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Hello <insert name here>,

I am So-Pro Warrior one of the many Users on this wiki. You can find me on other websites such as and Youtube under the same name. I like to write Battles on this website, Stories on Fanfiction and make Videos on Youtube. I have a taste for many kinds of Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Anime and Video Games that involve action.

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Holiday.gif Happy Holidays 2012 Deadliest Fiction!
Scifi.png Sci-Fi Battle of the Year: 2012: Luke Skywalker vs Commander Shepard
Thirdyear.gif Happy 3rd Anniversary Deadliest Fiction!
Holiday2.gif Happy Holidays 2013 Deadliest Fiction!
Scifi.png Sci-Fi Battle of the Year: 2013: Krogan vs. Sontaran

  • Battle of the Galaxy Savers: Commander Shepard vs. Luke Skywalker: Winner: Luke Skywalker
  • Battle of the Mental Soldiers: Matthew Baker vs. Alex Mason: Winner: Alex Mason
  • Battle of the Video Game Badasses: Winner: Ryu Hayabusa
  • Battle of the Old but VERY Powerful: Gandalf vs. Yoda: Winner: Yoda
  • Battle of the Alien Fighters. SSgt. Nantz vs. Alex Hopper: Winner: SSgt. Nantz
  • Battle of the Battle Bred Species: The Krogan vs. The Sontaren: Winner: The Krogan
  • Battle of the Predator Fighters: Alan "Dutch" Schafer vs. Royce: Winner: Tie
  • Battle of the two Forces of Good Armies: The Alliance vs. The Grand Army of the Repubic: Winner: Systems Alliance
  • Ancient Battle new Warriors: Team Ninja vs. Team Samurai: Winner: Team Ninja
  • 3rd Person Free For All: Winner: Nathan Drake
  • Battle of the Special Forces: SEAL Team Seven vs. Task Force 141: Winner: Task Force 141
  • Battle of the Mass Effect Villians: Saren Arterius vs. Kai LengWinner: Saren Arterius
  • Battle of the Young Warriors: Sora vs. Harry Potter: Winner: Harry Potter
  • Battle of the Wild West: Jake Lonergan vs. John Marston: Winner: John Marston
  • The Battle of the Resistance Fighters: The Resistance (Terminator) vs. The 2nd Mass Milita (Falling Skies)
  • The Final Battle: The Justice League (DCAU) vs. The Straw Hat Pirates: Winner: The Straw Hat Pirates

Collab Battles

  • Collab w/Pach: Kamen Rider Amazon vs. Spider-Man (Miles Morales): Winner: Tie
  • Collab w/Sport: Battle of the Call of Duty Antagonist: Vladimir Makarov vs. Raul Menendez: Winner: Vladimir Makarov

  1. Battle of the Ultimate Galaxy Savers: Master Chief vs. Commander Shepard: Winner: Tie
  2. Battle of the Protectors: The Jedi Order vs. The Green Lantern Corps
  3. Battle of the King's: Aragorn vs. King Leonidas
  4. Battle of the Animal Cartoon Warriors: The Furious Five vs. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Rematch)
  5. World War I Leader Battle: Charles W. Whittlesey vs. Lawrence of Arabia
  6. Battle of the Special Forces Soldiers 1: William Lennox vs. Duke (GI Joe Movieverse)
  7. Battle of the Evil Dragons: Ke-Pa (Kung Fu Panda Legends of Awesomness) vs. The Dark Dragon (American Dragon Jake Long)
  8. Battle of the American Soldiers from Film and Real Life: The 75th Rangers (Black Hawk Down) vs. The 1st Air Calvary (We Were Soldiers)
  9. Battle of the Two Groups who fight for Organizations: Shepard's Team (ME2) vs. Project Freelancer
  10. Battle of the Two Hero Groups: The Loonatics vs. The Avengers (AEMH)
  11. Battle of the Ten Veterans: The Ten Veteran Kamen Riders vs. The Ten Veteran Red Rangers
  12. Battle of the War Veterans: Avery Johnson vs. David Anderson
  13. Battle of the Two Groups of Different Species: The Covenent vs. The Alliance (Doctor Who)
  14. Battle of the Famous Companies: Arlakah Company vs. Ghost Company
  15. Battle of the Organic Killers: The Husks vs. The Flood
  16. Battle of the World War II American Soldiers who LOVE Killing Nazis: The Dirty Dozen vs. The Bastards
  17. Battle of the Special Forces Teams: Delta Squad vs. Fireteam Majestic
  18. Battle of the Power Ranger Anti-Villian Warriors: Zen-Aku vs. Deker
  19. Battle of the Survivors: Rama vs. Snow
  20. Season Finale Battle: Battle of the Power Rangers Empires: The Troobian Empire vs. The Machine Empire

Special Battle of Season 2

  • Battle of the Empires: The Zangyack Empire vs. The Galactic Empire

  1. Jonathan Irons vs. Raul Menendez
  2. Tommy Oliver vs. Captain America (MCU)
  3. Xemnas vs. Darth Vader
  4. The Digidestined (Digimon Frontier) vs. The Psycho Rangers
  5. Mike Banning vs. John Cale
  6. Monkey D. Luffy vs. Aang
  7. Static Shock vs. Cole MacGrath
  8. The Shadow Broker vs. General RAAM
  9. Jason Tripitikas vs. Po
  10. Underdog vs. Krypto
  11. The Wolverines (1984) vs. The Wolverines (2012)
  12. K-12 & A-1 Teams vs. ODST Squad
  13. General Shepherd vs. General Hummel
  14. John Rambo vs. The Joker (Nolanverse)
  15. Mut-Orgs vs. Akumaizer
  16. Eragon vs. Sora
  17. COG vs. Colonial Marines
  18. Ben 10 vs. The Guyver (Sho Fukamachi)
  19. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003 Ver.) vs. Batman (DCAU)
  20. Season Finale: The Straw Hats vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger