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One shall stand...One shall fall
— Optimus Prime before his final battle with Megatron in the 1986 film

I'm a simple guy. I love comic books, sci-fi, movies, novels and video games. I enjoy reading comics of all sorts. From JLA to Punisher, I love them all. If you know me, you'll know I'll always be available to help with anything about them. Another one of my great loves is Transformers. I grew up with the G1 re-runs that Cartoon Network played and I never looked back. From the age of 3 I have always loved them and would consider myself an amateur expert on the subject. I enjoy writing and reading.

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TV shows

  • Robot Combat League
  • Lost
  • The DCAU
  • Avengers EMH
  • Deadliest Warrior
  • Face-Off
  • Transformers (G1 mostly. But any of the others will do)
  • The Walking Dead
  • Smallville


  • The Batman Nolanverse
  • Taken
  • Battle Royale
  • The MCU
  • Transformers (1986)
  • Batman (1989)
  • Harry Potter
  • Hunger Games


  • The Hunger Games
  • Ender's Game
  • The Outsiders
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Harry Potter
  • The Roar
  • The Last Book in the Universe
  • The Lord of the Rings trilogy
  • Solider Boys
  • Holes
  • Small Steps


  • We didn't start the fire (Billy Joel)
  • Most things Madeon
  • ZZ Top
  • Skillet
  • Abraham's daughter (Hunger Games rendition)
  • It's my life (Bon Jovi)
  • TBF

Video Games

  • Mass Effect
  • MediEvil
  • Dishonored
  • Super Smash Bros. franchise
  • Star Fox
  • Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
  • Batman Arkham franchise
  • Gears of War
  • Halo series
  • Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
  • Bioshock series
  • Pokemon series


  • Yu-Gi-Oh
  • Comic books (DC is my favorite, but I like Marvel too.)
  • Drums
  • WW2 (Any theatre)
  • History
  • Gladiators
  • Special Forces
  • Weapons

  1. Gladiator VS Maori Warrior Winner: Gladiator
  2. Sentinel Prime VS Devil Gundam Winner: Sentinel Prime
  3. Hawkeye VS Deadshot Winner: Hawkeye
  4. Percy Jackson VS Sora Winner: Sora
  5. Suicide Squad (New 52) VS HYDRA commanders ( 7 VS 7 fight.) Winner: Tie
  6. French Musketeer VS Samurai Winner: Samurai
  7. Genghis Khan VS Joan of Arc Winner: Genghis Khan
  8. Teen Titans VS Young Avengers Winner: Young Avengers
  9. Red Skull VS Cobra Commander Winner: Cobra Commander
  10. Gurkhas VS Irish Army Rangers Winner: Gurkhas
  11. Duck Dodgers VS Rocket Raccoon Winner: Rocket Raccoon
  12. Spetsnaz GRU VS GROM Winner: Spetsnaz GRU
  13. Season finale: Plumbers (Ben 10.) VS Men In Black Winner: Tie

  • Norman Osborn (Movieverse.) VS Batman (Nolanverse) Winner: Norman Osborn (Movieverse)
  • Delta Squad VS Cerberus Winner: Delta Squad
  • Suicide Squad (New 52) VS Team Baskerville (Hidan no aria) Winner: Suicide Squad (New 52)
  • Task Force 141 VS The Expendables Winner: Task Force 141
  • MacRay Gang VS Joker Gang Winner: Joker Gang 
  • Barracuda VS Nemesis (Comics) Winner: Barracuda
  • Agent 47 VS Deadshot Winner: Deadshot
  • Joint Task Force 2 VS GROM Winner: GROM
  • The Joker (Nolanverse) VS The Joker (Burtonverse) Winner: Joker (Nolanverse)
  • Smaug VS Dovahkiin Winner: Dovahkiin
  • CIS Droid Army VS Covenant Empire Winner: Covenant Empire

  • Two-Face VS Jigsaw (Comics) Winner: Two-Face (5-3)
  • Man-Bat VS The Lizard
  • Killer Croc VS Sabertooth
  • The Penguin VS The Kingpin (Collab with Las)
  • The Riddler VS Chameleon
  • Carnage (Cletus Kasady) VS Atrocitus
  • King Shark (New Earth) VS Tiger Shark (Comics)
  • Deadshot VS Bullseye (Collab with Las)
  • Red Hood VS Nemesis (Comics)
  • Black Mask VS Hammerhead
  • Red Skull (Comics) VS TBA
  • Cheetah (Comics) VS Titania
  • Green Goblin VS Dr. Dinosaur
  • Black Adam VS Red Hulk
  • Captain Cold VS Blizzard
  • Solomon Grundy VS Rhino (Comics)
  • Firefly VS Beetle
  • Sinestro VS Mandarin (Collab with Las)
  • Chemo VS Radioactive Man
  • Ra's Al Ghul VS Helmut Zemo
  • The General (Wade Eiling) VS Abomination
  • Great White Shark (Comics) VS Tombstone
  • Scarecrow (Comics) VS Hobgoblin
  • Bane (Comics) VS Kraven The Hunter
  • Ocean Master VS Attuma (Collab with Las)
  • Doomsday VS Terrax (Collab with Las)
  • Brainiac VS Apocalypse (Collab with Las)
  • Mad Hatter VS Puppet Master
  • Lex Luthor VS Iron Monger

  • Firstblood.png First Blood

    Complete 3 battles

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    Slaughter.png Slaughter

    Complete one season

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    1. Heracross
    2. Grovyle
    3. Flygon/Salamence
    4. Aggron
    5. Hyreigon
    6. Crobat
    7. Drapion
    8. Lugia
    9. Tododile
    10. Entei/Raikou


    Real name

    Joshua Quinton


    Upon turning into Achilles, Joshua posseses two magical gauntlets that allow him to summon weapons at will. Among these are a hoplon shield, a Dory spear, a Xiphos short sword, Apollo's bow (A magical recurve bow that can hit from EXTREMELY far distances, and fires vary powerful arrows that can explode and go around corners. When the string is pulled back, a magical arrow appears, knocked, on the bowstring thus giving it unlimited ammo), a magical discus that re-appears in his hand after being thrown, a javelin, and an Olive Branch Club. All the weapons, if broken, can be re-formed within an instant. He has a magical tool-belt given to him by Hera which allows him to pull out certain magical items of the gods. They include: Hermes' winged sandals which grant him super-human speed and flight, Hades' helm of invisibilty, Poseidon's trident which allows him to breathe underwater and swim at super-fast speeds, Zeus' lightning bolts which, when thrown, create a small electrical explosion on the target and then tghe bolt re-appears in his hand, and Athena's book of knowledge which grants him super-human intelligence while carrying it. He can only use one item at a time.


    32 as Joshua, thousands of years as Achilles

    Joshua Quinton grew up reading about heroes and their quests, slaying beasts and fighting the Trojans. When he grew up, he became a proffessor of ancient history at Princeton University. At the age of 29, he was asked to join an Achaelogical dig in Greece to uncover the possible burial grounds of the great hero, Achilles. When they uncovered the tomb, he was shot by a gold burst of light. He later woke up 1 week later in a hospital in Greece. During that week, his mind was flooded with messages of god-like beings. Upon his return to the US, he discovered that these messages were from the Olympian Gods. When the Gods call upon him, he is transformed into the reincarnated form of Achilles, called back from the dead to fight off the last of the villains of Olympus. These include various monsters such as the Hydra, Nemean Lion, Medusa, and the Chimera. He also fought the decendants of Circe and King Meidas as well as the reincarnation of his arch-nemesis Prince Hector among many, many other foes. In the form of Achilles he retains all of the great greek-hero's memories, personality traits and skills. Each victim he kills, is banished to Tartarus for an eternal life of suffering.

    Transformation into Achilles: When the Gods call upon him, Joshua is immediately transformed into Achilles with all of his powers. The armor of the gods is bestowed on him which covers his body and is extremely light and strong. 

    Powers (As Achilles)

    • Very intelligent: Yeah...kinda self explanatory.
    • Super human strength: Achilles has the strength of Ares within him allowing him to lift up to 45 tons. 
    • Super human endurance: Achilles' endurance allows him to fight for very long periods of time without food, water, rest or stopping. The full limits of his endurance have yet to be discovered.
    • Invulnerability: Achilles can only be killed one way. This way, like in the ancient Greek stories, is having his Achilles tendin severed. Otherwise, all wounds received by Achilles are merely surface wounds and will not kill him, however, they can wound him but not for long periods of time.
    • Resistance to pain: Achilles has almost complete resistance to pain. The only way to make him feel pain is, of course, his Achilles tendin or making him feel mental pain (Very hard to do).
    • Healing: Each time Josh turns into Achilles, any injuries received previously are gone and healed.
    • Skilled acrobat: Achilles can leap from rooftop-to-rooftop, and is very flexible.
    • Master tactician and combatant: Achilles retains his tactical and combat skills from the Trojan war. He is a master armed and unarmed when fighting and is a skilled marksman. He can devise unique and intricate plans of attack to make his foes suffer.


    • Achilles Tendin: If his Achilles tendin is cut or severed, the spirit of Achilles will die and he will turn into the normal, non-powered Josh Quinton. The spirit can be re-formed by the Gods, but it takes time.
    • Pride: The spirit of Achilles bears a fatal flaw: His pride. He feels as though he is better than his opponents. On occasion, he has considered himself greater than even the Gods. This will result in the removal of his powers until the spirit of Achilles is summoned upon him again.
    • Inability to control transformation into Achilles: Joshua has no control over when he turns into Achilles or when he turns back to himself. Rather, the Gods have control over this. 


    • I: The first suit of armor Achilles ever used in battle when he was reincarnated is the Greek Hoplite. This Hoplite armor was constructed of high-quality bronze and leather. It was standard infantry armor for all Greeks fighting in the Trojan war and was designed to fight in groups. It was made up of a greek helmet, bronze cuirass, leather tunic and sandals. However, when fighting foes who can break steel with a single punch, it is very weak. The only time Achilles ever used this armor when reincarnated was with his first encounter with Hector where it was badly damaged and the Gods saw need for an upgrade.
    • II: The second suit of armor Achilles had aquired was a set forged by Hephaestus himself which he calls the "Phoenix Armor". This suit has a specially designed helmet, reinforced chestplate, leggings, special belt, greaves and sandals as well as a cape. It is forged out of Olympian steel and designed to be light, yet extremely durable. Achilles uses this as his primary suit of armor when fighting any foes he encounters and he has used it since he got it.
    • III: The second suit of armor Achilles used in battle was a suit specially designed to fight powered beings and gods. It was awarded to him by Zeus after his encounter with Hector. The armor is made entirely out of Olympian steel, the strongest material in all of Olympus and Earth. It was worn by Zeus during the first Titan war and is millions of years old. It features a reinforced cuirass, Olympian helmet, leg pieces, greaves, sandals, and cape. Achilles uses this armor very rarely, only for fighting the most powerful of foes. However, he did use this in his second encounter with Hector and when he fought against Hyperion and the Titans.

    Rogue's gallery
    Villain name Explanation
    Prince Hector Achilles' arch nemesis, the reincarnated spirit of Prince Hector dwells within Joshua's best friend, Alex Jackson. He posseses the exact same powers as Achilles, but he posseses no weaknesses as he serves nobody, not even the gods. He also has no weakness in the Achilles heel. He posseses an unbreakable Xiphos forged from Trojan gold, a spear tipped with Olympian steel, and a shield forged by Hephaestus himself. He is nearly indestructible and no longer retains his heroic traits from the days of the Trojan war. He is corrupted and evil and will do whatever it takes to win a fight. He is constantly plotting to destroy Olympus and resserruct, his father, Priam the great King of Troy and his armies.
    Medusa Julia Swanson was once a beautiful, sucessful model. But after a horrendous car accident, her face was mangled and her hourglass figure was ruined. She lost everything, her husband, her money, her job and her home. Devastated, she turned to an old friend of her's who developed a special mask to hide her flaws and hopefully regenerate her beauty using a special nerve medicine that was injected through the mask. However, the medicine only ruined her. Her skin turned a molted green and she grew fangs and long talons. Her hair began to shift and miraculously come to life in the form of green vipers, which she keeps covered up by a head dress. But the worst part was soon to come. She grew bat wings on her back and her mind was corrupted. Her tongue is now a long, 10 foot poisonous viper that can retract into her mouth. The nerve medicine even further did its work when it made her vision become a glare that turned anyone to stone if she looked them in the eye. The goggles enhanced this power making her vision even more powerful. She became one of Achilles' greatest and deadliest foes, but was eventually sent to hell in their final battle in the Parthenon. 
    Gladius Oliver Hornwall was born a meta-human. He possesed unearthly strength and super-human reflexes from the day he was born. His parents abandoned him and handed him over to the government for studying. He was studied by them, researched, poked and prodded. He eventually broke out at the age of 15 and brutally killed those who tormented him. He wandered the streets for two years before he was eventually taken in by an old man, Jonathan Grace. Jonathan saw the power in Oliver and trained him in the literal arts, as well as sword fighting. Upon turning the age of 24, the gods discovered him and attempted to use him. However, he broke free of their endless torment, which forced them to send Achilles after him. The two ended up in a bloody battle, eventually ending in the defeat, but not death, of Gladius. Gladius wields a custom Gladius forged from the strongest materials Earth has to offer, a Gladiator helmet, a steel Gladiator's manaca, and a Gladiator's tower shield made from oak and steel. He occassionaly wields a spear.
    The son of Circe The evil sorceress Circe bore a child before she was banished to Tartarus. This son, was given no name, nor did he have any parents. This child, was known simply as the son of Circe. Not much is known of his past other than that it was a spell that his mother had put on him before she was banished that kept him alive in childhood. Due to his mother's abilities, he was born able to use magic. He eventually mastered the art of sorcery and learned of his mother's sentence to Tartarus. He made an attempt to break in and free her, but he was stopped by the gods before he could reach her and was imprisoned there himself. However, his sentence was for a mere 10,000 years. When he was released, he immediately went to attack the gods on Olympus. He nearly defeated the gods, but was stopped when Zeus summoned Achilles to save them. Achilles defeated the Son of Circe and he was sentenced back to Tartarus. He continues to plot his escape, and to get his revenge once more. He is a master of Dark Magic and Light Magic. He wields a staff with the skull of what was thought to be his mother after she passed away during his sentence.
    Hyperion The Titan of Light and holder of the Phoenix Stone, Hyperion is perhaps the most powerful being Achilles has ever faced. The great Titan escaped from Tartarus millions of years after the Titan war and stole the great Phoenix Stone from the temple of the Gods. The Phoenix stone is a powerful gem that gives the holder the ability to come back from dead once killed, much like a Phoenix. After doing so he burned down the temple of the Gods using his powers before descending back to Tartarus to revive and free his fellow titans from the bottomless prison. However, by that time, the Gods' soldiers surrounded him. Trapped, he used his immense powers to fight them off. He reached the tomb of Kronos but was stopped when Achilles was summoned. The two engaged in a fight, but Hyperion was victorious. However, Achilles was able to toss coffin that held Kronos' remains in it into the pit of Tartarus. Hyperion angrily beat Achilles and then ascended into the sky with the wounded hero in his hands. TBF
    The Nemean Lion TBA


    No Title
    Hero design 3.png

    Real name

    Alex O'Neill

    Base of operation

    New England


    Solo hero/Vigilante, protecting the people of New England




    Various gadgets, weapons, and technologies including dual retractable batons, smoke screen emitters, explosives, handbow, thermal and night vision cowl, and a bullet proof suit and cape.

    Bio TBA


    • Dual retractable batons: Sentinel's primary weapons are two batons that he made himself. Each baton is very light and durable and can be retracted for easy storage in his belt. They are approximately 20 inches long and 1 inch in diameter. For tougher foes, they can be electrified with a press of a button. For a little extra reach, Alex made them so that they can be connected and extend into a 4 and a half foot long bow staff.
    • Smoke screen gloves: On the bottom of each wrist, Sentinel has a small device that can emit a large and thick smoke screen for distractions and getaways. The smoke is stored in individual mini cartridges. Each cartridge lasts for about 8 uses. The devices have a rotating carousel to switch out an empty cartridge with a fresh one automatically. The carousel can hold 6 full cartridges and Sentinel always keeps extra in his toolbelt.
    • Collapsible Handbow: A specially designed Crossbow Pistol is Sentinel's go-to weapon for long ranged fighting. It can collapse into a compact piece so that it can be stored on his toolbelt. The bow is semi automatic and features a 10 round magazine and a red-dot sight. It fires dart-like bolts a distance of 50 meters. He has developed 3 additional types of bolts, one that injects a special poison into the victim which knocks them out, one that is electrified to deliver a non-lethal shock to the foe when the bolt hits, and one that can curve in flight to shoot around corners and up walls.
    • Miniature grenades: Sentinel has within his arsenal, a variety of explosive balls in various types. They include a flashbang type, a knock-out gas type, a type that shoots out an extremely sticky substance to trap foes, smoke-bomb types and a type that releases hundreds of rubber balls to subdue foes. Each is about the size of a gum-ball and he can store many of them in his tool-belt.
    • Collapsible shurkens: For mid ranged combat, Sentinel introduced a collapsible type of shuriken. They are six-pointed throwing stars that can fold in half for easy storage. When un-folded, they lock into place and are the same size as a normal shuriken. They are extremely sharp and can cut into steel. Sentinel also introduced an explosive variation of this same shuriken design. These produce a non-lethal explosion as soon as they hit the target to wound or disorient foes. Sentinel can throw both types with great accuracy for a distance of about 20+ meters. He keeps about 30 of them stored in his toolbelt and throughout his suit at all times. Ocassionaly more.
    • Grapple gun: Sentinel carries a small grappling-hook pistol in his tool-belt. It fires a very small, yet very strong, harpoon-like grappling hook with a long length of very tough cable. The cable can be reeled in with the press of a button beside the trigger. It is very compact and was designed by Sentinel himself.
    • Various other gadgets: Sentinel has developed a host of other gadgetry and tools such as miniature tracking devices, explosive gel, super-adhesive sprays, a portable underwater breathing mask, caltrops, small bolas, an electrified knuckle duster, small capsules that when thrown release very strong and large electrified nets that instantly wrap around the opponent and trap them, various non-lethal chemicals, a special flashdrive that can download all of a computer's hardrive in seconds (Nicknamed the Flash), small devices that can set up a a laser tripwire and send an alert to Sentinel if anyone trips it (Nicknamed Watchdogs), and a miniature tool kit containing a variety of simple tools (Mini welder, mini drill, mini buzzsaw, etc. All the tools collapse into small cylindrical pieces).
    • Suit: Sentinel's suit is bullet proof and is very light weight. It is made of a breathable material that is also very flexible. The cowl of the costume features a a special eye-piece that can allow Sentinel to see in thermal and night vision. It also can produce a small warning signal if a Watchdog he set up has been tripped, and which one.

    Allies: Achilles, Nautilator, Blur, Psychos.