Hi, hello or whatever you prefer, I'm Necron Jesus! You can call me Necron, NJ, Lord Plagueis and/or Darth Ritis. I'm someone who's a big nerd for science fiction, historical fiction and generally anything that seems interesting for me. Nearly any battle as long as it isn't too complex or dealing with universal level entities is fine for me. Even while being here for roughly two years now, I'm still sort of a newbie. As per seen, my activity is sort of mix and matched but I try to get back whenever I can. Any questions can be sent to me either on the Discord or my talk page, I'll try to answer as best I can.

Things I like

  • Star Wars
  • Warhammer, whether it be 40k or Fantasy
  • Dinosaurs(AWESOME motherfuckers)
  • The M4 Sherman
  • Most forms of music, most.
  • Deadliest Fiction, obviously.


User:Necron Jesus/Sandbox


Season 0(aka the battles I like to forget about):

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