I like to match the most likely and unlikely of characters to fight.

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User Warriors

Here are my User Warriors


Melee: Tactical Knife

Mid Range: Uzi

Long Range: Sniper Rifle

Special: RPG 6


Melee:Magic Enfused Katana

Mid Range:Energy Burst

Long Range:Plasma Blast

Special:Elemental Powers


Melee: Laser Lance and Shield

Mid Range: Laser Harpoon

Long Range: Laser Sniper Rifle, Laser Bow and Arrow, Arm Flamethrower

Special: Missle Launcher equipped with lock on system as well as rapid fireing and blasters atached

Sci-Fi power: Cyborg augmentation provides super strength, as well as the abillity to turn his hands into laser cannons, laser swords and more.

Super Hero

I feel sorry for anyone who had the displeasure of being hunted by the Blade Man because once he finds you, he won't stop till-you are dead.
— The Killer, a mafia boss who once hired Blade Man.

Bio: Blade Man is a mercinary for hire and a bladed weapons master. He is notorius among many heroes and villains for always accomplishing his mission, whether it would be to assasinate a dictator, apprehend a hero or murdering crimelords. He was emplyed by many people including the CIA, crimelords, armies, hero groups, cops and more. Despite being one that always gets the job done, he will never hurt innocents and any mission involving harming them he is quick to say no.


Being a bladed weapons master he all kinds of blades, including:

Two reatractale arm blades

A Broad Sword

A Dirk

A pouch of Kunai

A pouch of Ballistic Knives

Two Charkrams

Two Shoulder Mounted Reatractable Buzzsaws

Reatractable Chainsaw Blades on his shoes

Dual Katanas

A Spiked Knuckle Trench Knife

A Kukri

A curved Scythe

He occasionaly uses firearms including:

The M16 Assault Rifle

The Berretta 92F

The Heckler and Koch G36

A heavily customized Barrett M82 (Extended Mags, Red Dot Sight, Bayonet)


He is also a master martial artist and has super strength.

His backup

He has his group of mercs with him including:

Two Knights (One with a Broad Sword and one with a Combat Knife)

A Robot Swordfish

A Sentiant Blade

My Team of Fighters

If I had a team fighters, this is who they would be.


Firstblood.png First Blood

Complete 3 battles

Holiday.gif Happy Holidays 2012 Deadliest Fiction!
Slaughter.png Slaughter

Complete one season

Thirdyear.gif Happy 3rd Anniversary Deadliest Fiction!
Holiday2.gif Happy Holidays 2013 Deadliest Fiction!



Season 1

Battle 1: Baldur vs Commander Shepard. Winner: Baldur

Battle 2: Zero (Second Body) vs Astro Boy. Winner: Zero

Battle 3: Cartoon Spawn vs Vegeta (i'm counting this as part of my season even though it was for someone elses tournament). Winner: Cartoon Spawn

Battle 4: Pirates (Ice Age Continental Drift) vs The Kremling Krew. Winner: The Kremling Krew

Battle 5: O.W.C.A vs The Toon Patrol Winner: The Toon Patrol

Battle 6: League of Shadows (Nolanverse) vs Apes (Original Series) Winner: League of Shadows Nolanverse

Battle 7: Sektor vs Judge Dredd Winner: Judge Dredd

Battle 8: The Order of Mata Nui vs The Autobot Elite Guard. Winner: The Order of Mata Nui

Battle 9: Alien Hominid vs Invader Zim.Winner: Zim

Battle 10: Fox McCloud vs Duck Dodgers. Winner: Fox

Season Finale: Dr. Eggman vs Dr. Wily. Winner: Tie

Season 2

Battle 1: Buck vs Wicket W. Warrick. Winner: Buck

Battle 2: Apes (Burtonverse) Vs Shen's Wolf Army. Winner: Shen's Wolf Army

Battle 3: Bishamon (Darkstalkers) vs Pious Augustus. Winner: Bishamon

Battle 4: Ryu Hayabusa vs Strider Hiryu. Winner: Ryu

Battle 5: Blade (Puppet Master) vs Chucky.Winner: Blade

Battle 6: Quote vs Megaman X. Winner: Quote

Battle 7: Blade vs Abraham Lincoln (Film). Winner: Lincoln

Battle 8: Samurai Jack vs Link. Winner: Cancled

Battle 9: Super Battle Droids vs T-600's Winner: Cancled

Battle 10: Imhotep vs Davy Jones (film). Winner: Cancled

Season Finale: Bowser vs King K. Rool vs King Dedede Three Way Battle Royale. Winner: King Dedede Funny (And cool) internet videos and users http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-muoJh3jmU





















Some Personal Interests

Anyting Villians War (DvNDV, DvM, NDVT, DHvV, HvV, DVW, AvVGV, MVW)

Animated Movies 


Lord of the Rings

Warriors Book Series


Deadliest Warrior

Super Smash Bros 4 Newcomer Wishlist (Got the idea from Thund doing it)

Mario: Geno, Bowser Jr, Paper Mario

LoZ: Tetra, Vaati

Metroid: Ridley, Metroid Prime Hunters Hunters (Any of them)

Pokemon: Mewtwo's return, Blaziken, Black and White Trainer

Fire Emblem: Roy's return, Chrom (The new Fire Emblem game), Sothe, Black Knight

Earthbound: Masked Man

Donkey Kong: King K. Rool, Stanley the Bugman

Star Fox: Krystal, General Scales

Kirby: Banana Dee, Prince Fluff

Other: Little Mac, Custom Robo, Any Sin and Punishment or Golden Sun character

Third Party: Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, Tak (Tak and the Power of Juju, it was originally a game), Rallen (Spectrobes), Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Any Mega Man variant, Acid Ace (Mega Man Starforce), Lego Batman, Batman (Arkham City), Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), Lego Indiana Jones (Neither of these probably won't happen, but hey, this is a wishlist.)

Stupid Wiki Stuff

The stupidest thing on this wiki.

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