard of the Shah had surrounded him.

*5 years earlier, Izmir*

" Remember boy, if you are ever surrounded and outnumbered, never use your sword or matchlock, they will most certainly avoid it. Pull out your axe, throw it true and kill one of them. Then take the opening that it allows and run as fast as you can."

*Present Day, Chaldiran"

Gökhan remembering his father's advice, instantly drew his trusty axe, nicknamed " الموت الرمادي" or Grey Death and threw it directly towards the closest man he could see. *whoosh*..... *crack* . Unforunately for the Quirchi man, his skull was split in half about 1/4 of the way into his head. The others were in such shock that they didn't react immediately, allowing Gökhan to escape and retrieve his axe.

A few hours later, the battle was over, and the Ottomans were victorious. In the aftermath of the conflict, the Empire was able to acquire important territories such as the Eastern Anatolia and made the push straight into Tabriz.

After this a couple years later and some small conflicts it was 1516 and the Ottomans set their sights upon the Mamluks. Taking part in such battles as Marj Daqib, Khan Yunis, and Ridaniya, he slaughtered tens of soldiers all by his lonesome, even being able to take on 3 heavily armored, highly trained Mamluk soldiers while tired, and only with his axe. It was then that the Mamluks utterly collapsed, and the Ottomans were ready to claim more victims.

And then for many years the empire was mostly quiet, and the most Janissaries were moved back to the capital of Constantinople (another Ottoman conquest), but Gökhan was allowed to stand guard at his old town of Izmir, as the city lacked in protection. It was also a chance to see his father after all this time.

But unfortunately, he had passed away 2 years before, but not without leaving him a valuable gift. It was put right on the table near the kitchen in a rugged, long box. As he unfurled the rope he uncovered and old, ornately decorated Kilij inscribed with the message " Country before self" on the blade. Gökhan smiled, wiping a tear in his eye, and stored the blade in the scabbard that came with it.

After this the Empire had decided that Janissaries weren't nearly as needed as they used to be. and in 1526, Gökhan was forced to "retire" from serving the Emperor. But Gökhan, being the man he was, didn't just leave combat forever, no not even close. The streets of Izmir weren't exactly perfect, and there was some fat cat willing to pay someone to murder.

His name was Hişam, a bald, 50 something, 300lb, man who was about Gökhan's height, who was willing to pay the most. His first target, the leader of a fringe Christian militant group wishing to make alliances with enemies of the Ottomans to attempt to start chaos in the Empire. Gökhan wasn't told though, that this leader, had many skilled bodyguards of his own, and that Gökhan was walking straight into a bee's nest.

Gökhan, with his Yataghan and Kilij in hand, slowly and silently made his way to the headquarters of the group. It was simple right? An easy in and out killing, he'd faced much worse in all the wars and combat he'd been through. It wouldn't be simple though. The building, while not huge, was a spire with perfect vantage points for the guards to see unfriendly forces from.But Gökhan wasn't ready to just walk into the place all guns blazing.

The first part was easy, just get to the door, and for being the most important place to guard on the outside of the place, having only two guards there. Gökhan simply threw a rock to the side, making them lose focus, then slitting the neck of one with his Yataghan, and slashing the chest of the of the other with the Kilij.

After that it was much harder, not because of the layout of the building (it was quite rudimentary), but because there was such a concentration of men in the area. Several men all on the edges, about 10-12 men in the middle discussing battle plans, 10's of others spread out giving and receiving commands, etc. Gökhan was floored on the sophistication that these infidels had. But that was exactly why he had to be successful today.

He had to destroy these insurgents before they brought their wrath to the innocents. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his target, walking up the largest stairs in the middle of the room."الله يعطيني القوه لتسود" (Allah, give me the strength to prevail), Gökhan muttered.He made his way to the left side of the room, and ran into his first enemy can pulled him down with an axe to the throat. But, unfortunately for the former Janissary, another man was right next to him and alerted his comrades.

Immediately, Gökhan was forced to leave his position, facing matchlock fire and blades from all sides. But with his experience, agility, and speed ( which was still high even with his age), he avoided them, and took several of them down effortlessly. He quickly vaulted the stairs, and the target was in his sight once again. But one more challenge faced him. The most elite of the group's guards, which included to Gökhan's horror, former Janissaries. Filled with rage, he sped forwards, slaughtering them all with no mercy

But instead of finishing the leader off with just a simple blast of his grenade, the fire of his matchlock, or the swing of his blade, he grabbed him and jumped off the ledge of the building, throwing the leader to the ground with him. Gökhan landed with a loud *thud*, but was otherwise mostly unharmed. His target wasn't so lucky. His head almost busted off with the force of the landing, killing him instantly.

Gökhan then ran away as fast he he could away from the scene, desperate to get out of the area. he went back to Hişam, and claimed his money. Gökhan then spent the last years of his life working for Hişam, killing local gang leaders, destroying more militants, until one day in a skirmish, he was ambushed by about 15 men at a dead end. He was peppered with matchlock fire, still living, until a hijacked Abus gun blew his head clean off. But before it did so he looked at his blade and uttered his father's old phrase " Country before self".


Yataghan: The Yataghan is a long knife or short sword about 75 centimeters in length. The weapon had no handguard, and a forward-curving single edged blade

Kilij: The Kilij is a curved sword, dervived from Turkish and Mongol swords, with a pronounced curve and a reinforced point. The kilij is a powerful slashing weapon that, as seen on an episode of Deadliest Warrior is capable of slicing a pig carcass in half.


Ottoman Axe- A 5ft axe with a steel head and a wooden handle, that with Gökhan's strength, training and ability, can be thrown at enemies as well as being used as a standard axe.

Long: Matchlock Musket: The matchlock musket, also known as an arquebus, is an early firearm, and the first to have a mechanism recognizable as a trigger. It had a range of about 50-100m and was a smoothbore weapon

Special: Ottoman Grenade- An early explosive that requires the use of a match the light it, but can yield a powerful explosion that has a blast radius of about 10-15ft

Armor: Zirh Gomlek- A cotton and chainmail combination as a chestplate and includes a steel helmet that is engraved with various symbols

Skully's Hell School Tourney OC:

Name: Boris the Very Equal

Background: One day Boris was in high school and he was being beat up by some upper-class rich kids like usual, when a potato slammed straight into one of the bullies knocking the filth onto the ground. What appeared before Boris could only be described as Godlike. It was Leon Trotsky, Boris's idol. Leon then put on an onslaught of kicks and punches and yelled "Permanent Revolution", and then a bunch of Soviets appeared and killed everyone there. Boris then slowly walks up to his hero. Leon smiles and says " Let's seize the means of production together Boris". Boris than bursts into tears and hugs his comrade.

They then left the scene, determined to take down every Capitalist scumbag who wants to hoard all the production and money that is around. The Europeans were mostly  easy to kill, but Angela Merkel still had one spirit up their sleeves, Hitler himself. The filthy Fascist, relied on his "perfect soldiers" and sat back, waiting for the battle to be over. " But Boris, being the true comrade he is, charged straight into the mix, while Trotsky yelled " Seize the Means!", making all the weapons of the Nazis disappear. Then after the war against Europe was done, the two men went straight through Asia, Africa, and all the other minor nations with ease. 

But what happened with America, is classified, and for reading this top secret document, you will be sent to Gulag

  •  Initiate Lockdown, Filthy Capitalist has read classified Soviet Information*

Glory to the Soviet Union and goodbye. 

Appearance: 5"9 150lbs, blue eyes, massive moustache, Soviet hat, always wears a disheveled coat with holes in it. baggy pants, hammer and sickle tatooed on his chest

Badass Level: 1917 (like the Revolution)

Age: 17 

Sex: Soviet ( The only pronoun allowed is Comrade)

Favorite Song: The Anthem of the Soviet Union of course 

Favorite Food: Nothing, Soviets don't need to eat, but Boris does worship Vodka, not being able to function without a bottle. If left without it for longer than 10 seconds, Boris goes into an utter rage.

Close: Duel-Wield Tokarevs- The ultimate definition of badass is a duel wielding Soviet with his Vodka and these Tokarevs  has round that will instantly kill any Capitalists who is unfortunate enough to be in contact with a  round of these pistols.

Mid:PPSH-41 with Unlimited ammunition- The PPSH-41 was already the coolest SMG to ever exist, why not let it use unlimited ammo? The industrial might of the Soviet Union can easily supply all the rounds that he could ever want.

Long: Mosin-Nagant with adjustable PU scope: Ah the greatest sniper rifle of WW2 comes back to grace our presence once again. 

Special: RGD-33 with Uranium in it- As the USSR had a great about of nuclear weapons in it's time why the hell wouldn't Boris have some nuclear material on his person. As a result, it leaves  field of radiation, and will kill all in it's path

Iconic: Hammer and Sickle combination- Less of a weapon and more of a shield, when Boris puts these symbols of freedom from profit and evil together, everyone in the immediate area is pushed back with great force 

Armor: Nothing, what Soviet would rely on armor made from the suffering of the working class?


-Soviet Strength/Durability: Boris is endowed with the power of all the working class, and is able to overpower others with ease. A single punch can kill if his convinction is high enough. For durability, Boris can withstand bullets, rockets,explosions, can easily survive the cold (as a true Soviet would) and has even survived a mini-nuke to the face.He isnt immune to magic though, being a notable weakness of his.

- Ability to Resurrect himself: Communism never dies, so why should Boris? Everytime his Physical form is destroyed, he can always be revived by his dead comrades. Keep in mind it does take about 30 seconds to do, so if the comrades are interrupted, it could be nullified for a while

-Leon Trotsky's Spirit/ Stand ( Think like Star Platinum or The World from JJBA):  Leon has come back from the grave to support a true comrade suffering  under capitalist regimes and has various abilities of his own. Like any other stand, Leon is able to deflect and 

  • "Permanent Revolution": When Leon utters "Permanent Revolution",  various soviet spirits appear around Boris and pull out various rifles, SMG's, pistols, Machetes, hammers and sickles etc. and charge straight at any enemy Boris has.
  • "Seize the Means" After saying this, all weapons and all utilities  of Boris's enemy are forced from their hands and destroyed, into the void, never to be seen again

Pugmacht (Animal Warrior(s))

In the pursuits of science and technology, Adolf Hitler's scientists were trying anything and everything to make a super weapon to face the Allies. One of their more odd expoits, was their success in making a form of animal soldier called the Tierschutzkommando ( Animal Corp Protection Squad). They owed the success largely to the blood of Blondi, Hitler's trusty dog in which they duplicated sentient dogs who could take orders and function on their own in battle.

Their first battle in 1940 was just a test run, so the Reichstag sent about 100 of them on a throwaway front in the Siege of Calais. Armed with miniature versions of Wehrmacht weaponry, they met up with the one Panzer division sent to destroy the city. When the human soldiers met them, they immediately exploded into laughter, but this stopped once they heard two deep animalistic voices sound.

" Die Hölle schließen !" ( Shut the hell up !). The source of these voices, were none other than Grrmann Goring and Heinrich Howlmler. Howlmler stepped forward and smirked at the dumbstruck soldiers held their mouths open with shock. Three Hundpanzer I's, miniature versions of the the Panzer I, inched forward with their commader Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Ruffel, who unlike every other dog, was a fox, an inside joke to the human commander.

Ruffel yipped and the Hundpanzers growled to life, and began to move forward. It was time to show the Führer what these hounds were made of. As the Panzer division moved up with Ruffel, the defending British, French, and Belgian forces began their defense. Ruffel yipped again, and the Hundpanzers began to fire intermittently, blasting large holes in the defenders. They looked in awe as other Kommandos moved up and fired off their KMP40's, K Lugers and, KKAR98Ks (Kleine/Mini MP40s, Lugers, and Kar98Ks). They struck several soldiers will a battery of fire, while the human soldiers assisted. With this combined effort, the forces of Calais were easily overrun, and the Tierschutzkommando had proven their worth. Even Ferdinand Schaal, the commander of the Panzer division, shook Howlmler and Goring's paws personally, and wished them luck as they continued forward


Church of Sayori Cultists( Cult Warriors, duh)

" I gently opened the door". The whole church gasped, hating to hear those words. The voice they heard was that of Brother Laquearius, one of the main elders of the group. " Yes, I know you all hate to hear of what become of our goddess, but we must carry on". Laquearius does indeed carry on, albeit with difficulty, while he solemnly reads from the sacred text of Doki Doki Literature Club.

When he finishes with the scripture, he orders the other church-goers to rise and chant the sacred phrase

"Make her rainclouds go away

If you don't she will pay"

All the members then left, ready to carry on with their lives. This was the Church of Sayori, a highly zealous religion bordering on some seriously culty practices. For instance, any reference to Sayori's suicide by hanging, must be solemn, or the perpetrator/s would be shunned and deleted from all others members tongues.

To keep control over other lovers of Sayori, Laquearius needed to enlist various allies in his pursuits. His first two were quite similar to each other, both were very dedicated to memes, and were generally pretty amiable and relaxed guys. The first Appel of Monkey, was a Dutch memetic bastard , who was very high strung about his love of Sayori's cuteness. The second, Sir Skull of Wander, a man of Mexican descent, was a very good friend of Appel's, and shared many opinions, of his, even going so far as to change all of his profile pictures to reflect this.

Together these three ruled over the Church with great decisiveness. All those who opposed the guidance of Sayori would be silenced. But they couldn't just fight off dissenters with words and fists alone, there were too many followers and too much opposition to try that. So each of the leaders had their own weapons at their disposal.

Laquearius had possession of the Cinnamon Bun scepter, the ultimate weapon to fight off the bullies. It created differing sized cinnamon buns, that are used as deadly projectiles. The scepter also airs our out an invisible field of control. This field makes sure that the other cultists do not run away in battle, and keeps them invested in the cause. The field also has a limited healing factor (similar to Soldier:76's biotic field in Overwatch)

Appel of Monkey possessed the Cinnamon Bun shield, a magical item that can repel just about any aggression that the Church faced. It's only a cinnamon bun by shape and looks, but it's all business when used in battle. It's made of the precious resource known as Sayorium, a material designed to absorb as much physical (and emotional) punishment as is thrown at it . It can change in size and can even form a dome around him and others for a limited time.

Sir Skull of Wander possessed the Finger Guns of Sayori. This weapon take the form of skin-tight gloves that shape the user's hands into finger guns. They function just like any other gun, except they fire at lightning fast speeds. And instead of bullets, they fire out the words " No Bulli Sayori" towards their targets. Any bullies or enemies hit by enough of the words will immediately be unable to fight, and are rendered useless.

The Church and it's leaders faced many rivals, mainly the three other Doki churches. All three of these differing churches were wildly different in scripture and battle.

The Church of Yuri led by a man literally named Edge were filled with bookworms with no social skills whatsoever. They also had an unhealthy obsession with knives and would only use knives in battle. They also heavily relied on stealth due their timid nature and their lack of self-control. All members were expected to be completely covered with cuts all across their arms in worship of the purple haired shy girl.

The Church of Natsuki was actually a friend to the Church of Sayori, being overall very amiable and caring towards one another. Led by a young man named Tybalt Trotsky, the church were a bunch of anime and manga nerds, who worshipped flatness. " Flat is Justice" was the motto of the church and it was quite the outspoken one to say the least. This reflects in their battle style, using combination of cringe from manga and wild, conspicuous swarm tactics to make the church seem more threatening then it actually is.

Finally, the most reviled church out of them all, the Church of Monika. The leader Leolab, really didn't give a good god damn about the church anymore but he was the only one who could do it. Everyone else was either too fanatical, or completely mentally comprimised. Someone had to do it though, and Leo hated and loved it at the same time. He hated it because the members constantly wanted destroy the other churches and Leo never wanted to get involved. He did like flexing a bit of power though, and when everyone actually chilled the fuck out, he did actually believe Monika was best girl.

For a lengthy time, the four churches existed in harmony, with occasional conflicts here and there. CON members getting angry over COY's long and seemingly endless literature and their dismissal of manga. COS getting angry at COM because they were "bullying" the other churches etc.

But one day the Church of Monika's members couldn't take Leo's indifference and pragmatic nature any longer, and gave him an ultimatum. Either declare a holy war against all the other churches, or be forcefully be usurped from his position. Now one may think that because he was pretty apathetic towards the group in general that he wouldn't accept the holy war.

Problem was, is that since he was the leader, he was required to live with the others in a cramped apartment, and all funds were used towards it and the church. That meant that without the church, Leo would be essentially homeless, without a job, no food and no job. He'd be dead within a week if no one either took pity on him or more likely, got a job.

Not wanting to royally screw himself over and get disfellowshipped like a Jehovah's Witness who didn't work that extra 5 hours to please the Lord, Leo very reluctantly began planning to initiate plans to demolish the other churches and their followers.

Back at the Church of Sayori, Laquearius was leading another sermon, at the part where Sayori bumped her head and MC gave her apple juice to put on her head. Just as he was about to finish however, Tybalt Trotsky burst through the door with multiple stab and burn wounds covering his body.

" THE CHURCH OF MONIKA IS ATTACKING THE OTHER CHURCHES!" he screamed while quickly running toward Laquearius. As he finally got to the Sayori leader, Tybalt collapsed to his knees and looked up. " Laqy, they destroyed all of my followers and my church, they're all gone. Laquearius understood immediately and asked Tybalt if he wanted to join their church, since they were so friendly to each other before.

Tybalt gladly accepts, essentially having no choice but to accept the hospitality of the Sayori Church.

(Bios before I get to a formal one)

The Glorious Leader

Laquearius- The relatively calm leader of the Church, Laquearius, or better known as Laqy, is the main provider for the Church. Although, when push comes to shove on the defense of the Goddess known as Sayori... HE. DOES. NOT. JOKE. He also has a passion for all things ancient, and especially Roman culture, and this reflects in his battle strategy, frequently using Roman generals such as Scipio Africanus who bitchslapped Hannibal in Zama for inspiration.

Do not mention Lepidus, Carthage(and especially their elephants, the last time someone did that, he went into a 3 hour rant on how shit they were), other barbarian nations, or anything that insults the great goddess Sayori (as mentioned previously)


The Cinnamon Bun Scepter: The ultimate weapon to fight off the bullies. It created differing sized cinnamon buns, that are used as deadly projectiles. The scepter also airs our out an invisible field of control. This field makes sure that the other cultists do not run away in battle, and keeps them invested in the cause. The field also has a limited healing factor

The Meme Bros

Appel of monkey/ Sir Skull of Wander - These guys are the definition of chill Sayori lovers. Mainly using memes to spread the propaganda of the Bun, these two are highly memetic in nature and are only really different by nationality and weapons. Appel of Monkey is a Dutchman with high levels of Frisian pride, and Sir Skull was a man of Mexican descent, and constantly brandished not only his memes, but his Finger guns. ( Both also had a passion for writing monthly news outlets, but neither of them were ever consistent in this)


Cinnamon Bun Shield(Appel):

Finger Guns of Sayori(Sir Skull): This weapon takes the form of skin-tight gloves that shape the user's hands into finger guns. They function just like any other gun, except they fire at lightning fast speeds. And instead of bullets, they fire out the words " No Bulli Sayori" towards their targets. Any bullies or enemies hit by enough of the words will immediately be unable to fight, and are rendered useless.

The Overconfident and Zealous one

Tybalt Trotsky- Easily the most fervent and violent of the bunch, Tybalt Trotsky's Church of Natsuki was destroyed in the Church of Monika's first attack. His newfound devotion to Sayori is often times taken to the extreme, leading to occasional conflicts with Laquearius.


Sword of Sayori: Tybalt wields the Sword of Sayori, a weapon he crafted from the finest Sayorium. This sword is very light, but can increase and decrease in size from a 20 inch standard blade, up to a 35 inch blade and down to virtually nothing, making it easily concealable. But repeated use however make the user increasingly depressed and reduces their combat effectiveness if not careful.


Like any religious organization, the Church of Sayori has a crap ton of standard followers who have pledge their lives to protecting the Bun. By themselves they aren't very powerful, but together, they wield many Sayori themed objects, and these insane items include pieces of metal spray painted to look like actual buns, actual buns to chuck at opponents for confusion, and even an insane enough man to wield what looks to be an old rusty Colt Detective, with a rope around the barrel, a bow tied around the hammer, and improperly loaded cartridges(with Sayori's face embossed upon the grip for added effect).

Standard improvised weapons such as crowbars, icepicks(which have since been banned after Tybalt's conversion), rocks, Tire irons, and even a few Molotov cocktails have been found in their possession. With all of these weapons, one may think the followers of Sayori are pretty violent, but only really resort to violence when Leader Laquearius orders them to as a last ditch effort. They are also poorly trained, and mostly come off the street seeking to absolve themselves of sins against the Bun.

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