Hello <insert name here>, I'm Redkite or you can just call me Kite. I'm very passionate about this wiki, I enjoy it. I used to watch Deadliest Warrior alot and was always very keen to think, what if these two warriors battled? Luckily I found this wiki by chance when just browsing the web and I followed the wiki as a anon for three months until Febuary where I deicded to join. I was immeadiatley well greeted well by various members of the wiki and in time, have come to know many people on the wiki and respect alot of them well despite whether I know you well or not, I have alot of respect for every user on this wiki and am very enthusiastic about working hard and producing good battles on this wiki.

About me

I am a geek and a gamer. I love good games with a decent story and alot of exciting action, either swords or guns. I like reading and writing fan fiction and I have made a few stories before when I just get inspired I suppose. A few of my favourite geeky gamer things include:


  • Star Wars
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Homefront
  • DC (Superman, Batman, Doomsday)
  • Marvel (Iron Man, Spider-man, Captain America, Thor)
  • Predators
  • Special Forces (SAS, SBS, SRS, US Navy SEALs, Delta Force)
  • Battlefield
  • World War 2 (Pacific Theatre, Special Forces aspects)
  • Walking Dead
  • Falling Skies
  • Classic Arnie and Clint Eastwood Films

My Battle Seasons

New Guys Battles

MARSOC vs. Aliens (Xenomorph)

Royal Marine Commandos vs. Ukrainian Marine Corps

Season 1 - WW3, First Contact

1, US National Guard vs. Russian Ground Forces - US National Guard Won

2, SBS vs. Shayetet 13 - SBS Won

3, Russian Airbourne Troops vs. Royal Marine Commandos - Royal Marines Won

4, Troupes de Marine vs. PLAMC - Troupes de Marine Won

5, Russian MVD vs. MI6 - Russian MVD Won

6, Green Berets vs. Special Services Group - Green Berets Won

7, SAS and Delta Force vs. Spetsnaz and Guangzhou - SAS and Delta Force Won (Note: May not be done in the order placed and not all battles will be done, should I declare the season is over and any of the battles on this list have not been done, they are free for the taking.)

Season 2 - Clash of the Gods

TOOH vs. TB.jpg
Mongorth vs. Fire Storm2.jpg
Black Adam vs. Beta Ray Bill.jpg

Darkseid vs. Thor.jpg

Captain America vs. Deathstroke 3.jpg

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User Warrior

There are two warriors I support and adore above all else:

The Dark Guardian

The Dark Guardian
The Dark Guardian.png


Aaron Hedrid




London, United Kingdom


Protecting and enforcing the law, stopping crime, fight terrorism against the UK


2006 - Present


Ability to think 10x faster than the normal human, Supersoldier abilties including drastically enhanced strength, speed, stamina and intelligence. VII Suit capable of lifting roughly 3000 pounds at a very maximum. Master of several and his own martial arts and stealth and has extensive knowledge of the human body.


Metal Batons, Metal Shards (Dipped inEther, Electrified or Explosive), Non-harmful explosives, Flashbang balls

When Aaron Hedrid was a young child, he always dreamed of becoming a super-hero and enforcing the law in the reckless and troubled boroughs of London and the UK because nothing scared him more than the fear of murder, robbery or other crimes to his family and friend, but this was just a child's dream and Aaron grew on. Aaron was born to Micheal and Louise Hedrid and like his father, Aaron was a genius. Starting from the basics at 3, he built master Lego sets that Lego then proceeded to design prints for and sell on in toy sets and by 13 Aaron could take apart, modify then put back together the latest cars. But when Aaron was 15, a fatal car crash cost his parent's their lives and Aaron was left on his own. Devastated, Aaron grew up a careless and sad boy on his own and despite his genius and father's legacy, including their enormous house and immense riches, he went on to join the army. By the age of 24, he was a member of the 22nd Special Air Service in the regiment's best unit, A squadron. Here Aaron was put to his limit and this drove him into peak physical fitness having perfect strength, endurance and stamina.

After finishing his long 12 year run in the SAS, Aaron became a test subject of a joint secret British-American scientific research unit. He openly volunteered with his carelessness. Aaron was tested on for several months, the scientifc research being to generate super soldiers by means of enhanced adrenaline for fear of future war against Russia and China. The tests proveded failure with no effect until one liquid was passed into his bloodstream, which months later, caused him to undergo extreme changes, gaining supersoldier ehanced speed, strength, and intelligence but most significantly, the ability to think 10x faster than the normal human. Unfortunatley, these changes came months after the scientific unit was shut down and Aaron had left the Special Air Service. Leaving Aaron with unique powers.

Aaron never quite moved on from his parent's death and this forced him into a depression until he found a drawing book from his childhood, inside, his super-hero dream inspired by the stories of the 'Batman' as a child was locked away, but this would be a dream no more as Aaron's depression drove him to do something with his life and become a super hero. Aaron worked hard on his body, working to beyond peak physical capability for a human in turn with his super human abilities.

Through his 12 year run in the SAS, Aaron had made some powerful friends and was able to attain specialised ultra-thin body armor for future soldiers, aswell as a variety of other gadgets he spent years on making. His other gadgets included specialised metal cutting throwing blades, minature ball flashbangs and ultra small C4 sticks, a pressured powered grapple gun and various other gadgets including highpowered scopes and a mask which protects him from sound and vision threats and filters sound and sight threats, making him resistant to things like flashbangs. Aaron finally finished 3 years of long body enhancement and training and finally created a super-hero but he had one more thing he wanted. Aaron attained a specialised air complusor and built them into his boots, then incorperated a special gliding system into his cape, the air would be recycled and charged in his feet, allowing him to fly and the cape would give him aerodynamics.

Aaron also learnt alot about the human body in his preperation, how it ticks and it's weaknesses. He also mastered multiple hand to hand fighting combats limited people knew about and several martial arts while also have a mental fluentsy which origined from his brain. Aaron's supersoldier enhancements only improved with his peak human physical ability soon he was feeling ready. Aaron took to the streets on London to fight crime with his supersolider and peak physical, mental and technological abilities. Aaron worked around the clock fighting crime, espically the high end villains where the crime originiated from, giving the police space to work on the low end crimes. Although the police had many encounter with this vigilante, not once was he arrested as he seemed like a saviour in the dark times of London where crime had reached a new peak. Many saw him as a guardian, and since he worked at night, he became seen as 'The Dark Guardian'. Aaron lived on the outskirts of London in his parent's house. After several experiences as the Dark Guardian, Aaron realised the need to use advanced technology, as a result, Aaron turned his office into a massive room and developed a suit up system which suited him up.?

Although the first take of 'The Dark Guardian' was very skeptical, people soon came to respect the super hero. Over time, Aaron introduced further highly advanced technology including specialised tracking and hacking systems, technology to lock onto signals including phones, television and even laptops and various other gadgets to use in combat including electric whips, explosive metal throwing blades and sound and thermal sensor technology which picked up where people had made or had been based on sound waves and dispersed thermal energy deposits.



Aaron's first costume was a slightly modifyed version of the super solider armour he was able to attain. The ultra-

The Dark Guardian.png

light but well protected armour allowed him to move quickly and blend in with the night time darkness, espically with it's black colour. The armour will light and slightly bulkly and thick but it worked perfectly. Aswell as pressure plated boots and endo-skeleton backing over his body, a large dark cape clouded his back and he blended in with the night like a monster to intimidate his foes. Aswell as his armour, Aaron introduced a mask which was resistant to flashbang and sound and eye hazards and this was covered by a black mask with powerful light blue glowing eyes. Attached to his cape was a air compulsor and three metal poles inside the cape meaning when he needed to move, the pole would deploy straight, one to his right, one to his left, one facing downward. The poles were loose when not deployed and inside his cape so when deployed, they went straight and allowed him to guide his aerodynamic ability. Shortly after introducing the suit, Aaron modifyed the air complusor further to allow him to reach sound braking speeds in necessary, specifically to respond to significant events occuring in other parts of the country.


After several months using the VI costume or 'armour' as he came to nickname it, Aaron felt like he was falling

The Dark Guardian V2 Costume.png

behind on the game fatally and he decided to step up. With his genius IQ, Aaron decided to develop an specialised endo-skeleton casing and support to go around him. After much work and testing, he finally perfected it. The metal endo-skeleton wen't around his body and was powered by a specialised motor on his back which linked to his air complusor. The endo-skeleton enhanced his strength, speed and agility significantly and his strength with the endo-skeleton could pick up and carry a car with ease. Over the endo-skeleton and Aaron went a new reinforced armour which was thicker, lighter and more durable as well as more fluent so he could move well. The endo-skeleton and reinforced armour allowed him to withstand bullets although he tried to avoid this as much as possible. This new armour was bigger but stronger and in time, became his choice of armour for fighting. From that endo-skeleton, Aaron is working on new and stronger endo-skeletons depending on the foe.


Aaron's next costume was one he found was very reliable when he was out and about. Developing new friends


throguh the management of his company, Aaron found himself going out slightly more, only to witness crimes but be unable to do much without his costume. For this, Aaron spent several weeks developing another costume using the same structure as the VII costume, but capable of being suited on him without the need for a his usual suit up machine at his house. The VII-Portable, or shortend to P. The sacrifise of this portability was the endo-skeleton that was one similar to the VI costume endo-skeleton which, compared to the VII endo skeleton, is alot weaker. Aaron found the most effective to transport the costume was in a backpack, however he also always came prepared with a black nilon mask to wear over and hide his face before he suited up. The bag was simply but on the floor and he would step on the handle which would deploy a scanner, the scanner would confirm it was his foot and then the bag open on a suprisingly metallic technological way hidden underneath the coating, Aaron would then place his hands and feet in a specific position and the device would do the rest, taking roughly 30 seconds to suit him up. The suit was most effective for quick encounters and could hold his own with a similar standard to the VII suit but was let down by the weaker endo-skeleton. The costume generally looked the same as the VII suit with the exception of a slightly less bulky built because of the different endo-skeleton. 

Weapons and Equipment

Weapon: Explination:
VI Suit Abilities

While the VI suit was considerabley basic compared Aaron's other suits the VI was ideal for dealing with criminals, muggers and other people. The suit relied the joint capability of Aaron and the benefits of suit provided, for example, the endo-skeleton underneath the initial costume provided Aaron with significantly enhanced strength, speed and agility by a factor of 10. The suit itself was a prototype combat armour for future super soldiers and was designed so the soldier could have long lasting protection against even fragmentation grenades while also allowing them to be light and fast moving, Aaron modifyed the armour by reinforcing the endurance and protection of the arrmour further since Aaron did not need to concern the agility and speed of the armour when the endo-skeleton provides significantly enhanced agility and speed.

Aaron painted the suit and added a belt where he holstered his equipment. Aswell as this, Aaron installed a special shard depensing machine in his wrists, this allowed Aaron to deploy shards into his hand by tapping the skin connecting his finger twice and palm then moving his hand into a specific position so he could collect the shard as it was placed into his hand. Tapping the skin between his finger would alert the machine to detect his hand movement when he moved it, tapping the same position again would turn off the machine. Aaron designed the machine so tapping the ring finger skin would dispense a normal shard, the middle finger would dispense an explosive shard and the index finger would dispense an electric shard. 

VII/VII-P Suit Abilities

Alot of the abilities from the VI suit were improved and brought forward to the VII suit. The 'Shard Dipensers' as Aaron called it were improved so it had better tracking abilties and didn't mis-dispense a shard. The endo-skeleton of the VII was improved significantly with the intention of being able to take on tougher foes. As a result, the abilties of the VII endo-skeleton was improved on a very high grade and allowed The Dark Guardian to match Iron Man's strength. The armour of the VII was also improved heavily so The Dark Guardian could endure serious punishment, even a repulsor beam from Iron Patriot. 

The VII-P bared alot of similarities to the VII costume however the armour utilised a more basic endo-skeleton underneath the costume, an endo-skeleton similar to the VI's as a sacrifise to the ability for the suit to be transported and have all the same abilities of the VII.


When Aaron introduced the Dark Guardian, he saw the need for a computer to help him, espically with such tasks as forming operations, managing his suits and designing new ones. To help him do this, he spent several months piecing together or creating pieces to form a super-computer, he recived technology from Chinese Goverment computer, CIA computers and created his own technology. After several months and right on time with his first launch as the Dark Guardian he created his super-computer. The computer had a voice recognition system for his voice so he could order it to do tasks and the computer was on 24/7 alert to respond only to his voice. The computer was incredibley fast and had high grade hacking capability and security, this provded vital when attaining the blue prints for the Prime Ministers car. 

After 2 weeks Aaron developed a 'mini-computer' when similar capabilities to his main computer and installed the mini version into his mask. Also using voice commands which could not be heard out side the mask, the mini computer displayed a screen infront of his right eye, while the screen was transparant and the projection system was non-harmful, he could things such as analizing buildings for weak points or areas of entry since the mini-computer relayed between the main. Aaron constantly upgraded the computers to make them more capable and effective and faster and capable of covering newer subjects or anazling weaknesses in unique foes.

Air Complusor and Cape

Both suits utilised the air complusor device. The air compulsor device is a special piece of technology that obsorbs and utilises air as a feul. Air is capture by the device in a matter of seconds and pressure is built up in the device, when deployed, this air complusor can make the user fly, specifically the Dark Guardian. It is a secret device and has not yet been discovered and it took many years with alot of money and intelligence to make. Aaron controls the air complusor by voice however his mask hides this so it cannot' be heard, giving him the idea he can fly.

To control the flying capability of the air compulsor which is attached onto The Dark Guardian's back, over it flutters a cape. Within the cape are 3 moveable metal rods. One facing down, one to the right and one to the left. When the rods are not in use, all hang down and move with the cape however when the air compulsor is charged, the rods deploy into a straight position to form a triage pointing downward, in this position to helps the Dark Guardian fly and steer. The rods could also stay in position when the air compulsor is not being used allowing the Dark Guardian to glide or parachute.

Super Soldier Effects Due to Aaron partisipating in a super soldier program during his time in the SAS he recieved enhanced and permenant adrenaline after many months of testing. The adrenaline had several odd effects on Aaron several months after he left the SAS. He found he no longer needed a large amount of time sleeping, he could sleep for an hour and would feel like he had slept for ten. Next Aaron soon found his strength, agility, speed, stamina and endurance heavily improved. Finally Aaron found himself capable of thinking very fast, he could understand, brake down and react much faster, enough that when he tested himself, he found he reacted roughly 10x faster than the normal human. 
Martial Arts and Hand to Hand Combat

In the 3 years Aaron spent becoming physically and mentally fit to be a super hero, Aaron studied several variants of martial arts and studied the human body heavily. Aaron became a master class in several variants of fighting and began to adapt them into his own routine, he began to understand various blocks, reactions and movements, he learned to keep fast and fluent and his super soldier abilities helped significantly. During his 3 years, Aaron developed his abilities with martial arts significantly, he understood how to block and react properly, how to brake down and understand your opponent quickly and how best to attack, all of this went hand in hand with his improved thinking ability.

Aaron chose to study the human body in heavy detail. He began to comprehend basic human reactions, behaviour and movement. He also learnt about weak spots, exploitable body parts like muscles and even funny bones and reflex jerks in the body. Aaron's physical strength and endo-skeleton strength helped aswell and together his reserach, martial arts and physical strength made him a lethal hand to hand combatant, and he favoured hand to hand combat more than any other weapon.


Aaron come to see the need for ranged weaponary. He studied the motion, action and effectiveness of throwing knives and decided to develop his own variant. He named his creation 'Shars', the flat, thin steel shards were razor sharp and shaped like pentagons and came in three variations. The first variant of shard was dipped in a specialy modifyed version of faster effecting ether, a chemical which when absorbed into the body, puts them to sleep. This version of ether was faster effecting and only took several seconds before targets were dozy and disorinated before falling asleep.

The second variant of shard was slightly larger and featured semtex and a small timer molded on. In the centre of the shard was a small button to switch on the timer 10 second timer, however until the button was released the timer did not start. When released and thrown the shard could hit targets and dig into armour or become stuck in walls because of how sharp the shard was. When the timer reached 0, the shard blew up with an explosive force that could put holes in walls.

The third variant of shard was very unique. The shard featured a small device that when detected the impact (The shard hitting target) released an electronic current powerful enough to affect muscles, for example, dropping weapons or knives, and give the user a shock that would stop them in their tracks. 

Taser Baton For more difficult foes, the Dark Guardian introduced a deployable baton. The baton would be equipped on his belt and is retracted into a smaller piece, when the button is held and the baton is flung downward, the baton is deployed to it's full length of roughly 35-40cm. The baton was metal and very hard and the Dark Guardian taught himself, in combination with research on the human body, to use the baton effectivley. On the tip of the baton and switched on by a second button, a small taser slightly more powerful than Police standard tasers is attached. The taser tip allows stabs and swings with the baton is give an additional shock but should harder enemies need more damage, the power of the taser can be amplifyed to EMP level charge. 
Flashbangs, Electronic and EMP Balls

Aaron saw the power and effectiveness of Flashbangs, Electronic and EMP first hand many times in the SAS and this inspired him to produce smaller grenades. While keeping the power of flashbangs, Aaron minimized the size of Flashbangs, after many experiments and tests, into a tiny metal ball. To activate the flashbang, a small button at the top of the ball could be pressed down and a timer would activate, after 10 seconds, the flashbang ball would go off releasing the same effects of military grade flashbangs in the size of a marble that could not be noticed. 

Aaron liked the idea of electronic weapons like tasers and EMP's and wanted to introduce them. When he met Iron Man for the first time, Aaron realised that Iron Man's armour was a weapon many evils would give to steal and in the hands of an experienced and hostile user, could be enormous damage. This led Aaron to work on an electronic ball that could affect normal users like the electronic shard, and a incredibley power mini-EMP ball that could hopefully short or cut out connectivity in joints of Iron Man armour for a few seconds. Aaron made this EMP balls in case any Iron Man armour ever fell into the wrong hands.

Electric Whip After his encounter with Whiplash, Aaron decided to create his own variant of whip. On the bottom of his wrist he added a small device so he could deploy a whip, to deploy the whip he simply pressed on the device with his other hand then he could handle the whip from there. It would extend and retract to his need and could produce a powerful eletric charge.

Taking to the Streets

Equipping his first suit and accepting his new abilities, Aaron tooks to the streets to combat crime. Utilising his hacking devices and aerodynamic ability, Aaron began to target crime rapidly. He hacked into police transmissions so he could respond to crimes before the police and spread the news of his exsistance. He then responded using deadly force to knock out but NEVER kill. Aaron started off small, when not responding to Police transmissions, he would patrol by himself and using his sound amplification technology, he would literally track down muggins, attacks and more. One of his first anti-crime missions occured when he watched a mugging. Inivisble in the darkness, almost like a demon, only his light bright blue eyes could be seen which were actually night vision and modifyed thermal visionary. He watched as a mugger dragged a lone lady off the street and pulled her handback from her, she attempted to fight back desperatley, but he did not care. He opened the bag and took out her purse whilst pushing the lady away. He then threw her handbag on the floor and laughed, the woman fustrated and frightend, she attempted to grab the purse and he swung his fist at her but before his fist could connect with her face a hand suddenly grabbed the mugger's wrist through the darkness. Taken by suprise the mugger turned confused for moment to suddenly see the Dark Guardian emerge through the darkness, the Dark Guardian punched the mugger sending him in a tumble backward then grabbed the mugger's left arm and kicked his right left leg, forcing him onto one knee, the Dark Guardian then dislocated the left arm and the mugger screamed in pain. The Dark Guardian finished the mugger by kneeing him in the face and the mugger fell over to the muddy floor unconcious, the Guardian had done with all in a matter of seconds. Stunned, the women watched as the Dark Guardian picked up her purse which had fallen to the floor while the Dark Guardian dealt with the mugger and then picked up her handbag, he wiped the mud off the purse and handbag and returned with to the baffled woman. "Thank you.", she said, still in shock. He looked at her, "You don't need to thank me.", he replied then his cape expanded from a loose fabric to a solid and the sound of power building up echoed from his back and he instantly launched away up into the sky and disappeared, off to respond to another incident.

Encounter with the Police

After several weeks of responding to incidents, the Dark Guardian earneda feared reputation. He became a urban myth as every time, dispite how many attackers attempted to deal with him, he defeated his opposition. He worked hard in the large city of London as many were sure this was just a silly joke, however, as the Dark Guardian worked on, many finally encountered him. After several weeks, crime rates began to drop in London and to the suprise of the police, this was linked to the Dark Guardian's work. Despite his do-good work, the Police soon built up a record of his enocunters and he was wanted for a variety of assaults when he had done to criminals which complained against him. During an encounter several weeks into his deployment, he responded to a burglury in a flat, little did he know this was actually a sting trap set up by the metropolitan (London) police to finally catch the Dark Guardian. When he arrived and entered the flat, he was ambushed by several Police officers and detectives. Using batons, them attempted to take him down by the Dark Guardian dodged every swing. He did not attack back for his respect for the police and the fact they were fighting for the same cause so he simply dodged and avoided them until he could exit the flat and fly away. The fact he did not attack became notable to many officers and the public when discovery of this operation was mentioned in the news. This earned him alot of respect amoung the public and some of the police and showed he was a good hearted person.

Saving the Prime Minister

In July 2010, new Prime Minister David Cameron was finishing a trip to Cardiff, Wales to concentrate on the economical state of Wales. As he was exiting the hotel he had been staying at for several days in Cardiff, suddenly multiple armed men stormed the security cars and his main car as he entered the car. Holding all at gun point, they forced the security out and drove away with the David Cameron as hostage. Within minutes, news of him being taken hostage at gun point was spread throughout the United Kingdom. The hostage takers took David Cameron along the M4 motor way out of Cardiff into England, they told the police by phone that if they attempted a resuce or police cars get too near, they would kill David Cameron. As soon as Aaron caught wind of this, he sped up the recharging process of his suit from his computer. Aaron pressed a button on his computer and behind him a small area in the carpet behind him unfolded onto itself to reveal a white floor. Aaron turned around and walked forward onto a small white shiny square on his floor. The floor scanned his feet to confirm it was him and a beep of confirmation sounded. From the ceiling descended a large rack containing his endo-skeleton. The rack descended until it was nearly touching the floor and then it began to move toward Aaron. The rack stopped infront of Aaron and he moved into the open endo-skeleton armour. The endo-skeleton armour closed and ceiled around Aaron’s body, covering him in a full metal skeleton, Aaron stepped back and as he did, another beep sounded and the rack ascended into the ceiling. Another rack from the same starting position descended and moved toward Aaron. Aaron put his hands out in front of him, this rack contained his VI costume. The rack stopped infront of Aaron and the parts of the rack carrying the arms of his supersoldier armour moved forward first and were placed onto his arms. Next the parts of the rack carrying his gloves moved forward and were placed over his hands; he moved his fingers as soon as they were placed onto his hands.

Next came the body and legs of the supersolider amour which were placed and wrapped around Aaron followed by the boots which Aaron stepped into before again stepping again onto some specialised pressure footing, an additional layer on the bottom of his boots. Next came his belt which was placed onto his waist before the two connectors at the front were magnetically joined together. Next and most significantly came the air complusor, the small device is locked onto his back and then span around into postion several times followed by his unique cape, consisting of lockable wings for gliding, the cape attached to his back and fluttered as it did.. Finally came the mask and it was placed onto his face then locked into position at the back. His mask triggered the endo-skeleton, armour, cape and air compulsor to all bound and interlink together. The costume rack then ascended into the ceiling back and Aaron, now The Dark Guardian walked back to his computer. He found blue prints for the car, the specific variant to protect the Prime Minister and planned his rescue operation. The Dark Guardian planned to perfectly time a heavy flashbang drop. The weight of the flashbang in calculation with the air resistance and wind aswelll as the moving car needed to be perfect. The plan was for the Dark Guardian to fly high above the car and drop the flashbang, it would fall through the sun screen with it's weight and spped and as it hit the floor of, a trigger would go off and the effects of a flashbang would be deployed. As soon as the Dark Guardian dropped the flashbang, he would too would decend toward the car but he needed to ensure that the flashbang landed before he did. He would enter the car and save the Prime Minister then allow the police to solve the problem. After 10 minutes of planning and designing the specialised flashbang, the Dark Guardian readied himself. He walked forward toward his balcony door. "Computer, open the balcony door.", he ordered and as the balcony doors opened by themselves, he deployed his cape into a wing like shape and charged up his air compulsor, he jumped forward until he was horizontal in mid air then the air complusor triggered and he flew forward instantly at 200MPH out of the balcony door. The door shut by themselves as he disappears into the sky to Wales, unleashing the full power of his air complusor which increased his speed to near sound braking speeds.

Within minutes he arrived high above the M4 and began to carefully prepare his plan. He got into position high above the car and then dropped the flashbang, it fell for several seconds before disappearing out of sight and as it did, he cut his speed and began to edge downward. Seconds after he went into a near nose dive toward the car. He established a near sight of the flashbang before he watched it brake through the sun window, he saw a sudden light explode from the vehicle and second later he cut his air complusor and boosted upward, he landed in the car through the sun window to face several stunned armed men and the Prime Minister. He immediately began to assault the armed men, he disarmed all and either knocked them out or broke bones and knocked out the driver who kept his foot on the pedal. All in a matter of seconds. This all happened to the amazement of the police and media who seemed to watch with cars and helicopters in shock as this vigilante saved the Prime Minister. The Dark Guardian grabbed the stunned Prime Minister and kicked open the back door, he deployed his wing like cape and turned on his air complusor. He flew out of the door of the car carrying the Prime Minister and away from the vehicle, as he flew away with the Prime Minister in one arm, he drew two throwing shards and threw them at the back tires of the car, as they hit the tires, both exploded with a small bang and the car began to slow down.

The Dark Guardian landed with the dazed Prime Minister in the middle of the deserted motorway, in the distance, an armada of police and media vehicles came speeding toward them. After about 30 seconds, police and media cars, helicopters and ambulances arrived to surround them. The Prime Minister, still suffering from the effects of the flashbang, looked up in a haze to the Dark Guardian whom helped him into a recovery position before police and ambulance crews sprinted over to carry away the Prime Minister. The Dark Guardian was surrounded by media journalists, all pointing cameras and asking questions, he did not reply but simply deployed his wing like cape and turned on his air complusor and in a fury of wind, he took off into the sky. His rescue plan had lasted only 2 minutes. The Dark Guardian took off in a fury and disappeared into the sky, back to London.

Later that evening, the Prime Minister was released from hospital after suffering the effects of the flashbang and immeadiatley called for a news conference in which he released a statement thanking the Dark Guardian for his work. The Prime Minister also thanked the work of the medical and police services but praised the Dark Guardian specifically for bringing a quick resolution to the problem. He called the Dark Guardian a 'Guardian of Justice' and was proud to know he would respond to crimes like this.

Encounter with Whiplash

When Anton Vanko's village was destroyed and his father murdered by an imposter. Anton vowed to take revenge on the person responsible, the person whom had launched his attack and murdered this faster wore a stolen suit of Iron Man armor during the attack, leading Anton is swear revenge on the only possible user, Tony Stark. After his long struggle in attempts to kill Stark, Anton learned that it was really a hired killer funded by several goverments including the UK, USA and Russia to eliminate an anti-Putin uprising which would have effected political matters of all three countries.

Weeks after his vengance was taken on Vladimir Putin which resulted in fatal injuries to the Prime Minister, Whiplash prepared to seek vengance on the UK's goverment and those high ranking officials that funded the crime. Believing new Prime Minister David Cameron to be the main lead behind the UK's funding, Whiplash prepared to take vengance, simply walking hooded into the house of commons during a Prime Miniser's questions session, a traditon in UK politics in which members of the opposing political party question the Prime Minister in an attempt to show him up and gain support for their party. As mid-day approached on a normal Wednesday for London, new Prime Minister David Cameron arrived in a convoy with many security vehicles at the house of commons. He got out of his car followed by several armed police officers and other sharply suited men, bearing some significane to UK politics. He walked through the gates, guarded by more armed police officers and entered the house of commons. Around the house of commons, the roads are fairly deserted due to road work and the fact it is a working day. The convoy protecting the Prime Minister's vehicle and the vehicle itself leave the house of commons and drive away, no longer serving a purpose. The gates shut and the brief activity of the Prime Minister's arrival desperses. In an alleyway nearby, the mid-day sunlight is cut off by the dark, shadowed alleyway. A fully robed and hooded figure walks down the alleyway, a menacing presence surrounding his walk. His hood which covers his face casts a dark shadow, hiding his face and indetinity and his robes hides the clothing (or armor) underneath.

He reaches the end of the alleyway, ahead, the house of commons stands. He stands and watches from the dark alleyway. As mid-day passes, as does a welcome lunch time for the armed police officers that guard the gates and they leave their post to retrieve lunch. As they do, the hooded figure walks out of the alleyway toward the house of commons. The roads and pavements are clear as this is a normal working day where jobs take the priority and nearby road walks cut off tourists and travellers and force them to detour around the house of commons. The hooded figure walks accross the road toward the gating around the house of commons, the hood and robe are unsuitable to the house of commons where the atmosphere is suits for the politics. The hooded fugure looks up at the fencing before suddenly leaping upward and throwing out their hands to grab onto the fence and it begins to climb up, it's hands and wrists are revealed to be armored. It climbs over the fencing and leaps down onto the grounding beyond the fencing and walks toward the main entrance. As the figure approaches the front entrance to the shock of two armed police officers, a camera watching over the main entrance which has been modifyed secretly by the Dark Guardian detects excessive amounts of armouring on the figure and print screens a video shot of the figure, the camera then automatically sends the photo to the Dark Guardian's computer which when recieved alerts Aaron who has been working out.

Aaron stops doing one handed pull ups on his right hand and walks over to the computer to see the photo which has appeared on the massive 32 inch computer screen. Aaron looks carefully before ordering his computer which only reacts to his voice, "Computer, try and analise the build and structure of that figure, let's see what under his robe and hood, and make this image smaller while you analise it and open another window and show the live feed of that camera right now.". The computer immeadiatley follows his orders and instantly the computer begins to brake down the figure and analise it and displays a window of the live camera feed, Aaron turns to look at the feed and too his shock, the figure is gone and two bodies of dead armed police officers lay still on the floor. "Jesus..", he mumbles. "Sir, analisaton of the figure you ordered is complete.", the computer responds. "Statistics show their is a 78% indication that a form of armor is being worn under the figure's clothing.", the computer adds. "Right, keep analising and keep me posted. Time to suit up.", Aaron responds.

Aaron pressed a button on his computer and behind him a small area in the carpet behind him unfolded onto itself to reveal a white floor. He turned around and proceeded to follow the proceedure of which he suits up. As he does, the computer analises the figure further and a built and predicted image of how the figure looks is produced. "Sir, a predicted image of the figure underneath the clothing he is wearing has been produced.", the computer tells Aaron. "Elaborate?", Aaron replys before his face is finally cover by his Dark Guardian mask. "Feed it to me through my mask computer.", Aaron replies. Inside his mask, a small transparent screen appears by Aaron right eye followed by a predicted image of the figure underneath his robing. 

"Computer, open the balcony door.", he ordered and as the balcony doors opened by themselves, he deployed his cape into a wing like shape and charged up his air compulsor, he jumped forward until he was horizontal in mid air then the air complusor triggered and he flew forward instantly at 200MPH out of the balcony door. The door shut by themselves as he disappears into the sky toward the house of commons. "This guy has whips computer, they must be electric or something? And any records on him?", Aaron asks as he flies high above the buildings of London. "The whips are attached to his armour sir, they are electrically charged to be used as a weapon. We have no records of him availible at this time although his armour bears similarity to that of Tony Stark's Iron Man armour.", the computer replies. "Look for a weakness in the armour and see what you can get from Tony Stark computers.", Aaron replies. 

Aaron flies through some clouds and as he exits them, the house of commons comes into sight. Aaron, now feeling switched on and ready clears his mind as he approaches and feels to be the Dark Guardian. He cuts his air complusor and slows down, his wings turn solid and act as a parachute as he glides slowly toward the house of commons. He lands perfectly outside the house of commons and runs in through the open doors. As the Dark Guardian runs down the hallway, he notices the bodies of dead armed police officers and suited men scattered through out the hall way. In the distance, the door into the house of commons come in sight. 

Ahead at the door the Dark Guardian see's the figure kick the doors open and walk in. As the Dark Guardian runs, he focuses on his computer. "Computer, get me a camera view on the house of commons.". On the screen in his mask, a live feed appears and Aaron watches as the figure walks in to the shock of all the politicians inside.

The figure walks to the centre of the house of commons and stops, he looks around, still hooded, then takes off his hood to reveal a heavily armoured body, the only human trait is the man's head which brandishes long greasy drawback hair. The character walks toward David Cameron on the left side of the house and from the armoured man's hand two whips drop down to the floor then ignite into life with an electrical fury. The house is silent and all the men and women look at watch in confusion and horror. "Wha.. What are you doing..". David Cameron asks. "Revenge.", the man replies in a deep voice, thick with anger and hatred. 

The man swings his right whip at David Cameron whom leaps out of the way bearly in time, the whip rips through the wooden seats behind him and a sudden eruption of panic sends everyone running away in the opposite direction of the man. David Cameron whom has fallen to the floor at this point looks up to see the man approaching him, suddenly, a small metal shard quickly lands on the man's back. It beeps with an activations and suddenly explodes, forcing the man forward whom then looks around at the door to see the Dark Guardian standing at the door. 

"I don't know why your here stranger but what you doing is wrong, you've murdered people, and now I'm going to stop you so give up.", the Dark Guardian warned the man. "Stranger? I am.. Whiplash, and this is none of your buissness, so keep out or I'll crush you..", Whiplash threatend the Dark Guardian. "Let's see about that..", the Dark Guardian replied. 

The Dark Guardian instantly ran at Whiplash and produced two more explosive shards, he threw them at Whiplash and they instantly explode, producing a thick black smoke. Whiplash begins to spin his whips then suddenly lashes out at them, grabbing the Dark Guardian through the smoke and throwing him into the centre of left stand in the house of commons. The Dark Guardian gets up from the a fury of broken wood and hops quickly along the seats toward Whiplash and jumps toward him to attack, however as he jumps Whiplash throws his right whip and casts the Dark Guardian into the ground behind him. As the Dark Guardian get's up from his knees he thinks, 'Can't try a direct attack..'. The Dark Guardian get's up but as he does suddenly another whip comes flying at him, he ducks then throws an electric shard at Whiplash's chets whom looks down in confusion for a second before suddenly being stunned by the shard. Whiplash stumbles backward stunned before the Dark Guardian throws another explosive shard at Whiplash which instantly explodes, sending him flying backward and ripping off some of his chest armour. 

The Dark Guardian runs toward the stunned Whiplash to attack but Whiplash casts his whip again to catch the Dark Guardian, but as he does, the Dark Guardian dodges the whip, "Got ya'!', he shouts. The Dark Guardian reaches Whiplash and punches him in the face then the stomach, Whiplash swings back but the Dark Guardian ducks then punches Whiplash in the stomach several times before uppercutting him, knocking off Whiplash's mask in the process. The now angry Whiplash casts a whip at the Dark Guardian catching his left wrist then drags the Dark Guardian toward him, as he does, he kicks the Dark Guardian in the stomach before punching him in the shoulder, forcing the Dark Guardian down onto his knees, "I told you I'll crush you.", Whiplash states before increasing the electric power of the whip, electrifying the Dark Guardian, "And I told you, we'll see..", the Dark Guardian replies before producing a shard. The Dark Guardian cuts Whiplash's whips where they connect to his hands then jabs the electric shard into his chest armour, the shard triggers stunning Whiplash. The Dark Guardian punches Whiplash directly in the nose before finishing him with a punch to the jaw, knocking Whiplash out and sending the man to the floor. 

As the Dark Guardian looks down, damaged, on the unconcious man, he feels releaved that no one else was hurt. Behind him SO-19 officers storm in clearing the room and securing the unconcious Whiplash. The Dark Guardian walks out among the fury of officers arriving and leaves the Houses of Parliments, flying away to respond to his next mission.

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