"Evil is a State of Mind, a Point of View, an Opinion, So in a Way, We Are All Evil" ~Tesla Man

"Life Isnt a Game, Its a Toy, There Is No Meaning or Objective, So Stop Looking For One" ~Tesla Man

Tesla Man
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28 as of Feb 20, 2012


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Previous Cambridge Professor, current Middle School World History Teacher

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People Describe me as...

Interesting, Unique, Fun to be around, Slightly Disruptive at times


Distinctly Steam-punk

About Me

I was born Feb 20 in Florida, but moved to England at the age of 7. Since then, i have been a history fanatic(?) and have gotten myself a job in what i love. But anyways, m username is Tesla Man because of the famous Austrian Scientist and Inventer Nikola Tesla, suprise. Now, enoughabout my life, lets move onto my top five list!

Favoite Movie

  1. Hunger Games
  2. Adventures of Tintin (its a kid show, i know, but its an amazing move)
  3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes
  1. Sorcerers Apprentice
  1. 2012

Favorite Book

  1. The Da'vinci Code
  2. The Chronicles of Vladmir Tod
  3. Any History Textbook

Thats about it, im not a big reader

Music Genre

  1. Hip Hop + Rap
  2. Rock
  3. 70s & 80s Music


Tesla's First Collection of Carnage

1.01 The Zodiac Killer vs Jack the Ripper

1.02 Predator vs Na'vi

1.03 John Dillinger vs Al Capone

1.04 2011: Death to the Dictator Free For All

Intermission to take a break and to finish unfinished battles

1.05Hannibal the Cannibal vs Jason Voorhees

1.06 Leatherface vs The Bunnyman

1.07 Lex Luthor vs Harvey Dent

1.08 Finale Special

Tesla's Seccond Collection of Carnage

(Coming Jan 1, 2013)

Big, Bad, and Deadliest: Rise of the TDBU

Qin Shihuangdi vs Attila the Hun

Alexander the Great vs Xerxes

Spartacus vs Sun Tzu

Cyrus the Great vs Miltiades

Ramesses vs Hannibal (Collab with Lasmoore)

Caesar vs Constantine (Collab with Lasmoore)

Antiochus vs Alaric

Sargon the Great vs Boudica

Big, Bad, and Deadliest: Age of the TDBU

Coming Soon Enough

Big, Bad, and Deadliest: Fall of the TDBU

Coming eventually so hold your horses

Steampunk User Tourney

Classic Monsters Unleashed

Creature From The Black Lagoon vs Wolfman

Count Dracula vs Count Orlok

Mr Hyde vs Phantom of the Opera

Frankenstien vs Quasimodo

Single Battles

Xenomorph vs Moorwen

Nazi Waffen SS vs SNLF

Joker vs Goldfinger

Unfinnished Battles

This is the battles i have made, bt i never got around to fnnishing the battle sim

Na'vi vs Predator

Al Capone vs John Dillinger

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