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I'm a person who writes fights here. My favorite series are Outlast, Higurashi When They Cry, Five Nights at Freddy's, '68, Kill La Kill, Warhammer 40,000, and Call of Duty.

My primary account was Pygmy Hippo on Google+. Anyone is free to use my User Warriors including Tournament ones in fights or references without first asking my permission. I will be willing to help out with any info you need or look over an idea if you want me to.

User:Pygmy Hippo 2/Sandbox 2

First Ancient User Warrior:Justin the Leopard Hippo

It takes more than a gun to kill a hippo.
— Justin on the French having more gunpowder weapons

Bio:In 1518 a group of exiled mercenaries settled in the Arctic and claimed several lands, renaming themselves the Polar Tribe. They brought the best weapons from various lands along with some they made and found the last remnants of a dying breed and used them for combat, the feared Arctic Bunyip or known by the French as the Carnivore Hippotame. The first Warchief lived a long life, the second died in the Russian Invasion, the third lost a civil war, and her usurper died a horrific death at the hands of enemy tribes that ambushed his forces.

He had an heir however who was the fifth and final Warchief named Justin. The Polar Tribe was in dark times, the Arctic Bunyip were about to become extinct and the French had beaten them in every major battle. An avid reader of the great dueler Miyamoto Musashi's works, he put the unorthodox methods to great use in psychologically dominating his opponents and learned from his father's mistakes in direct combat, instead preferring to ambush his enemies.

He earned the nickname Leopard Hippo from his use of hippo hide and fat for armor and steel helmets resembling leopard heads along with his impressive size and fearless attitude. His forces would also use anything as a weapon or ammunition. The last enemy tribes had to rely on the French to protect them who were barely keeping their colonies safe until King Louis XV sent all of his forces to defeat the Polar Tribe.

After three long years of war, the only remnants were Justin the Leopard Hippo, his greatest Inuit warriors, and the last Arctic Bunyip "Daisy". In the Battle of the Rocky Mountains, one final clash for power was waged with the general Maurice de Saxe where 75% of the French army was killed but the Polar Tribe was wiped out. Harpoons and lead filled the air, "Daisy" killed 30 men on her own before a cannon obliterated all of her but her skull, and Justin almost slew Maurice until the Musketeers surrounded him. The Warchief died impaled on several rapiers as a group of nine men was reduced to two.

The Inuit earned the respect of the French for this last stand, Justin ranked with Ludwig Andreas von Khevenhüller as one of the greatest enemy leaders the kingdom had faced at that point, and Maurice presented Daisy's skull to King Louis who kept it as a trophy.


Short Range:Nata and War Club

Hook on the end of the blade for the former and the latter has an iron handle and steel head.

Mid Range:Iron Pole and Harpoon

Also used for holding up tents for the former and the latter is made out of iron and steel.

Long Range:Hunting Bow and Flintlock Dagger

Curved steel arrows for the former and reloadable with almost anything for the latter.

Special Weapons:Greatsword and "Daisy"

Lighter iron blade for the former and Arctic Bunyips lack the howl but have tougher skin.

Armor:Hippo Padding, Leopard Helm, and Carthaginian Shield

Battle Tactics:Psychological Warfare

Second Ancient User Warrior:An Bambang

I have a sharp mind, figuratively and literally.
— Bambang on his genius intellect and Crescent Helmet

Bio:Born to a merchant trader, An Bambang dreamed of being a soldier from a young age and started tinkering with his family's extensive collection of foreign weapons to make them as lethal as possible. He also made a custom armor set for himself, designed more for its odd appearance than practicality, and practiced the Ming Shaolin martial arts. Rather than accepting him into the regular army, the Hongwu Emperor gave him a special place as Commander of the Last Army, a force made entirely of rejects from the main force, where he could experiment with his technologies at little cost to the Dynasty.

An trained his troops extremely harshly with many dying just due to his absurd physical expectations but what was left believed him to be the reincarnation of Guan Yu himself with the bizarre weapons and armor he gifted them and his own relentless training to make himself into the greatest warrior of any Dynasty by brainstorming new additions to his arsenal and practicing Shaolin, Gatka, and European wrestling. When he was ready, the Hongwu Emperor set him loose on various nearby opponents the infamous Mongols, Indian Timurids, and Russian Ruriks whom he managed to strike fear into the hearts of all with his horrific arsenal of death and fanatical army.

As his victories continued, Bambang soon aspired to be greater than a commander and grew to see the Emperor as weak and trained his Last Army for war against the Mings. Alarmed, a group of officers gathered the aid of the Timurids and Ruriks to crush this revolution before it started. Perhaps a testament more to his questionable mental stability than his combat skill, despite having such an advanced, enduring, and unique force, the Last Army failed to defeat the larger coordinated enemy horde but still managed to take them all with them to the afterlife.

An Bambang's personal project, the Yu Kuàng, an enormous mine filled with Aaara whip sword blades, various sized dragon rockets, and a ton of gunpowder, was personally activated by him when defeat was inevitable and the enemy leaders cornered him. The resulting explosion practically vaporized the surrounding soldiers and mutilated the others' bodies leading the Yongle Emperor to cover up the incident and not even bother burying the dead, leading some to believe An Bambang still haunts Mount Huashan with a larger force than he had in life.


Short Range:Xuējiǎn Saber and Chuí-zhóu Maceaxe

A 32 inch sword with a pointed and weighted tip for stabbing and superior cutting ability and a 36 inch blunt and sharp object with a flanged mace head on one end and a dual Scythian axe blade on the other.

Mid Range:Máo-jiàn Spearsword and Guan Kǎtǎ'ěr

The merger of a Dory Spear and Broadsword that is 11 feet long with a sword blade on one end and a spear point on the other and a modified Guan Dao with three Katar blades activated by tapping the bottom.

Long Range:Custom San Yan Chong and Huǒshéng qiāng Huǒjiàn Matchlock Rocket

The standard Ming weapon but with Oleander-coated arrows with small explosives to cause toxic gas clouds along with the standard lead balls and a musket with a large dragon rocket that can only be safely used lying down.

Special Weapon:Yu Kuàng

A last resort mine designed for mutual destruction. The smaller version resembles a mechanical landmine with a single Dragon Rocket and Aara sword bits.

Armor:Scutum Breastplate and Crescent Helmet

A breastplate based off of a Roman shield that covers his entire front torso made out of Damascus Steel and a helmet with a Guan Dao blade on the top for use as an improvised weapon.

Blackpowder User Warrior:Isabella Conquista

The front line is THE death penalty.
— Isabella

Bio:Many have dreamed of conquest but few have succeeded. Much less after having been affected by another conquerer invading their homelands. Isabella Conquista could have been a normal girl had it not been for Napoleon Bonaparte invading Spain. Her last name was forgotten after her parents were killed and she was adopted by an ex-soldier turned merchant after the Napoleonic Wars. The man gave her the last name Conquista and trained her in the hopes that she would exact revenge on the French.

Growing up with the stories of the 16th Century Conquistadors, Isabella soon swore an oath to her adopted father who had her enlisted in the army by bribing them into accepting a woman soldier with his wealth. Isabella rose through the ranks rapidly, much like the man who had ruined her life, until she became a general through sheer effort alone. Her superiors decided to let her loose on the French after a trade deal with Great Britain.

Spain depended on her to cover their economic losses and Conquista swept through the former empire, taking it over with little difficulty. But she was not satisfied with just anhilating her nemesis and soon conquered territories in Northern Africa. Her constant military success made the King give her a position in his government just as her armies took Egypt. This action angered the Ottoman Empire who declared war but while the rest of the government just wanted to give them back the land.

The King surprisingly refused, it didn't take long to see why, the Queen was 'mysteriously' found poisoned and his wedding to Isabella was just next week. Those who took offense were forced to resign and those who spoke put in public soon found themselves forcibly conscripted into the front lines against the Ottomans. This war was far more difficult but little by little her armies gained ground until they reached Constantinople. The Battle of Constantinople was famous not only for its outcome and after-effects but also how the Spaniards won. While the city's walls were being bombarded, a small group led by the general herself managed to get close enough to the Emperor to strike when the time was right.

The Ottomans were too busy holding back the armies at the shattered gate that they couldn't defend against the true finishing blow of their Empire. The Emperor was shot through the heart with a hand cannon by Conquista in his own bedroom and the personal guard were cut down by the veteran Spaniard's swords and muskets in the hallways outside. In the chaos, Isabella Conquista managed to escape with her group of three as the Ottoman Empire fell to Spanish military might. Unfortunately her days of victory were soon numbered as Great Britain revoked it's treaty and joined forces with the German and Italian states to wage war against Spain, fearing they were next in 1855.

What followed was history repeating itself as the tired Spanish armies lost most of their gains to the alliance, the French overthrew the puppet government, and vengeful Ottomans chased them out of Africa. Still Isabella Conquista managed to hold off the allies for a month in the final quarter of France and ensured she would keep at least part of her hated enemy's land. The King called her and the army back however after the last great battles and Isabella spent the rest of her life in Madrid, the only victory she received there was controlling her husband's decisions until she died of old age.


Isabella Conquista's weapons were a mix of past weapons she found interesting and captured weapons from the French and Ottomans, her armor based off of the Conquistadors, and a larger version of a British Rocket that she used to tear through fortified walls.

Short Range:Toledo Rapier and Falchion

Mid Range:Hand Cannon and Voulge

Long Range:Charleville Musket with Bayonet and Elephant Gun

Special Weapon:Abus Gun

Explosive Weapon:Incendiary Grenade

Siege Weapon:British Rocket

Armor:Steel Cuirass, Morion Helmet, and Tassets

Battle Tactics:Feigned Attack

Slasher User Warrior/Dead By Daylight Killer:Kyle Dash the Owner

I heard the barking before I even saw the horrifying duo of a man in a parka and what appeared to be a massive seal. I ran but one of my fellow Survivors refused to stop working on the generator. A fatal mistake, judging by his screams and the chomping sounds. I dared to turn around and stared into lifeless goggles that chilled me to the core, informing me I was next.
— Benedict Baker

Note:This User Warrior is a bit different from the others in that I've posted it two times before, as Pygmy Hippo on Google + and PolarLeopard on Reddit, but this time I'll be expanding upon him to make him more suited to Deadliest Fiction. I've also changed the names to prevent confusion with my Ancient User Warrior and this was originally a Dead By Daylight Killer idea so he does reside in that universe rather than a fictional real world like the others.

Bio:Fortune had smiled upon Kyle Dash. He had finally made it to his dream job, the Antarctic Outpost. He had a great time there and made some new friends. But he soon became interested in the wildlife, more specifically, Hydrurga Leptonyx, the Leopard Seal. He would always feed the one near the base and one could say she formed a bond with him.

But one day, she was injured by one of the other members of the Outpost. He had always been a bully but Kyle made up his mind after hearing her yelp. An ice axe was the last thing he ever saw. One by one, expedition members dissapeared but no one knew where they went. The last three figured out was going on but far too late.

Even the metal door couldn't prevent two more from ending up meals for the ravenous beast. But one escaped and they followed. Dash however found himself after the blizzard before something new, some form of spider. Whether he agreed or not at first doesn't matter, what does is that he and his companion are looking for meals.

In between sacrificing Survivors to the Entity and feeding his pet, Kyle has a side hobby of collecting parts for separate weapons than his iconic Ice Axe and even a set of armor if he ever manages to leave the Entity's realm and hunt in the living world again along with various add-ons for Rose, his leopard seal. His nickname as a Killer is either the Traitor, Seallord, or the Owner and he wears a standard parka with goggles and cloth wrapping covering the bottom of his face from view along with pants designed for polar temperatures.


Ice Axe:A tool once used for climbing icy mountains, now used for cutting deeply into flesh with a single blade. It also has a KA-BAR blade rammed into the bottom that can be used if needed.

Macuahuitl:An ancient Aztec weapon with a twist as several great white shark teeth replace the obsidian blades without losing any of its beheading power.

Spear Gun:A standard launcher for a barbed spear that comes with an attached rope to quickly pull the projectile back to reload or a hit victim closer.

"Rose":An extremely large leopard seal that can chase after Survivors on her own and kill them with her skull-crushing bite and even go under pallets or stay by her Owner's side and bark to alert him of nearby Survivors.

Scrap Metal Chestplate:Made from several rusted and archaic metals along with an uncommon piece of steel, this armor only covers the front of the torso and is easily concealed under a parka.

Superhuman Physicality:While he does have a corporeal form, it is extremely hard to kill the Owner with the only two known ways being beheading him or incinerating his heart. In strength, he can easily break metal and his Grasp chills Survivors to the bone. He gets increased speed the more his victims are injured and can only be heard coming through Antarctic winds blowing nearby.

Fate User Warrior/Assassin and Master

True Name:Champawat Tigress

Bio:Champie was a man eating Bengal Tiger in life but that part isn't relevant to what happened after her demise except that it was the reason she, a British lunatic, and three American numbskulls were brought back to life by the U.S. military and a man who went by the name of The Astrologer when he was out killing people. The Astrologer betrayed the military who wanted a super weapon and apparently hadn't seen any fictional works involving this same tactic which resulted in four ressurected psychopaths and one gaining the power of souls to off even more people. It was after that mayhem and several more deaths that led to a weird tiger-colored cat helping a moronic detective beat the Hillbilly Necromancer and his hordes of the living dead and demons, if only because he gave her something tastier than raw deer.

In between eating entire stockpiles of fast food and being the most exotic house cat ever, they worked together to bring down The Astrologer and his minions who decided to take over the state capital and cause rampant chaos while the military tried to figure out a suitable cover story. Tophat Alcoholic was trying to make the most hard core renditions of classic horror plays imaginable while sometimes personally "acting" and the Edgelords Two were trying to make a militia cult formed around themselves before Champie turned all three of them into slightly less obnoxious piles of meat sauce. Things were going great even with the detective contributing the bare minimum of help and they moved onto the ringleader who decided to fight near some random highway as it had sentimental value to him or something...

Unfortunately being the strongest ressurected killer didn't prepare her for The Astrologer's bag of tricks which included the spirits of his and the others' victims which filled her with crippling guilt and his soul-seeking bullets brought her to the brink of redeath. Luckily that detective boy managed to use Hillbilly's spell book to undo The Astrologer's control of the spirits who were much angrier at him than her and promptly tore his mortal body to shreds before dragging his soul down to Hell. Champie lived happily in a four-star apartment after that until one day, the detective wasn't there and she was left with a ransom note that led her into another stupid conflict...


Claws and Teeth:Champie's preferred weapons still haven't changed much despite her new looks as she's still got two rows of sharp teeth in her mouth and hooked retractable claws on her hands and feet that can tear through flesh or scratch lines in stone.

Roar:Champie's most formidable ability is possibly her roar that enables her to drive people insane with paranoia and make them think they're in the jungles of India along with making her appear as her Bengal Tiger self. She can only use it once every ten minutes and it ranges in max power at ten feet to becoming moderately debilitating at twenty-five feet to no effect at fifty feet.

Shapeshifting:Champie can switch from her eleven foot tall Wendigo combat form to a regular house cat with tiger colored fur in ten seconds to blend in and generally be more maneuverable as her smaller size enables her to go in vents and similar places or balance more effectively although it can be used for combat...

Decent Fighter:Champie isn't just a ravenous beast, she's more than capable of basic strategies like stalking and disabling foes with her roar along with some more clever moves like closing a fire-breathing demon's mouth to avoid getting burned, batting an explosive back at the Edgelords Two, and crawling inside Tophat Alcoholic's wound as her cat form before turning back into her Wendigo form although her basic fighting style is still start carving up and smashing her targets until they don't move anymore.

Superhuman Physicality:As a cat, she's just that but as a Wendigo, she gains more power than even her Bengal Tiger form had in being easily able to smash through building walls and crush cars, surprisingly faster than regular humans, enhanced hearing to pick up on nearby sounds, and can shrug off most physical attacks of her power level. The problem comes with magic and similar powers as she has no protections against that and was almost killed by The Astrologer after he shot her twice with soul-seeking bullets that ignored durability which took her a week to fully recover from.


Stealth Hunter:Champie is still a Bengal Tiger which means that she prefers taking her time and hiding before committing to any conflict and she's surprisingly still good at it with careful management of her forms.

Mental Instability:Champie struggles with guilt thanks to her past life and finds it hard to kill anyone who's decent or a fellow feline although she will still use enough force to incapacitate anyone who gets in her way or attacks her friends.

Solitary Nature:Champie is better on her own than in a group and while she's willing to team up if there's food in it for her, she still goes with her own strategies in combat as they've mostly worked out for her.

Protective of Friends:On the flip side, Champie is still fiercely protective of those who have earned her trust and will take hits for them or personally tackle their attackers to get them focused on her.

Vengeful Personality:Champie's known for holding grudges against those who mean her or allies harm and won't hesitate to completely anhilate anyone who is a wanton murderer or other form of complete scumbag as they remind her of herself and her hated brethren.

First Modern User Warrior:Derp Guard

This is literally 1984!
— A "rebel" right before being executed

Bio:After World War 3, the old powers of the United States, China, Russia, European Union, and India were all gone, eradicated by nuclear anhilation. Certain nations survived the falout, mostly island nations and one decided to become a Empire. The New Zealand president convinced his people that the world would be better under their control and that there would be no more wars under his rule.

The Derp Guard was formed as a modern form of older empire's guard corps but also served as the special forces of the New Zealand military in its campaigns. They took Australia and Fiji first before the entire Oceanic islands were under their control. It was around 2040 when the Derp Guard became their most infamous incarnation, the heavily armored blue juggernauts with horrific weapons made to dominate the remaining world.

Japan put up a fight for five years before falling and dooming Hawaii as well. The Derp Guard functioned as a police force as well but without the armor, just civilian clothes, and were soon compared to the Thought Police from 1984. The New Zealand Empire upgraded it's fleet with the same technology as it's infantry and set out for Madagascar in 2051, the nation's guerilla warfare kept the war going for seven years.

The Emperor set his sights on Cuba next but his rule would soon end. The Cubans had been funding rebels for years and the Troll Party grew in numbers. The Derp Guard were torn between the two fronts and were driven out of Cuba while the Emperor was dethroned and executed. The remnants of the Derp Guard attempted to regain control of New Zealand but the invasion was thwarted by the rebel hordes of the Troll Party.

Short Range:"Kiryu" Wrist Blades

Inspired by the third Mechagodzilla model from the Godzilla movies, the Emperor outfitted his bodyguards with energy blades that were concealable by their wrist armor.

Mid Range:Inferno Musket

A Brown Bess Musket filled with napalm, unleashs flames for five seconds after the trigger is pulled with a long reload time.

Long Range:Z-6 Chaingun

Inspired by the Clone Trooper Commanders from the second Star Wars:Battlefront game, this feared weapon fires energy rounds that can carve through steel and recharges over time.

Special Weapon:Pilum Grenade

A Roman javelin with a grenade inside, designed to stick in targets and explode when their allies try to take them to safety.

Vehicle:Oceanic Warship

A mighty titanium vessel with incendiary rockets and the Oceanic Cannon which fires a beam strong enough to destroy a skyscraper.

Battle Tactics:Scout Boat Assault

Second Modern User Warrior:Blazers

This State needs a true Sherriff to bring it back into the light!
— Jim Blaze

Bio:After World War 3, the old powers were thought to be destroyed but some people survived the apocalypse including one senior citizen from Arizona's Sun City, a man by the name of Jim Blaze. He saw a golden opportunity in bringing together the survivors in the State to form a new law enforcement agency but most sane people ignored him. On the other hand, the teenagers and deranged adults joined him to reinforce order which actually was terrorizing everyone who looked like a minority and locking them up in jail.

Of course, there was some resistance, which was reacted to with far too much force and several instances of corpses looking like a train ran them over thanks to stab and bullet wounds. The Blazers themselves were decked out in leather clothes and a variety of helmets that were mainly chosen because they looked cool including motorcycle, mining, and even medieval bucket helmets from the Renaissance fairs. Their general personalities ranged from bored psychopaths to complete fanatics who relied more on numbers and shock value with their weapons to succeed in their endeavors than anything else although about five were ex-cops albeit extremely trigger-happy ones.

Jim Blaze was an extremely charismatic leader for this group who managed to get them to construct a wall around their borders and maintained peak-human physicality even in his old age although he started going senile at the end and was always a bad driver. After a long career of tormenting whatever survivors of the apocalypse were left in the State, somebody managed to get an Oregon rangers regiment to try to bring down their agency although with their insistence on bolt-action rifles as primary weapons, they might have done worse than the natives. Ultimately in a twist of fate, a band of conquerers from the Oceanic territories wound up stranded and came into conflict with the Blazers, the "law" was dead within a week of fighting.

Short Range:Pickaxes, Serrated Kitchen Knives, and some with knowledge of Karate

Mid Range:Nagant M1895 and Double-barreled Shotguns with Hydrofluoric Acid rounds

Long Range:Browning Automatic Rifles and Captured Lee-Enfield Rifles

Special Weapons:Attack Coyotes and Amicums

Mutated Coyotes the size of Gray Wolves with similar physical stats and elephant head-shaped steel-coated golf carts with an M249 SAW mounted.

My Fights

First Year

1.Chris Walker (Outlast) vs. Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)-Winner:Chris Walker

2.The Testament of the New Ezekiel vs. The Scalled (Both Outlast II)-Winner:The Testament of the New Ezekiel

3.Jungle Jim ('68) vs. Artyom (Metro 2033)-Winner:Jungle Jim

4.Jeff the Killer (Creepypasta) vs. Eddie Gluskin (Outlast:Whistleblower)-Winner:Jeff the Killer

5.Big Daddies (Bioshock) vs. Juggernauts (Call of Duty)-Winner:Big Daddies

6.Scorpion (Mortal Kombat) vs. Hikage (Senran Kagura)-Winner:Scorpion

7.The Ballas Gang (Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas) vs. The Weasel Mafia (Conker's Bad Fur Day)-Winner:The Ballas Gang

8.Human Alliance (Warcraft III:Reign of Chaos) vs. Blackstone Legion (For Honor)-Winner:Human Alliance

9.Bunyip (Australia) vs. Bigfoot (North America)-Winner:Bunyip

10.Bokola Eaters (Fiji) vs. Leopard Society (Africa)-Winner:Leopard Society

11.Stormtroopers (Star Wars Battlefront) vs. Imperial Guardsmen (Warhammer 40,000:Dawn of War)-Winner:Imperial Guardsmen,000)

12.Rena Ryuguu (Higurashi When They Cry) vs. Harry Warden (My Bloody Valentine)-Winner:Rena Ryuguu

13.First Year Back For Blood (Chris Walker vs. Rena Ryuguu and Big Daddies vs. Imperial Guardsmen)-Winners:Chris Walker and Imperial Guardsmen

Second Year

1.Dexter Morgan (Dexter) vs. Amanda Young (Saw)-Winner:Dexter Morgan

2.Rick Trager (Outlast) vs. Roy Burns (Friday the 13th)-Winner:Rick Trager

3.Rorschach (Watchmen) vs. James Earl Cash (Manhunt)-Winner:James Earl Cash

4.FBI (Call of Duty:Black Ops 2) vs. SWAT (Battlefield Hardline)-Winner:SWAT

5.Negan (The Walking Dead) vs. War Face ('68)-Winner:War Face

6.Sawyer Family (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) vs. Sonozaki Family (Higurashi When They Cry)-Winner:Sonozaki Family

7.Connor (Assassin's Creed III) vs. Takkar (Far Cry Primal)-Winner:Connor

8.Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2) vs. Jack Baker (Resident Evil:Biohazard)-Winner:Pyramid Head

9.Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite) vs. B.J. Blazkowicz (Wolfenstein:The New Order)-Winner:B.J. Blazkowicz

10.Genghis Khan (Mongolia) vs. Hernán Cortés (Spain)-Winner:Hernán Cortésán_Cortés

11.Miyamoto Musashi (Japan) vs. Fiore Dei Liberi (Italy)-Winner:Miyamoto Musashi

12.Sicarii Assassin (Israel) vs. Inuit Raider (Canada)-Winner:Inuit Raider

13.Attila the Hun (Hungary) vs. Rajput Warrior (India)-Winner:Rajput Warrior

14.Dead By Daylight Killers (The Trapper, The Wraith, and The Hillbilly) vs. Soul At Stake Devils (The Prince, The Bride, and The Corpse)-Winner:Soul At Stake Devils

15.Spartan (Greece) vs. Tlingit (Alaska)-Winner:Spartan

16.Brotherhood of Nod (Command and Conquer 3:Tiberium Wars) vs. Soviet Military (Command and Conquer:Red Alert 3)-Winner:Soviet Military

17.Second Year Back For Blood (James Earl Cash vs. Connor Kenway and Miyamoto Musashi vs. Inuit Raider)-Winners:Connor Kenway and Miyamoto Musashi

Third Year

1.Pier Gerlofs Donia (Netherlands) vs. Zhu Yuanzhang (China)-Winner:Pier Gerlofs Donia

2.Miyo Takano (Higurashi When They Cry Kai) vs. Edward Richtofen (Call of Duty:World at War)-Winner:Edward Richtofen

3.Count Dracula (Novel) vs. Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th)-Winner:Count Dracula

4.Leon Trotsky (Russia) vs. Geronimo (Mexico)-Winner:Leon Trotsky

5.Michael Myers the Shape (Halloween) vs. Darius the Party Hard Killer (Party Hard)-Winner:Michael Myers the Shape

6.Oliver Cromwell (United Kingdom) vs. Takeda Shingen (Japan)-Winner:Oliver Cromwell

7.Covenant Elite/Sangheli (Halo:Combat Evolved) vs. Imperial Death Troopers (Rouge One:A Star Wars Story)-Winner:Imperial Death Troopers

8.Carnage (Marvel Comics) vs. Nui Harime (Kill La Kill)-Winner:Carnage

9.Apache Warriors (United States) vs. New Kingdom Soldiers (Egypt)-Winner:New Kingdom Soldiers

10.Infected (Deceit) vs. Survivors (Last Year:The Nightmare)-Winner:Survivors

11.Zulu Impi (South Africa) vs. Iberian Caetrati (Spain)-Winner:Iberian Caetrati

12.William Afton (Five Nights at Freddy's) vs. Alfred Drevis (Mad Father)-Winner:William Afton

13.Carver (Blair Witch) vs. Champawat Tiger (Real World)-Winner:Champawat Tiger

14.Dead By Daylight Killers vs. Hide or Die Hunters-Winner:Hide or Die Hunters

15.The Wolfman (2010 Remake) vs. Indoraptor (Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom)-Winner:The Wolfman

16.North American Soldiers Battle Royale (United States Army vs. Canadian Army vs. Mexican Army)-Winner:United States Army

17.Cataphracts (Byzantine Empire) vs. Emishi Horse Archers (Japan)-Winner:Emishi Horse Archers

18.Vandalic Warriors (Spain) vs. Han Soldiers (China)-Winner:Han Soldiers

19.Redemption Match (Darius the Party Hard Killer vs. Herman Carter the Doctor)-Winner:Herman Carter the Doctor

20.Third Year Back For Blood (Iberian Caetrati vs. Han Soldiers and Edward Richtofen vs. Alvin York)-Winners:Han Soldiers and Edward Richtofen

Final Year

1.Empire (Warhammer Fantasy) vs. Trollbloods (Hordes)-Winner:Empire

2.Virtual Psychos (William "Springtrap" Afton, Chris Walker, Rena Ryugu, SCP-049 the Plague Doctor, and Leo Kasper) vs. Deadliest Killers (Kyle Dash the Owner, Claimteoir Meisce, Masaru-Jerome Surei, Dan the Decapitator, and Aleksander Nevsky the Modern Hashashin)-Winner:Deadliest Killers

3.Gilles de Rais and Ryuunosuke Uryuu (Fate/Zero) vs. Nursery Rhyme and Alice (Fate/EXTRA)-Winner:Nursery Rhyme and Alice

4.Champawat Tigress (Real Life) vs. The Hunter (Little Nightmares II)-Winner:TBD

Greeks (Age of Mythology) vs. Iroquois (Age of Empires III)-Winner:TBD

5.Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street) vs. Lime (Witch's Heart)-Winner:TBD

6.Minamoto no Yoshitsune (Japan) vs. Khalid ibn al-Walid (Arabia)-Winner:TBD

Yeoman Archers (United Kingdom) vs. Streltsy (Russia)-Winner:TBD

Greenskins (Warhammer Fantasy) vs. Circle Orboros/Skorne (Hordes)-Winner:TBD

Ghostface (Scream) vs. Dr. Jack Griffin (The Invisible Man)?-Winner:TBD

Russian Mafia (Real Life) vs. Watchdogs (Manhunt 2)-Winner:TBD

Wehrmacht vs. Imperial Japanese Army:World War II Axis Battle-Winner:TBD

The Witch-King of Angmar (The Lord of the Rings) vs. Slender Man (Slender Mythos)-Winner:TBD

Rome's Foes (Hannibal Barca, Attila the Hun, Boudica, Arminius, Vercingtetorix, and Surena) vs. China's Adversaries (Xiang Yu, Modu Chanyu, Zhang Jue, Dianlian of the Qiang, Trung Nhi, and Wang Mang)-Winner:TBD


Test Fight (Slender Man vs. The Animatronics)-Winner:Slender Man (Disregarded)

Sir Bors of Newcastle (Elgb333) vs. Justin the Leopard Hippo (Pygmy Hippo 2)-Winner:Sir Bors of Newcastle

Dan the Decapitator (Elgb333) vs. Kyle Dash the Owner (Pygmy Hippo 2)-Winner:Dan the Decapitator

Chris Walker (Outlast) vs. Leatherface (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) Rematch-Winner:Chris Walker

King Leonidas (Greece) vs. Genghis Khan (Mongolia) Pseudo-Rematch-Winner:Genghis Khan (Disregarded)

Collab with User:Elgb333:Miyamoto Musashi (Japan) vs. Andrew Jackson (United States)-Winner:Andrew Jackson

Animal Face-off:Tsavo Maneaters (Kenya) vs. Kesagake (Japan)-Winner:Kesagake

Sir Bors of Newcastle (Elgb333) vs. Gökhan (Tybaltcapulet)-Winner:Gökhanökhan_(Tybaltcapulet)

Rena Ryugu (Higurashi When They Cry) vs. Harry Warden (My Bloody Valentine) Rematch-Winner:Rena Ryugu

Collab with User:Kazanshin:Inuit Raider (Canada) vs.Maasai Warrior (Africa)-Winner:Inuit Raider

The Goblin Horde (Lord of the Rings:Battle For Middle Earth II) vs. Cult of Laughter (Equestria Divided)-Winner:The Goblin Horde

Jack Torrance (The Shining) vs. Olson (Man of Medan)-Winner:Jack Torrance

Asymmetrical Slashers (Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface, Michael Myers, and Ghostface) vs. Virtual Psychos (Slender Man, Chris Walker, Rena Ryugu, Springtrap, and SCP-049)-Winner:Virtual Psychos

Mary (Death Mark) vs. Kakuya (Spirit Hunter:NG)-Winner:TBD

DF Control Force vs. YT Rogue's Gallery?-Winner:TBD

Animal Face-Off:Gustave the Crocodile vs. Maneater Bull Shark-Winner:TBD

Cataphracts (Byzantine Empire) vs. Winged Hussars (Poland) Rematch-Winner:TBD

Stormtroopers (Star Wars) vs. Imperial Guardsmen (Warhammer 40,000) Rematch-Winner:TBD

Slasher vs. Carnivore the Final Destination:Leatherface and Chop-Top(The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) vs. Scar and Shenzi (The Lion King)-Winner:TBD

Admiral Trench (Star Wars:The Clone Wars) vs. Vice Admiral Preston Cole (Halo:The Fall of Reach)-Winner:TBD

Collab with User:Tybaltcapulet:Anubis (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) vs. Tanith Low (Skullduggery Pleasant)-Winner:TBD

My Top 5 Favorite Warriors

Chris Walker

Rena Ryuguu

Jungle Jim

Miyamoto Musashi

Inuit Warrior

My Awards

Firstblood.png First Blood

Complete 3 battles

Slaughter.png Slaughter

Complete one season