Here is a bunch of soon to be done battles.

New Format for Season 2

Buck: The insane weasel who lives in the prehistoric times, constantly fighting an almost never ending war with his dinosaur nemesis, Rudy.

Wicket W. Warrick: The ewok leader, who under all circumstances, led the ewoks to victory against the Imperial Army.


To find out, our professinal wikians are testing fictions most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science, we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.. No rules, no safety, no mercy. It's a dual to the death to decide who is.....The Deadliest Warrior!


Biography: A slightly unhinged weasel, Buck has fallen into the world of dinosaurs at a young age and made the most of his time there, staking for a life for himself. Consatntly seeking adventure in all forms, notably doing battle against the immense albino Baryonyx known as Rudy, that cost Buck his left eye.

(From the Ice Age wiki)


For melee, Buck uses a knife that he got when he knocke Rudy's tooth out in his first fight against him.

For Mid Range, he brings a whip.

For Long Range, he brings in a belt of smoke bombs.

Finally, for special, he brings in Rudy, a Baryonyx who was a former enemy of Buck.

Wicket W. Warrick

Biography: Wicket Wystri Warrick was an Ewok scout warrior and later ruler of Bright Tree Village on the forest moon of Endor. The great-Grandson of Erpham Warrick, Wicket was the third son pf Deej and Shodu Warrick, followinh Weechee and Willy, and was the older brother of Winda.

Wicket led an adventuros life, even from a very young age. He and his friends, namely Teebo and Princess Knesaa continually protetcted their village from harm and the surrounding forest from thoses that would do them harm, such as Morag the Tulgah witch, the Duloks and other threats from Endor and beyond. He almost inadvertently killed Emperor Palpatine while defending sunstar during Doctor Raygar's quest for Imperial dominaton.

Wicket aided the Towani family when they crash-landed on Endor, and later assisted Noa Briqualon in the battle against the Sanyassans. Wicket also played a instrumental role in helping the Rebel Alliance defeat the Galactic Empire during the Battle of Endor. After the death of Chief Chirpa, Wicket Warrick and his bride, Kneesaa together ruled over Bright Tree Village.


For melee, Wicket brings in a stone ax.

For Mid Range, he use's a stone spear.

For Long Range, he brings in a sling.

Finally, for special, he brings in the Catapault.

X-Factors to consider

Who is more mentally healthy?

Who is more experianced?

Who has better fighting mentallity?

Who is more agile?

Who is more unpredictable?

Link vs Samurai Jack


Link: The hero of time, who has saved the kingdom of Hyrule throughout many generations.

Samurai Jack: The samurai, who after a battle with a powerful demon, was sent throughout time to the future Aku reigns supreme.


To find out,our world class fighters are testing fictions most lethal weapons.Using 21st century science,we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.No rules,no safety,no mercy.It's a duel to the death, to decide who is...

The Deadliest Warrior!

Today on Deadliest Fiction, we'll be looking at two warriors chosen to vanquish an ancient evil and then given magic swords. But who is deadlier?



Link is the protagonist of the Legend of Zelda series. He is usually depicted as a courageous young boy or teenager in green clothing who leaves his home and any relatives to pursue his destiny: fighting the evil forces threatening the land. On his journey, he learns to make use of many different weapons and items to adapt to, and overcome, the enemies and obstacles in his path. After navigating both a game's Overworld and its dungeons, Link ultimately vanquishes his enemy and becomes a legendary hero. He is considered an iconic character in video gaming and the very symbol of the Zelda franchise, and remains one of the most popular video game protagonists. A peculiarity of Link, as well as other characters, is the several different incarnations of the person throughout the Legend of Zelda series. All incarnations of Link share a number of characteristics, the most common of which are his physical appearance, sense of bravery, and selflessness. He is implied to be somewhat sleepy or lazy at first since at some point near the beginning of every game except the first two, he is sleeping or dozing off. Since Link does not have extensive dialogue, clues to his personality come from his actions and other characters' comments about him.

Link's physical characteristics fluctuate from game to game, though he usually has light-colored hair (ranging from brown to blonde to orange), blue eyes, and a medium build. Other characters sometimes think of him as handsome. It is unlikely that Link's age exceeds nineteen years at any point in the series thus far. In many installments of the series, Link is the bearer of the Triforce of Courage. Several games mention a Triforce mark on Link's left hand, which identifies him either as a chosen hero or the holder of the Triforce of Courage.

In each of his adventures, Link grows to become proficient with the sword, his primary form of attack. He wields his sword in his left hand in most games (though there are exceptions). The Master Sword, a legendary blade that Link wields throughout several adventures, has become as synonymous with the series as Link himself. Link is also remarkably proficient with a wide variety of magical musical instruments, being able to use them immediately upon obtaining them. In some of his adventures, Link is shown to have some degree of aptitude with hand-to-hand combat (such as sumo wrestling in Twilight Princess); however, he is generally portrayed as completely defenseless without a sword or other weapon, as shown in Wind Waker: when he loses his sword in the Forsaken Fortress, he must rely on stealth and enemies' weapons to make it through, and if he is spotted, he surrenders without putting up a fight.

(From Link's Page)

Samurai Jack

Jack's story first began when he was a young boy and the demon Aku escaped from his imprisonment by the hands of Jack's father. Jack's mother went into hiding and sent Jack to train around the world, as was planned by his parents should Aku ever escape his prison and Jack's father fail to stop him. After years of training with some of the greatest warriors of the time, Jack returned to the temple his mother was hiding in and was given the sword his father used to defeat Aku with and his signature kimono.

Jack travelled to the castle of Aku and found his father enslaved and nearly skin and bones. He warned Jack that it was too early for him to fight Aku, but he didn't listen and continued on. Jack then confronted the sorcerer and the battle began. Jack managed to severely wound Aku, but before he could deal the final blow, Aku opened a time portal and threw Jack into it, sending him centuries into the future.

When Jack finally escaped the portal, he found himself in a dystopian future. After Jack escaped being crushed, he met three alien teens who called him "Jack." He asked them where he was and what was going on around him, and learned that Aku had conquered the world and spread his influence across the universe, enslaving many planets while using Earth as his base of operations. The teens then brought him to a bar where he could get a drink, but was attacked by crooks however he quickly disposed of them. This caught the attention of a group of dog archaeologists, who discovered the truth about Jack's origins and asked for his help in saving their group from Aku's oppression. Jack consented, and left with them, but not before giving them his new name Jack. Though they did not know it, the group was being watched by one of Aku's spies, who hastily informed him of Jack's actions at the bar.

Jack and the archaeologists later arrived at the mines the dogs were excavating and saw the tragedies that befell those incapable of fulfilling Aku's bidding. He and the dogs then came up with a strategy to defeat Aku's army of mechanical beetles. On the day of the attack, Jack faced the army and managed to drastically reduce their numbers using the very crystals the dogs were forced to dig for, but not before running out of artillery and being forced to fight the remaining ones on foot. Despite suffering several injuries, Jack managed to beat them after going into berserk-like yelling no there is no escape when the drones attempted to retreat. With the army defeated, the dogs thanked the Samurai and went their separate ways.

(From Jack's Page)


Link Weapon Range Weapon Info
Close Range Master Sword and Hylian Shield

Master Sword

(For this match, i'll assume that it has similar length and the edged blade of a longsword)

3 feet long

Double Edged

Can shoot Magic Blasts

Hylian Shield

Can block any attack

Mid Range Megaton Hammer

A giant hammer that is immensly powerful

Long Range Heros Bow A Bow that can fire Fire, Ice and Light Arrows
Special Ball and Chain A Heavy Iron Ball linked to a chain that can be swung with immense power.

Jack Weapon Range

Weapon Info
Close Range Father's Katana Has all the regular stats of a katana. Can kill those who are evil but isn't effective against anyone else
Mid Range Spear

5 feet

2 inch head


Long Range Yumi Bow
Special Astral Fighting Allows Jack to leave his body and fight as a spirit

X-Factors to consider

Who has better training?

Who is more experianced?

Who has better skill?

Who has better fatigue?

Super Battle Droids vs T-600's


The Super Battle Droids: Upgraded battle droids, who are the leading infantry in the CIS droid Army.

The T-600's: The terminators who fought coventional wars against the Resistance.


To find out,our world class fighters are testing fictions most lethal weapons.Using 21st century science,we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.No rules,no safety,no mercy.It's a duel to the death, to decide who is...

The Deadliest Warrior!

Today on Deadliest Fiction, two robot elite infantry go at ut. But who will be deadlier?==Biographies==

Super Battle Droids





Super Battle Droid Weapon Type Weapon Info
Primary Dual Wrist Laser Cannons Basically blasters but more powerful
Secondary Wrist Rockets The droids can fire rockets from their wrists as well.

T-600 Weapon Type Weapon Info
Primary Minigun It is a standard GE 134 Minigun that the Terminators carry.
Secondary Grenade Launcher

The T-600's had a grenade launcher for their left arm o some occasions.

X-Factors to consider

Which group is more intelligiant?

Which group works better as a team?

Which group has more experiance?

Which robot are less prone to programing problems?

Imhotep vs Davy Jones


Imhotep: The former eqyptian priest, who after having an affair with the kings wife, was mummified alive and ressurected as an undead abomination.

Davy Jones: The scottish piate, who ripped out his own heart and became a collector of dead souls.


To find out, our world class fighters are testing fictions most lethal weapons. Using 21st century science we'll see what happens when two warriors go toe to toe.No rules,no safety,no mercy. It's a duel to the death to decide who is...


Today on Deadliest Fiction, two undead monsters who can't really be killed fight to the death. But of both these immortal demons of sort, who will be victourius?



Imhotep was the high priest of Pharaoh Seti I but he betrayed his king by having an affair with Anck-su-namun, Seti's to-be wife. The two then plotted to kill the pharaoh, but after success, the pharaoh's personal body guards found Seti's body. Anck-su-manun committed suicide but Imhotep promised to arise her from the grave. He stole her body and rode off to Hamunaptra (City of the Dead). Before he could finish the ritual, the Medjai, the men who once fought to protect Seti, attacked Imhotep and captured him. He was sentenced to endeavor the Hom Dai, an Egyptian curse that traps him in a state between life and death. After an archaeology team accidental resurrects him, Imhotep awakens to resurrect his dead lover and take over the world.

Davy Jones

The Scottish pirate Davy Jones fell in love with the goddess of the sea, Calypso. To gain her love, Jones agreed to captain the Flying Dutchman and ferry the souls of those who died at sea into the next life. Once 10 years had passed, Jones was allowed to return to shore for one day to be with his love. However, when that day came, Jones was grieved to learn Calypso wasn't there to meet him, too caught up in her own duties. Forsaking his task, Jones carved out his own heart, unable to bear the torment it had given him. His body warped into a monstrous creature, Jones now sails the oceans in search of dying souls, which he pressgangs into service on the Dutchman to share in his torment.==Weaponry==

Imhotep Weapon Range Weapon


Close Range Super Strength Superhuman strength...what else is their to say?
Mid Range Khopesh Khopesh is the Egyptian version of the Canaanite "sickle-sword". A typical khopesh is 50–60 cm (20–24 inches) in length, though smaller examples do also exist. This blade was designed for hooking an opponent's shield or disarming them. (From BG!'s Ramesses vs Ceaser battle)
Long Range Javelin A throwing spear
Special Magic

He has a wide array of powers and abilities, including

  • Immortality
  • Super Human Strength
  • Telekinesis
  • Insect Swarm
  • Summon Mummies
  • Invulnerability
  • Sand Transformation
  • Regenerate Wounds
  • Aquakinesis
  • Control of the Sand
  • Wind Manipulation
Davy Jones Weapon Range Weapon Info
Close Range Crab Claw Jones has a crab claw for a hand. It can be used to snap swords and counter.
Mid Range Rapier

I meter

Double Edged

Long Range Chain Shot Two iron balls chained together. Typiclly used as cannon ammunition, it can also be thrown.
Special Kraken

X-Factors to Consider

Who is more durable?

Who has more xperiance?

Who has better skill in weapons?

Who is smarter?

Sauron vs Voldemort


The thrid season has started. And what better way to start it then with a battle of two dark lords as Sauron, the maia who created the one ring and attempted to destroy Middle Earth takes on Voldemort, the dark wizard who attempted to take over the Wizarding World? WHO IS DEADLIEST?!



In the earliest of days, before the Valar entered Arda, Sauron was originally known as Mairon the Admirable, a powerful Maia of Aulë the Smith, who was a Vala, creator of Dwarves. However, Mairon was soon corrupted by the Dark Lord Morgoth ("The Great Enemy" in the tongue of men) an evil Valar and Dark Enemy of Arda, and turned evil, taking the name, "Sauron." At first, he was a spy for Morgoth, telling him of the Valar's doings. Ever after, Sauron served Morgoth faithfully, and even in later days, after Morgoth was defeated and locked outside the confines of the world, Sauron encouraged and coerced some men to worship Morgoth as the one and true god. However, while Morgoth wanted to either control or destroy the very matter of Arda itself, Sauron's desire was to dominate the minds and wills of its creatures, as well as establish himself as the ruler of Arda from his tower of Barad-dûr in Mordor. However, he originally dwelt in Angband in the Iron Mountains for a period of time before Melkor came and claimed it again in the First Age.  During the First Age, the Noldorin elves left the Blessed Realm of Valinor in the Utter West (against the counsel of the Valar) in order to wage war on Morgoth, who had stolen the Silmarils of Fëanor, enchanted gems that glowed with light from the now-destroyed Trees of Valinor. In that war, Sauron served as Morgoth's chief lieutenant, surpassing all others in rank save Gothmog, the Lord of Balrogs. Known as Gorthaur the Cruel, Sauron at that time was known for his sorcery, was a master of illusions, and could change his form.  He was a master of werewolves, chief among them Draugluin, Sire of Werewolves, and Vampires, among themThuringwethil, his herald. When Morgoth left Angband to corrupt the newly awakened Atani (Men), Sauron directed the war against the Elves. He conquered the Elvish isle of Tol Sirion, so that it became known as Tol-in-Gaurhoth, the Isle of Werewolves. Ten years later, Finrod Felagund, the king of Nargothrond and former lord of Tol Sirion died protecting Beren in captivity; soon afterward Lúthien and Huan the wolf-hound defeated Sauron in that place and rescued Beren from the dungeons into which Sauron had thrown him.  After his defeat by Lúthien, Sauron played little part in the events of the First Age (possibly hiding from Morgoth's wrath), and after his master was defeated and taken to Valinor in chains, Sauron seemed to repent and pled toEönwë and the victorious Host of the West for mercy. Although his plea was probably genuine, Sauron was unwilling to return to the Utter West for judgment, and so he fled and hid somewhere in Middle-earth.  After lying hidden and dormant for 500 years, he began revealing himself once more, and by SA 1000 he gathered his power and established himself in the land of Mordor in eastern Middle-earth and begun building the dreaded Dark Tower of Barad-dûr near Mount Doom. Sauron, like Morgoth, soon began raising massive armies of Orcs, Trolls, and possibly other creatures, as well as corrupting the hearts of Men with delusions of power and wealth, chieflyEasterlings and Southrons (the Haradrim).  Although Sauron knew that Men were easier to sway, he sought to bring the Elves into his service, as they were far more powerful. By about SA 1500, Sauron put on a fair visage in the Second Age, and calling himself Annatar, the "Lord of Gifts", he befriended the Elvish smiths of Eregion, and counseled them in arts and magic. Not all the Elves trusted him however, particularly Lady Galadriel, Elrond, and Gil-galad, High King of the Ñoldor, though few listened to them.  However, as soon as Sauron put the Ring on his finger the Elves sensed his treachery, and removed their rings and hid them. Enraged, Sauron came against them in open war and demanded that all the Rings of Power be given to him. The Elves managed to hide the three greatest of the Rings from him, but the other sixteen Rings of Power were either captured by Sauron, destroyed, or lost. To the Dwarves he had given seven, but to Men he had given Nine, knowing that they would be the easiest to enslave. The Dwarf Lords who received the Rings proved to be very resistant to their power, and neither "faded" nor became enslaved to Sauron's will. The Rings instead created in them an insatiable lust for gold, which ultimately caused a great deal of grief for the Dwarves. As Sauron predicted however, the nine Men were all corrupted by their Rings and became the Nazgûl, Sauron's deadliest servants.Despite this, Sauron encouraged and assisted the Elves in forging the Rings of Power, though in secret Sauron forged his own, the One Ring, to rule the Elvish rings. Upon that ring Sauron left the inscription, Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul. In Westron the inscription translated into One Ring to Rule Them All, One Ring to Find Them, One Ring to Bring Them All, and in the Darkness Bind Them.  In this era, during which he marshalled and commanded great armies, Sauron became known as the Dark Lord of Mordor and his fortress of Barad-dûr wascompleted. He was very powerful even without control of the Elves, and he conquered nearly all of Middle-earth during the War of the Elves and Sauron. However, the armies of Númenór's King Tar-Minastir were finally able to defeat him at a last battle near Gwathló or the Greyflood in SA 1700. Defeated but not vanquished, Sauron retreated back to Mordor and began recouping his strength over the many centuries.Had the Elves not recognized Sauron's treachery and forsaken the power of their rings, the results would have been catastrophic for the Free Peoples of Middle-Earth. It seems that most if not all of the native Men of Middle-Earth succumbed to the power of the Ring once the Nazgûl were created; the Númenórians were spared because of their distance. The Elves, had they been captured in this fashion, would have become the slaves of Sauron, and thus Celebrimbor's resistance was immense importance in the history of Middle-earth.  Towards the end of the Second Age, Sauron was once again powerful enough to raise again large armies to attempt to rule Middle-earth. By this time, he assumed the titles of "Lord of the Earth" and "King of Men". Sauron's rise in power and apparent intention to crown himself the King of all Men offended theNúmenóreans; the powerful Men descended from those who had fought against Melkor in the War of Wrath. Some were the descendants, through Elros, of Beren and Lúthien.  These Men lived on the island of Númenor in the sea between Middle-earth and Valinor. The Númenóreans, who were then proud, came to Middle-earth with astounding force of arms. King Ar-Pharazôn marched his troops all the way to Mordor without a single battle, and demanded that Sauron abase himself before the King. Sauron could see clearly that even the most powerful of his servants could not stand against the Númenóreans, and so came fromBarad-dûr without any offer of battle. He assumed a fair form and flattered Ar-Pharazôn, but the King demanded that Sauron come back to Númenor as a hostage. Sauron feigned unhappiness at this development but secretly was delighted, for this presented him with an opportunity to destroy the Númenóreans from within. After only a few short years in Númenor he grew from captive to the King's most trusted adviser, and nearly all the King's court fawned upon him. Drawing on their fear of death, he converted many Númenóreans to the worship of Morgoth, lying that Morgoth had the power to save them from mortality. As his power and influence reached its peak, he raised a great Temple in which he performed human sacrifices to Morgoth. Finally, he convinced Ar-Pharazôn to rebel against the Valar and attack Valinor itself and claim it for himself.  But here, Sauron's cunning overreached itself, for Eru then directly intervened - Númenor was drowned under the sea, and the great navy of Númenor was destroyed and the army that reached Aman was buried under mountains of falling rock and imprisoned in the Caves of the Forgotten. The world was bent, so that thereafter, only Elven-Ships could sail into the Utter West. Sauron's body was destroyed, but his spirit was not diminished, and he fled back to Mordor bearing the Ring, where he slowly rebuilt a new body and his strength during the time known as the Dark Years. From this point on, he lost the ability to assume a fair shape, and ruled now through terror and force. A few faithful Númenóreans led by Elendil were saved from the flood, and they founded Gondor and Arnor in Middle-earth.  After a brief period of renewed war, Elendil and his people allied with the Elven-king, Gil-Galad to create the Last Alliance, and together fought Sauron. They finally defeated his armies at the Battle of Dagorlad, and laid siege to Barad-dûr for seven years. Finally, Sauron himself came forth and dueled both Elendil and Gil-galad. He slew them both but Isildur, son of Elendil, took up his father's broken sword, Narsil and cut the One Ring from Sauron's finger, after which Sauron's spirit fled again in ruined form. But later the Ring betrayed Isildur, so that he was slain by orcs at Gladden Fields, and the Ring was lost for centuries. After that, the One Ring was found by Smeagol's friend Deagol. Sauron without the Ring lost his ability to take any physical form for a long time, and possibly retreated into the Far East until the time was right.  When the Ring was cut from his hand, he was unable to restore his body for a few thousand years. This is because Sauron had diverted all of his power, hatred, cruelty, malice and will to dominate all life into the Ring, and thus lacked the strength for some time to re-manifest himself in Arda. However, as Isildur failed to destroy the Ring, Sauron's power steadily grew. Being a Maia, though severely weakened in comparison to his former self, Sauron was able to create another body for himself after some time, but his strength was still alive in the Ring, allowing him to slowly draw on it until he regained a body and was able to actively gather armies for his assault on Middle-Earth.  Gollum  It is stated that Sauron "has only four fingers on the Black Hand", though it is unclear why Sauron was unable to restore the fifth. It is possible Gollum was simply in error, speaking in riddles, or simply using a metaphor. The One held the majority of Sauron's strength after the loss of his form in the Fall of Númenor, such as that when he lost his physical body and vast majority of his power to the broken blade of Isildur. His armies seemingly dispersed, lacking Sauron's will driving them on through the Ring.  In the Third Age, Sauron arose again in TA 1000, at first in a stronghold called Dol Guldur, the Hill of Sorcery, in southern Mirkwood TA 1050. There, he was disguised as a dark sorcerer known as the Necromancer, and the Elves did not realize at first that he was actually Sauron returned. The wizard Gandalf went to Dol Guldur in TA 2063 in secret to see who it was that ran Dol Guldur but Sauron, sensing that his secret identity was about to be unveiled, had fled before him and gone into the East to hide; thus began the Watchful Peace. Sauron returned inTA 2460. Gandalf the Grey stole into Dol Guldur in TA 2850 and discovered the truth. Eventually, the White Council put forth their might and drove Sauron out in TA 2941. Without the Ring in his possession, Sauron could draw on only the smallest fraction of its strength, so that his enemies were able to drive him from Dol Guldur with relative ease. The Dark Lord, having had ample time to prepare, simply returned to Mordor and rebuilt Barad-dûr. Here, Sauron prepared for the final war against the free people of Middle-earth.  Sauron bred immense armies of Orcs and allied with and enslaved Men from the east and south. He gathered his most terrifying servants, the Nazgûl (airi in Quenyan), or Ringwraiths, each wearing one of the nine rings designed for mortal men. He adopted the symbol of a lidless eye, and was able to exert his will over Middle-earth, so that the Eye of Sauron became a symbol of power and fear. While Sauron did have a physical form, he remained much weakened without the One Ring and remained hidden in the shadows, directing his armies from afar.  After the creature Gollum, who had previously possessed the ring, was captured, Sauron had him tortured and learned that he once had a magic ring, and from him he heard the words Shire and Baggins. He deduced that Gollum's ring was the One Ring, and sent his servants the Nine to find Shire and search for Baggins, so that the One Ring might be found and brought back to him.  But due to the combined efforts of Gondor, Rohan, and the Army of the Dead, Sauron's army was defeated. He still had many armies in reserve, however, and enough military strength to easily conquer Middle-earth once Gondor fell. Yet he thought that Aragorn had the Ring, and was seeking to master it.Meanwhile, Sauron had allied with the wizard Saruman, whom he had ensnared into his service, expecting the wizard to move against Rohan and thus remove one of the major threats Sauron faced in his planned conquest of Gondor and the remaining Elves. Saruman failed however, and Sauron lost his most potent ally as well as Saruman's massive army of Uruk-Hai. Shortly after Saruman's defeat, Peregrin Took looked into the Palantír that Saruman had possessed, and accidentally communicated with Sauron, who believed that Saruman had captured the Halflingsbearing the Ring, but when Aragorn took the palantir and revealed himself, Sauron realized that Saruman had failed. Concluding that the Heir of Isildur carried the ring, and could possibly use it against him, Sauron had his forces attack the city of Minas Tirith, seeking to crush it, and with it the last true resistance to his rule.  In order to buy time for Frodo to reach Mt. Doom, and to distract Sauron from the peril in his own land, Gandalf and Aragorn led the remaining host from Minas Tirith to the Black Gate, making Sauron believe that Aragorn did indeed intend to challenge him directly.Instead of striking out and covering Middle-Earth in a second darkness akin to Morgoth's near-victory, he waited for a period of strife between Aragorn and other potential Ringlords in which he would move out and take the Ring for himself.  All the rest of the Orc armies from Barad-dur had gotten to Udun, once Sauron foresaw their coming, to utterly crush the Men of the West, and regain his prize. Gandalf and Aragorn's ploy worked: Frodo was able to reach Mount Doom, and upon putting on the Ring, Sauron suddenly became aware of him. Though enraged, he was suddenly gripped with terror, realizing his own folly, and frantically sent the Ringwraiths towards the mountain to retrieve the Ring. He was too late however, and Gollum, after taking the Ring from Frodo, slipped into the Cracks of Doom.  With his source of power destroyed Sauron was utterly defeated and his armies were destroyed or scattered, bereft of the driving will behind their conquest. Barad-dûr fell, and Mordor itself was shaken to its core as Orodruin (Mount Doom) belched fire. The eight remaining Nazgul, who had left their combat with the Great Eagles to race to Mount Doom, were consumed in the fire.  His physical form destroyed, Sauron's spirit hovered above Mordor like a malevolent black cloud, only to be blown away by a powerful wind from the West, surviving only as a helpless spirit of malice in the wilderness.  All of his old strength that was "native to him in his beginning", in the words of Gandalf, was forever lost. Since his new body was based solely on the powers of the Ring, it was destroyed when the Ring was unmade. Without the strength of the Ring to aid him, he would never regain enough power to form the weakest body in Arda. The power of the form that a Maia or Ainu took seems to be representative of the powers they themselves wielded. Morgoth, for example, originally could take a huge number of powerful, noble forms, but as he poured his power and malice into Arda in an attempt to pervert it, he gradually restricted himself to the form of a Dark Lord, weak enough to be challenged by an Elven King. Sauron, now, had invested most if not all of his power, hatred, malice, etc., into the Ring. What was left was lost in the Downfall of Numenor. When the Ring was destroyed, he no longer had the strength to support a physical form in Arda and thus was restricted to existing as a mean spirit, weak and forever unable to take part in the events of Middle-earth.  While evil would continue to exist, Sauron could never emerge as a Dark Lord again and never would have the power to create an army or draw evil creatures to his rule as he once did. Another theory as to Sauron's fate exists, namely that Sauron could not continue to live, as he could have been sucked into the Void from which there can be no return. The problem with this, of course, is that Morgoth himself is in the Void, and is alive, though he, too, appears to have lost his Fëa

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Throughout Voldemort's childhood, as Tom Riddle, he was shown to have special abilities, such as making animals perform special tasks they would not ordinarily do, or making people hurt. Having these powers, he nothing short of abused them, mentally scarring his peers but never getting caught. At age eleven, he was invited to Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. Voldemort became fascinated by the dark arts during his years of education. He eventually discovered that Salazar Slytherin, one of the four founders of the school, hid a deadly creature inside what was called the Chamber of Secrets. His incomplete works of ridding the wizarding world of muggle-borns would be continued by Tom Riddle in his fifth year who unleashed the beast on several muggle-borns throughout the school.

Post-Hogwarts, Voldemort continued gaining power, made numerous horcruxes, and became known as the most powerful dark wizard of all time. He began recruiting followers, known as "Death Eaters". After hearing a prophesy of his downfall, he decided to hunt the prophesied wizard. Finding his eventual vanquisher, he cast a killing curse, but it rebounded and hit him. While he was kept alive by his horcruxes which enabled immortality, he was immensely weakened, and all of his followers fled, assuming him to be dead.

After regaining his power, he managed to smuggle some death eaters into Hogwarts, and assassinated Albus Dumbledore. After that, his goal was to find and kill Harry Potter. After failing to kill Harry, Voldemort proceeded to overthrow the Ministry of Magic and Hogwarts, gaining supreme control over the wizarding world. He then led a smear campaign on Harry to turn the public against him. To gain more power for the final confrontation, he sought to gain possession of the Elder wand, the most powerful wand in existence.

Voldemort then lead a full-scale assault on Hogwarts with his death eaters to kill Harry. This ultimately failed, and Voldemort was killed when his killing curse rebounded again, since the Elder Wand refused to kill its true master.

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Weapons and Powers

Sauron Weapon/Power Description
Weapons Mace of Sauron and Longsword Sauron's mace is powerful enough to send battilions of soilders flying. His longsword is a regular longsword
Magic Black Magic While the extent of his powers aren't known, he has various powers.
Voldemort Weapon/Power Description
Weapons Elder Wand He uses it to cast spells. The elder wand can makes spells more powerfulb (I know it technically isn't a weapon but he didn't really have any weapons)
Magic Magic

(Note that he will have one holocruxe. It is Nagini. Sauron may or may not know that.)


Who is more durable?

Who has better magical prowess?

Who is more experianced?

Advanced Recon Commando vs Sangheili


In the world of Sci-Fi, two of the most premiere franchises are Star Wars and Halo. Two of the most deadly type of soldier will now fight. The Advanced Recon Commando, the most elite varient of the clone troopers fight the Sangheili, the backbone of the Covenant military. WHO IS DEADLIEST?!


During the early stages of the clone army's development, Jango Fett and hisMandalorian military advisors advocated the creation of clones capable of handling covert missions too delicate for the standard units. To achieve the desired results, the Kaminoans did not apply the standard behavior correction and enhanced the prime clone's genetic sample to increase physical prowess. ARC troopers had special training that allowed them to act without thinking. They claimed it was similar to the Jedi's use of the Force.[1]

The first attempt at genetic alterations failed, resulting in the Null-class ARC troopers. Having learned their lesson, the Kaminoans succeeded in their second attempt, generating the first 100 ARC troopers, designated the Alpha-class.

After completing standard flash training and accelerated growth, these clones were placed under the direct tutelage of Jango Fett. Under Fett's strict discipline they learned to use their fierce independence, innate creativity, and physical superiority in combination with their training in advanced weapons and vehicles to become virtual one-man armies. After completing their training, the ARC troopers were locked in stasis on Kamino until they were required.

Two months after the Battle of Geonosis, a Confederacy assault on Kaminoprompted their early activation. As droid detachments closed in on Tipoca City,Prime Minister Lama Su activated the Advanced Recon Commandos and authorized their deployment to hot-spots across Kamino in a last-ditch effort to save the planet's precious cloning facilities. The ARCs worked with a force ofJedi to repel the droid forces.

Following the First Battle of Kamino, the ARCs were integrated into the Grand Army of the Republic. As the ARCs took their place in the larger world, they developed distinct personalities due to their unaltered nature; some gave themselves names, others formed relationships outside the GAR. Once integrated, Advanced Recon Commandos worked as solo operatives or in small squads led by ARC captains, either performing self-contained missions or supplementing larger Grand Army of the Republic operations. It is possible that they trained ordinary clone troopers in ARC techniques and commanded them in squads; due to the limited number of ARCs, it is unlikely that the teams would be comprised only of them. One notable exception was the aftermath of the Battle of Hypori, where a twenty-man ARC trooper team under the leadership of Captain Fordo engaged GeneralGrievous in combat.

As the Clone Wars progressed, some battles were won by the Republic largely thanks to the ARC troopers, most notably the Battle of Muunilinst, where the Muunilinst 10 disabled Separatist defenses that were causing damage to Republic forces. Soon, as their reputation spread among the GAR and throughout the galaxy, the Advanced Recon Commandos proved time and time again as to why they were they regarded as the best of the best in the Grand Army. As perfect soldiers, the ARCs and Jango were almost exactly alike; in fact, the leader of the Muunilinst 10,Fordo, had adapted the same blaster-spinning routine as Jango Fett.

However, because of their training as independent soldiers, they were more prone to questioning orders. In one unforgettable incident on Ord Cestus, ARC trooper Alpha 98 (known as Nate and later as Jangotat) disobeyed an order from his Jedi commander and sacrificed his life to destroy a local group of despots.

The Advanced Recon Commando tradition did not end with the death of Jango Fett in 22 BBY. Following his escape from Rattatak in early 20 BBYAlpha, one of the earliest ARCs, returned to Kamino to train the second generation clone trooper commanders as Fett had trained him. These commanders, like Bacara and Cody, adopted the individualized practices of the ARCs and brought a new sense of creativity to the Grand Army of the Republic. Later in the war, distinguished infantry clone troopers could be promoted into ARC troopers. ARC troopers Fives and Echo obtained ARC status in this way.

After the Clone Wars, all surviving ARCs were offered either retirement or the option to train their successors, thestormtroopers, passing on their combat experience. These new ARC troopers were also rumored to have undergone intensive deep core programming. Some even defected to the Alliance to Restore the Republic while others went rogue, following in Jango Fett's footsteps by becoming bounty hunters and assassins.[2][3] A number of ARC troopers were assigned to become part of the Imperial Commando Special Unit, a special forces unit that was attached to the elite 501st Legion.[4]

Some ARC troopers, possibly a new batch, took part in the Kamino uprising by leading the secretly grown clone anti-Imperial troopers against the Imperial stormtroopers of the 501st Legion in a fight to liberate Kamino from the Empire. The anti-Imperial clones failed, however.

During the Empire's reign, specialized stormtroopers known as shock troopers bore armor similar to that used by ARC troopers. They were also armed with DC-17 hand blasters.

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Weapon Range Weapon Description
Close Range DC-17 Hand Blaster

Short Range

50 shots

Mid Range DC-15A Blaster

500 shots

Ten kilometers

Long Range DC-15x Sniper Rfile

Long Range

6 Shots

Special Thermal Detonator 20 meters explosion radius
Armor ARC Trooper Armor Phase 1


The Sangheili (Latin Macto cognatus, meaning "I glorify my kin") are a saurian species of fierce, proud, strong, agile and intelligent warriors and skilled combat tacticians. Sangheili are named after their home planet, Sanghelios. Known to Humans as Elites, due to their skill in combat, the Sangheili formed the military backbone of the Covenant Empire for almost the entirety of its existence. They had a very strong rivalry with the Brutes, which finally became open hatred during the Great Schism, and the conclusion of the Human-Covenant war.

Originally a founding member of the unified conglomerate of races known as the Covenant, they later led the Covenant breakaway faction known as the Covenant Separatists, who sided with the humans against their former allies, due to the fact that the Prophet of Truth and the Prophet of Mercy had ordered the genocide of the entire Sangheili race. This was established after the assassination of the Prophet of Regret at the hands of the "Demon". It was the Sangheili who were ultimately held responsible for the Prophet of Regret's death, and were seen as "unfit" to continue to guard the Prophets. The Prophets sought to achieve this through use of the other Covenant races, primarily the Brutes. The aftermath of the Great Schism formed the bedrock of the Covenant's ultimate collapse.

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Weapon Range Weapon Desription
Close Range Plasma Pistol


50 meters

200-400 shots

Mid Range Plasma Rifle


200 Shots

Short to Medium

Long Range Particle Beam Rifle

10 Shots


1500 metres

Special Plasma Grenade

Sticks to enemy and exp,odes superheated plasma over them

Armor Sangheili Combat Harness


Who is better trained?

Who has more experiance?

Who has better armor?

Who works together better?

Darkwing Duck vs Duck Dodgers


Old debates shall be settled between these two duck heroes. Both widely considered the best duck heroes, now they shall finally face off. Duck Dodgers, the pilot who was actually Daffy Duck frozen until the 24.5 century shall take on Darkwing Duck, the hero of St. Canard. Who is Deadliest?!

Duck Dodgers

In the time after he was unfrozen and before becoming a captain he was a protectorit janitor, in that time he deliberatly stole a revolutionary diet pill making it impossible for him to gain weight. This also resulted in the scientist who created it to turn to a life of crime. Dodgers would repeat his actions later concerning a pill that permanently gets rid of bad breath. We are in Duck.

Duck Dodgers also has many irrational fears which include math, healthy foods and interior design. He is cowardly, narcissistic, ignorant, loud mouthed, outspoken, reckless, greedy and generally undeserving of the position of captain. Of course there are times when he shows a startling level of competence and bravery which have on more than one occasion saved the day (provided that he's not the one who endangered it in the first place)

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Weapon Range Weapon Description
Melee Laser Nunchauks Think lightsabers in nunchauck form
Long Range Laser Pistol A normal laser pistol
Special Time and Space Rifle A gun that transports people through time and space
Equipment Jetpack A normal jetpack

Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck is portrayed to be a good crime fighter and hero at times hindered by his arrogance and ego. His competence varies from episode to episode but when he finally hits his stride and focuses, the cases are always solved. One example of this is his fight with Taurus Bulba. Darkwing Duck was forced to use all his energy and Darkwing Duck's Heroic pose Added by Ollin001 resources in order to stop his most dangerous enemy. When he defeated Taurus Bulba, Darkwing was shown to be very heroic. Darkwing's main weapon of choice in his crime-fighting escapades is his gas gun, which functions much like a grenade launcher. It fires grenades with a variety of different gases (smoke bombs, laughing gas, tear gas, etc.), as well as some more direct offensive weapons (including boxing gloves and cartoon bombs). It also has a retractable line and grappling hook for transportation purposes, and can fire other random objects that are loaded in its barrel. He invariably employs various other weapons and gadgets though many do not work as intended. His main forms of transportation are the Thunderquack (a small airplane-like vehicle shaped like Darkwing's head that was built by and is piloted by Launchpad) and his motorcycle, called the Ratcatcher (a name shared with an obscure Batman villain, maintaining the theme of superhero homages and parodies).

In some episodes, Darkwing is sent on missions as a freelance agent of S.H.U.S.H., a covert crime-fighting organization that deals with criminal activity that the normal authorities cannot handle, though he is not officially employed by them. Darkwing's S.H.U.S.H. missions most often have the aim of thwarting various evil schemes of the Fiendish Organization for World Larceny (or F.O.W.L.) and missions can be sent to him covertly via a messaging system called the Flashquack, which is a miniature Thunderquack.

While he is known (to an extent) as a hero in St. Canard, he frequently deals with citizens misunderstanding him. Numerous episodes bring up the fact that he's very unpopular, due to his intimidating tactics and dark appearance, to the point where the episode "Let's Get Respectable" was devoted to making him over as a more likable hero with nicer language, a brighter costume, and flower petals instead of smoke and gas. Once it interfered with the episode's case, however, the makeover quickly ended. In some episodes, people fail to recognize Darkwing, and at times, do not even know who "Darkwing Duck" is. This lack of popularity and recognition often clashes with his inflated ego.

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Weapon Range Weapon Description
Melee Martial Arts He knows martial arts
Long Range Gas Gun A gun that shoots a variety of non-lethal grenades and offensive weapons like cartoon bombs and boxing gloves
Special Thunderquacker Jet A jet that has a large mouth that can capture opponents or shoot out grappling hooks
Equipment Grapple Gun A standar gun that shoots grappling hooks


Who is more intelligiant?

Who is more experianced?

Who is better trained?

Who is more fit for battle?

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